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As the ALL & ALL World Keeps Turning...

Aboriginal Wisdom - Beware of Foreign Influnce

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Washitaw national Flag

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Indigenous American Flag For Human Dignity

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The reconciliation between Britania and her daughter America

Government Tyranny

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Georgia Guidel Stones Population Control

5G Exposure vs Coronavirus Symptoms

5G Known Side Effects

5G Death Science Depopulation Trifecta

COVID-19 Compliance


As Long As The Media Can Make It A Race Issue...

Tyrants Gone Wild....

Debt Slaves......

Why You Should Ditch The Mask...

Face Mask Usage Demographic...

10 Stages of Coronavirus...

Insane Liberal Logic 101...

Bill Gates Vaccination Based Digital Identity...

The Greater Plan: Connecting The Dots...

Corporate Cancel Culture...

The Plandemic...

Civil Unrest 2020...

Agenda 2020...

Nuclear Weapons Inventory 2020...

Lockdowns Cost Lives 2020...

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The Moorish Calendar Year is 1440

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Many Ankestorial Vibes, One Aim, One Destiny

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