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Version 3.05

Things to Do and Join

  1. Register with your most local People's Conference at PeoplesConference.Org (Site No Longer Exist)
  2. Sign up to the Mathaba News Agency daily briefing (Site No Longer Exist) highlights and stay informed!
  3. Register at mathaba.info (Site No Longer Exist) add an avatar and bio and join the Green Charter Group (!gc)
  4. After registering at mathaba.info (Site No Longer Exist) - download and install StatusNet to use with your account
  5. Register at the Mathaba Forums (Site No Longer Exist) - discuss & share ideas, offer help or get advice
  6. (R)evolutionary Committees register (Site No Longer Exist) at pub.mathaba.net and publish your news!
  7. Register at social.mathaba.net (Site No Longer Exist) - to communicate in privacy with your committee or friends!
  8. Set your web browser start page to mathaba.net/home (Site No Longer Exist) for speed, privacy and links!
  9. Register with Identi.ca then subscribe to identi.ca/mathaba (Site No Longer Exist) as communications backup!
  10. Register with Twitter (optional!) and follow @mathaba (Twitter Account No Longer Exist) as communications backup!
(R)evolutionary Committees should do all of the above steps, with the optional ommission of registering at Twitter (for your privacy and security reasons).

For secure communications with your own committee members we recommend pidgin.im together with an XMPP account after registering a Jabber account at one of the many Jabber servers and enabling the encryption OTR "off the record" plugin from www.cypherpunks.ca/otr.

For other software, settings, or technical questions or problems, please ask in the Support Forum at mathaba.org (Site No Longer Exist).