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We Need an Evolution

(For Informatiom on Mathaba News Agency)

To evolve means to go forward, evolution is progress... To revolve means to go around, revolution is to go in circles without progressing... Volution is a turn or twist about a centre, a spiral... The Evolutionaries and Evolutionary Helpers are those who do Good Works spiralling forth around a Centre, the ThiRd Universal THeory, the TRUTH.
This site is being resurrected without the approval of Mathaba News Agancy and its prime objective is to keep the Sprit of the Evolution alive as a Grassroot Movement, to counter the European (Khazars Zionist) media lies about Muammar Gaddafi and bring truth of what he meant to the people of Libya and not the puppet National Transitional Council setup with the imperialist european currency as mercenaries to overthrow Libayian servant leader along with the involvement of the Corporate United States and its Secretary of State Hilliary Rodham Clinton. Since the fall of Libya on October 20th, 2011 and it's great servant leader Muammar Gaddafi the people of Libya and the AfriKans whom immigrated there have suffer greatly under a European (Khazars Zionist) Puppet Regime. The imperialist European destroyer of civilizations have been destroying civilizations since the time of their gansterism ways with the destruction of Timbuktoo, Kemet, Carthage and many more. The will of the people have not been shatter and the struggles for Evolution continues...
All reference to Mathaba sites have been duly noted as "(Site No Longer Exist)" since it is no longer a valid site. So it is incumbent on you to peruse this information site and learn what the Evolution is all about. So that you can teach and inform others of the rigtheous works that has yet to be done. Its on the mind and shoulders of us all to take back the control of world from the Evil Elitist (Khazars Zionist) whom rule over us for far to long. Its time to Rise & Shine and provide our children with a better way of life as a global prospective.
All questions, concerns or issues in regards to this particular site can be address at itsunitalkshow@gmail.com.
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