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Red Arrow  Boy Scouts of America is bankrupt - Fellowship Of The Minds (New)

Red Arrow  Voting Fraud In The Banana Republic Of Kalifornia Is A Huge Warning To America (New) | The whole voting system is a fraud...

Red Arrow  NY sues 3 companies over lead levels in kids’ jewelry kits | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report (New)

Red Arrow  Policing For Profit: How Civil Asset Forfeiture Funds Law Enforcement (New)

Red Arrow  Good Samaritan Stops to Help Crash Victims, So Cops Detain Him and Steal His Car (New)

Red Arrow  How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Uncooperative Parents (New)

Red Arrow  Harvard's $39B Endowment Is Secretly Acquiring California's Water Supply | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  "You're Worth $1 Trillion. Why Do You Need Our $3 Billion?" Angry New Yorkers Confront Amazon Execs at City Council Meeting (New)

Red Arrow  NJ State Police to launch Nazi-style door-to-door gun magazine confiscation campaign… at gunpoint, of course… NJ declares WAR on its own residents – (New)

Red Arrow  Criminally Insane in Oregon Attack Twice as Many People… — ProPublica (New)

Red Arrow  California To Tax Text Messages? Like WTF! | Zero Hedge (New) | Taxations will lead people towards revolution, hopefully the people there will fight the Cali Legislators on the illegal tax...

Red Arrow  Speed limits are going up in L.A. so that police can write more tickets - Los Angeles Times (New)

Red Arrow  Pen-pal of Charleston church shooter arrested in pipeline bomb plot sting in Ohio — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Chokes Out and Body Slams 14yo Girl and Her Sister for Allegedly Filming Them (New)

Red Arrow  Nuns misappropriated $500K in school funds, spending some on gambling and trips, Catholic church says - ABC News (New)

Red Arrow  High-Ranking Military Commander Busted in FBI Child Sex Trafficking Sting (New)

Red Arrow  Existing Tesla Owners Can't Wait To Buy The "Tesla Killer" Porsche Taycan | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  HuffPost’s Attack on Academic Integrity, Truth and Justice - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New)

Red Arrow  The FDA Expanded A Dog Food Recall To Include These 8 Brands | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report (New)

Red Arrow  Man Shot By Cops Claims Shotspotter Found Phantom 'Gunshot' To Justify Officer's Deadly Force | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Flips Out in Apparent Roid Rage, Beats Handcuffed Teen and Starts Smashing Things (New)

Red Arrow  Mother and Children Left Homeless After Police Destroy House Looking for Non-Existent Suspect (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Bringing Satan to Springfield!’ Satanic Christmas monument erected in Illinois statehouse — RT USA News (New) | The truth about Xmas has been revealed...

Red Arrow  Fed Concludes Millennials Are Just Like Their Parents... Only Poorer | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Lawsuit: Boston PD's 'Gang Database' Says People Who Wear Nikes And Have Been Beat Up By Gang Members Are 'Gang Associates' | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Innocent Man Politely Asks Cops for Directions—Who Then Smash His Face In and Kidnap Him (New)

Red Arrow  Migrants, human traffickers, storm Laguna Beach in panga boat (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Higher Ed Chart Of The Day (New)

Red Arrow  Al Sharpton sells his life story rights for $531,000 — to his own charity – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Neil deGrasse Tyson the Bill Cosby of science? He drugged and raped an astronomy student; sexually assaulted two other women, say claims – (New) | Betcha, wondering how Bill Crosby name got mixed in with this article too...

Red Arrow  UNDERCOVER: NGOs teaching migrants to lie – GOV'T SLAVES (New) | Oh well, it works for poli-tricksters...

Red Arrow  Video gaming becomes official after-school league at US high schools | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  From Fake News To Fake Shoes - How Payless Pranked So-Called 'Influencers' | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow » Open Thread: Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush Dead at 94 (New)

Red Arrow  California May Sue Feds for Deploying Tear Gas, Closing Border - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Cop who shot neighbor in his own apartment indicted with murder / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Mainstream Media Finally Reporting on How the Elite Gave Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a 'Deal of a Lifetime' (New)

Red Arrow  Four Officers Arrested for Assaulting Undercover Cop at Protest - The Fifth Column (New)

Red Arrow  Postal worker admits to stealing $5,200 from greeting cards in Wauwatosa, federal court records indicate | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report (New) | Trust No One and never send money through the mail again...

Red Arrow  The World Has Gone Mad: Sex Doll Spa Day For 2K, Marrying Holograms And Inanimate Objects - Are Modern Day Feminists Destroying The World? (New)

Red Arrow  Florida police chief gets 3 years in prison for framing 3 innocent Black men / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Alabama cops who killed ‘wrong’ suspect in Thanksgiving mall shooting shift blame onto victim — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Guardian quietly edits itself away from completely fabricated blockbuster "Manafort visited Assange at embassy" story. - 12160 Social Network (New)

Red Arrow  Jerry Smith Jr Shooting: Milwaukee Police Video Shows Hands Were Up - STATIONGOSSIP (New)

Red Arrow  Alabama Cops Blame Innocent Man After Killing Him on Thanksgiving - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Rand Paul: We’re wasting prison space on non-violent drug offenders – AC2 News (New)

Red Arrow  To Prosecute A Single Bombing Suspect, FBI Demands Identifying Info On Thousands Of YouTube Viewers | Techdirt (New) | Maybe its time to used or develop an alternate media beside YouTube where your privacy and free speech is protected...

Red Arrow  Obama agents pepper-sprayed migrants: History challenges caravan response outrage | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Police Shoot Unarmed Teen Holding a Cellphone Trying to Call His Mom (New) | More police state madness continues...

Red Arrow  Scalise: No forgiveness for shooter, Trump ‘motivated’ recovery (New)

Red Arrow  Jewish leaders call for religious texts to carry warnings highlighting anti-Semitic passages | Daily Mail Online (New)

Red Arrow  Gunman in Black Friday shooting remains at large, Alabama police say (New)

Red Arrow  Rampant US police violence prompts nationwide FBI inquiry — RT US NewsRampant US police violence prompts nationwide FBI inquiry — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Mysterious explosive flash of light gets people crazy from San Diego to Victorville, Southern California video - Strange Sounds (New)

Red Arrow  Still on the road: How hitchhiking has changed in 40 years | The Independent (New)

Red Arrow  CIA, Mafia, Cubans: Top Five JFK Assassination Theories 55 Years On - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Thanksgiving Day 2018: 55th Anniversary of JFK's State-Sponsored Assassination - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  5 colleges you're probably thankful your kids don't attend (New)

Red Arrow  L.A. County sheriff's sex-crimes detective charged with raping, tying up girl in case he was investigating - Los Angeles Times (New)

Red Arrow  Hit By Arrows, Kept Walking: American Killed By Protected Tribe Sentinelese In Andamans (New)

Red Arrow  YouTube Lets California Fire Conspiracy Theories Run Wild - Motherboard (New)

Red Arrow  No charges for FedEx driver who fatally punched man calling him racial slurs | (New)

Red Arrow  Cop Tasked With Helping Child Sex Crime Victims Arrested for Raping a Child Victim he was 'Helping' (New)

Red Arrow  San Francisco Sidewalks Graffitied With What Looks Like Feces - NBC Bay Area (New)

Red Arrow  Al-Qaeda Once Advocated Arson to Set Forest Fires; Now Calls Them “Allah’s Punishment” (New)

Red Arrow  2 Dead, 1 Officer Critically Wounded In Shooting At Chicago Hospital; Gunman Killed | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Innocent Grandma Jailed for Months Because Cops Mistook Cotton Candy for Meth (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Slap on the wrist’: Drug dealer who raped dying schoolgirl gets less than 3yrs in jail — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  SEAL Team 6 Members and Special Forces Marines Charged With Green Beret Murder and Cover-Up (New) | The one to many issues about Justice on this planet, read it yourself and determine who should be punish for their crimes against humanity...

Red Arrow  Newsweek-Employed Spy Explains To Us Why Assange Should Be Prosecuted (New)

Red Arrow  Julian Assange Lawyers Refused Entry to Ecuadorian Embassy (New)

Red Arrow  Paul Craig Roberts On Assange: "Justice Has Disappeared In The West" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Taibbi: Why You Should Care About the Julian Assange, Wikileaks Case – Rolling Stone (New)

Red Arrow  Julian Assange in US Intel’s Company Town - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New)

Red Arrow  Homeless man and couple 'made up' story that earned them $400,000 from GoFundMe scam | The Independent (New) | The story does not end there, this wealthy man care to give back whom suffer a lost as well...

Red Arrow  Maryland Man Killed By Cops Trying To Take His Guns Under "Red Flag" Confiscation Law | Zero Hedge (New) | The story does not end there, this wealthy man care to give back whom suffer a lost as well...

Red Arrow  NTSB: Miami bridge that collapsed and killed 6 had design errors (New) | The story does not end there, this wealthy man care to give back whom suffer a lost as well...

Red Arrow  Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht to Bring Supplies to Fire Victims But Police Don't Let Him Ashore (New) | The story does not end there, this wealthy man care to give back whom suffer a lost as well...

Red Arrow  California wildfires: Fears radioactive waste could be caught in destructive blaze | The Independent (New)

Red Arrow  Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested on felony domestic violence allegations: LAPD / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  More Americans Died From Drug Overdoses In 2017 Than Guns, Car Crashes, & Suicide Together | Zero Hedge (New) | The fundamental question is what Americans are dying...

Red Arrow  School shootings have fueled a $2.7 billion school safety industry. What makes kids safer? - Washington Post (New)

Red Arrow  15 Arrests In Georgia: Democrat State Senator Arrested At Capitol In Vote-Count Fiasco - Big League Politics (New) | Post Election News

Red Arrow  ‘Completely safe’: Monsanto owner Bayer hit by new wave of lawsuits over Roundup weed killer — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Black security guard killed by police while stopping a bar shooting — RT US News (New) | How much longer is this going to go on...

Red Arrow  California carnage: 42 dead in wildfires, 200 missing, 250k evacuated (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Robert Reich: Amazon, and America's Real Divide | Opinion (New)

Red Arrow  Professor sues university for being ‘punished’ after calling female transgender student ‘sir’ | TheHill (New)

Red Arrow » U.S. Army Personnel to Compete in eSports to Boost Recruitment (New)

Red Arrow  US Mass Shootings: Gun Issue, Mental Health Issue… War Issue? (New)

Red Arrow  California Arsonist Caught! Video Proof that Firestorms Started by DEW! | Terrorism (New)

Red Arrow  WSJ Calls It: Hillary Will Run Again In 2020 | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  114 warrants served across Maryland since 'red flag' law went into effect in October | WJLA (New)

Red Arrow  Machine recounts ordered in Floride elections for senator, governor - (New) | Post Midterm Election News

Red Arrow  Fake GoFundMe page for teen athlete who died leads to arrest of Georgia man | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  Cold case killing of Florida college student cracked thanks to DNA, genealogy database, police say | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  Alexa, who's the killer? Judge rules OK to examine Amazon Echo in murder case — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Complete idiot’ cop gets high after stealing chocolate cannabis during pot shop raid — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  300 police officers fired in Russia this year after complaints from citizens — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  Surreal Video Depicts Driver's Escape Through "Tunnel Of Flames" As NorCal Wildfires Spread | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  69-year-old man sues to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49-year-old / Boing Boing (New) | Caucasians and the so called white privilege seem to think they can change anything no matter how ridiculous it may seem...

Red Arrow  Larry King: "CNN Stopped Doing News A Long Time Ago" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  These Are the Best and Worst Airports in the United States (New) | If you are a serious traveller airline wise, then this article should be an interest to you...

Red Arrow  Report: Estimates Show Midterm Voter Turnout at 50 Year High (New) | Post Midterm Election News

Red Arrow  Three More States Just Voted in Favor of Marijuana (New)

Red Arrow  Police Met With "Irate, Irrational" SoCal Mass-Shooter In April, "Didn't Feel He Warranted Psych Hold" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records of Investigations into the Awan Brothers, Congressional Democrat IT Scandal - Judicial Watch (New)

Red Arrow  California: One Year After Cannabis Legalization (New)

Red Arrow  Navy disciplines sailors for LSD ring aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Why Does Dr. Aprile Benner Want To Blame Whites For Minority Problems Obviously Caused By Low IQ?, by Lance Welton - The Unz Review (New)

Red Arrow  Horrific Video Shows 4 Cops Hold Man Down as One Smashes His Face in With a Taser (New)

Red Arrow  14 sailors busted for LSD on US nuclear carrier… – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Tough on crime: Seattle threatens property owners who post signs to deter homeless RV parking – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  Something's Rotting In The State Of North Dakota: Panicked Farmers Hope Trade War Ends As Soybeans Pile Up | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Maryland: 60 Year Old Man killed by Anne Arundel police in GUN CONFISCATION – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Home Resident Killed by Maryland Police Trying Confiscate His Guns | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report (New)

Red Arrow  Feds 'Wanted To Get Rid Of' Whitey Bulger, Ex-Con Claims | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Illegals Spread Murine Typhus Outbreak In LA Numbers now over 107...LA Is like Third World city Officials Now Blaming Cats And Rats...Never Illegals! (New)

Red Arrow  Anti White Propaganda Books Display At Barnes & Noble Bookstore (New)

Red Arrow  Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Virgin | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  You too: Google staff stage worldwide walkout over sex harassment, mistreatment of women — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution to Lift US Trade Embargo On Cuba - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Former CIA Employee Accused Of Leak Describes Inhumane Detention (New)

Red Arrow  Mafia Hitman Is Primary Suspect In Jailhouse Murder Of Whitey Bulger | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Hundreds Of Google Employees Plan Walkout Over Accused Sexual Deviant's $90 Million Exit Package | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Whitey Bulger Killed In Prison By Inmate With 'Mafia Ties': Boston Globe | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Cops Had A Warrant To Arrest A Stalker. Nine Days Later, He Was Free, And She Was Dead. - Filming Cops (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Family Sues for $25 Million After Cops Execute Unarmed Accountant, Shooting Him in the Head (New)

Red Arrow  Hillary Clinton cracks race joke after moderator confuses Booker, Holder - 12160 Social Network (New)

Red Arrow  Official Statement From Gab CEO Andrew Torba: “No-platform us all you want. Ban us all you want. Smear us all you want. You can’t stop an idea.” – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  More Independent Media To Be Shut Down - LewRockwell (New)

Red Arrow  Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media – Another Day in the Empire (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Brutally honest’: Public outcry forces Facebook to stop banning pics of starving Yemeni girl — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow » Department of Homeland Security Ran Safety Drills at Tree of Life Synagogue (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Unarmed Man Shot in the Back, Killed By Cops in a Bathroom Over Jaywalking Stop (New)

Red Arrow  Jeff Bezos-Funded Super PAC Takes Down 9/11 Attack Ad (New)

Red Arrow » NSA Has Top Secret Documents on Seth Rich (New)

Red Arrow  Photo of a Starving Girl in Yemen Prompts Facebook to Remove Posts of Article - The New York Times (New)

Red Arrow  Nation Horrified by Toy Bombs While Killing Civilians With Real Ones (New)

Red Arrow  Two Florida Middle School Girls Plotted To Stab, Drink Blood Of 15 Classmates - Big League Politics (New)

Red Arrow  Taxpayers Held Liable After Officers Caught on Video Forcing Kids to Fight in a Child Fight Club (New)

Red Arrow  Nestle sued for perpetuating child slavery overseas from headquarters in US — RT Business News (New) | Very sad that Americans and whoever else that buys nestle products were support child slavery. This company has been doing this for quite a long time. Wake Up People these Fascist Corporations don't give a damn at all...

Red Arrow  PressTV-263 San Francisco Bay Area priests branded sex abusers (New)

Red Arrow  Monsanto loses appeal on historic Roundup cancer verdict, owes $78mn — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  High School Math Scores in Freefall (New)

Red Arrow  Judge Upholds Landmark Monsanto Verdict, But Slashes Punitive Damages by $211 Million (New)

Red Arrow  A California judge has rejected Monsanto’s appeal to overturn a landmark jury verdict which found that its popular herbicide causes cancer – Investment Watch Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Paid Protest Firm "Crowds On Demand" Sued In $23 Million Extortion Plot | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Promises Made, Promises Kept: President Trump’s Impressive Two Year Track Record – Investment Watch Blog (New) | Read it for yourself...

Red Arrow  The biggest medical fake news ever? NY Times claims that last year’s flu killed 80,000 people – Investment Watch Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Judge bars New Hampshire proof of residency requirement for new voters | Reuters (New)

Red Arrow  Mayor Pugh To Launch $2M Program Aimed To Get ‘Squeegee Boys’ Off The Streets « CBS Baltimore (New)

Red Arrow  Religious Vegan Parents Convicted in Starvation Death of Son | Katie Paulson (New)

Red Arrow  Florida police defend punching of 14yo girl lying on ground during arrest (VIDEO) — RT US News (New) | Wow... Two cops are needed to arrest a 14 yrs. old young girl and then half to punch her too. The Police State is this country is quite awful....

Red Arrow  WATCH: Police Taser and Shoot Dog For Protecting Its Home, Dispose of Body Before Notifying The Owner (New)

Red Arrow  Marijuana Legalization: Stoned Driver Crash Risk Grows as Legal Pot Spreads in the U.S. (New)

Red Arrow  Driver’s Failure to Control Vehicle, Impairment, Caused Fatal Crash (New)

Red Arrow  Police and Sexual Assault (New) | Women hear me roar!!! Get yourself a gun and do not trust the Police anymore...

Red Arrow  107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report – Investment Watch Blog (New) | Bet you most of these voters are so called African-American or Black voters...

Red Arrow  Evangelical leader Pat Robertson tells his flock that action against Saudis would wipe out “$100 billion worth of arms sales” / Boing Boing (New) | There is no such thing as separation of Church & Deep State...

Red Arrow  Facebook Deletes Disabled Vet’s Pages — After Taking $300,000 in Advertising (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Shoots Innocent Autistic Teen From his Vehicle in a Drive-By Shooting (New) | More Police state madnesss...

Red Arrow  Texas Democrats ask noncitizens to register to vote - Washington Times (New) | You are witnessing the corruption of politics when non-citizens are being encourage to vote...

Red Arrow  California's homeless population jumps 13.7% in one year | 2018-09-10 | HousingWire (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Mom Walks Into Kitchen and Finds Two Cops Who Then Demand Her Son Stop Filming (New) | My first thought to this article was did these cops get approval to enter the home, have search warrant or something...

Red Arrow  Phillip Cross: The Mystery Wikipedia Editor Targeting Anti-War Sites (New) | One of the many reasons I dislike Wikipedia, anyone can edit the contents on their without any true content validation or sources...

Red Arrow  Students must watch video on how to talk to police, or else they can’t graduate from Texas schools – GOV'T SLAVES (New) | Students should be learning their legal rights to protection them from the Police...

Red Arrow  LEFT-WING VIOLENCE: Two Republican Candidates Punched in Minnesota (New)

Red Arrow  Facebook Fraud: 80,000 Pages of Internal Documents Prove Facebook Intentionally Misled Advertisers For Two Years – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Officer of the month charged with rape / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: Police use electronic ticketing to fine more people and increase profits (New)

Red Arrow  Woman Cyclist Cries Foul After Biological Male Wins Women’s World Championship | The Daily Caller (New)

Red Arrow  A Decade's Worth Of Meth Convictions Overturned Due To Drug Lab Employee's Misconduct | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  The Mobs Are Becoming More Unhinged As 20 Examples From October Alone Show Us That We Are Past The Point Of No Return (New)

Red Arrow  Is This The Beginning Of The End Of #MeToo? As Author Of "Sh*tty Media Men" List Gets Sued As Sexual Assault Charge Against Weinstein Dropped Over Accuser Credibility (New)

Red Arrow  Clintons' Law Firm Steps in to Defend Google/You Tube in Class Action Antitrust Suit Over Discrimination Against Conservatives (New)

Red Arrow  Liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon: Homeless crisis exploding, private citizens now paying homeless to pickup trash – Investment Watch Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cop? Web weapon designed to subdue mentally ill troublemakers — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Creepy survey asks 5th-graders about their sex lives — RT US News (New) | This article should help you to think about home schooling your children...

Red Arrow  International relations: the calm before the storm?, by Thierry Meyssan (New)

Red Arrow  Archbishop of Washington resigns over sexual abuse scandal | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Beyond the joint, past the pipe: The fanciest new ways to get high in the year 2018 (New)

Red Arrow  Disgruntled Amazon Workers About To Be Replaced By Fleet Of Robots | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Employees fear robots will take their jobs on the Las Vegas strip | (New)

Red Arrow  Fyre Festival fraudster sentenced to six years in federal prison / Boing Boing (New) | Even I did not know who this caucasian was until I read the article...

Red Arrow  Leaked Google Document Advises to "Police Tone Instead of Content" in the "Shift Towards Censorship" (New) | Its a crying shame about justice in America...

Red Arrow  Judge: Groundskeeper Failed to Show Monsanto Acted with ‘Malice’ in Landmark Case (New)

Red Arrow  As Countless People Rot in Jail for Weed, Child Predator Ex-Congressman Getting Out Early (New) | Its a crying shame about justice in America...

Red Arrow  San Francisco's poop-on-the-streets heat map / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Innocent Students Held at Gunpoint Because they 'Fit the Description' of a Non-Existent Person (New) | Somethings will never change for Aboriginal Males in America...

Red Arrow  NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget (New)

Red Arrow  Nikki Haley Resigns As UN Ambassador | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Teen-sexting Democrat ex-congressman Weiner to walk out of prison early — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Here's Where Manual Transmission Cars Sell Best (New)

Red Arrow  Study Reveals Why Some People Are More Creative Than Others (New)

Red Arrow  What is This Mysterious Object That Washed Ashore in South Carolina? (New)

Red Arrow  New York fatal limo crash: Company ran by FBI informant had unsafe limo & wrong license — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  "Unraveling Of A Cover-Up" - California DMV Admits 100s Of Non-Citizens Added To Voter Rolls | Zero Hedge (New) | Crazzzzzzzzzzzzy Cali......

Red Arrow  Homeless in US: A deepening crisis on the streets of America - BBC News (New) | Homelessness in America

Red Arrow  SHOCKING VIDEO SHOWS THE 3RD WORLD CONDITIONS IN LOS ANGELES. HOMELESS EVERYWHERE | (Archive Posting: 7/29/2018) | Homelessness in America

Red Arrow  KQED Newsroom: Homelessness in the Bay Area | (Archive Posting: 2/10/2017) | Homelessness in America

Red Arrow  US man who sent ‘ricin letters’ to Trump & Pentagon also mailed toxins to Putin, Queen Elizabeth II — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  Hamptons residents building luxe panic rooms as MS-13 looms (New) | Just when you thought the rich were very powerful, even they are afraid of something and its happens to be one of the notorious street gangs in America...

Red Arrow  WADA has 400 doping cases after flood of info from new whistleblowers | CBC Sports (New)

Red Arrow  "Fess Up To Reality" - Former Google Exec Exposes Silicon Valley Hypocrisy In Scathing Essay | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Black Americans Increasingly Support Trump, Pollster Says (New) | So called Black Americans have become politically illiterate these days and need a political party of their own...

Red Arrow  Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Targets DuPont, Chemours, 3M, and Other Makers of PFAS Chemicals (New) | Look's like Monsanto is not the only ones being sue...

Red Arrow  White Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Convicted of Second-degree Murder in Shooting of Laquan McDonald | Pan-African News Wire (New)

Red Arrow  Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus (New)

Red Arrow  Surge In New York City Taxi Driver Suicides Has The City Talking | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  John McAfee's Warning About That Presidential Alert - The Organic Prepper (New)

Red Arrow  Thirteen states now investigating alleged sexual abuse linked to Catholic church (New) | Its seems these states have declare sexual abuse war on the priest of the Roman Catholic church, let see how many will serve a prison sentence similar to Bill Crosby.

Red Arrow  "Largest Ever Homeless Camp" Suddenly Appears In Minneapolis | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Invasive, Aggressive Mosquito Population ‘Explodes’ Across Long Beach, California (New) | The Mosquito epidemic has been a big issue, due to weather control. Its like they are causing it as covert population control measure.

Red Arrow  DEA official tasked with stopping DEA sex parties is under investigation for procuring prostitutes for sex parties / Boing Boing (New) | Agency DEA Gringo are a joke in South America, the Cartels know how to buy them off, must sadness for the prostitutes that are powerless to the Cartel and their families.

Red Arrow  'Neighborhoods Are Crying Out': Baltimore Is Nation's Deadliest Big City, Says FBI | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Cop Sentenced to 15 Years for Faking a 'War on Cops', Shooting Herself and Blaming Fake 'Black Man' (New) | A warning to you so called African-American men stay away from these Caucasian (Becky's), they give a damn about you at all...

Red Arrow  Yes, You Can Bring Weed to LAX. No, You Can't Actually Travel With It • High Times (New)

Red Arrow  The White Heterosexual Male Has Been Renditioned To The Punishment Hole - (New)

Red Arrow  Inside Slab City, a Squatters’ Paradise in Southern California | Travel | Smithsonian (New)

Red Arrow  Seattle Police Department Launches Program to Fight 'Swatting'Seattle Police Department Launches Program to Fight 'Swatting' (New)

Red Arrow  Billions of Mosquitoes Are Having a Post-Hurricane Field Day in North Carolina - Atlas Obscura (Post Hurricane Florence News)

Red Arrow  The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Venezuela's Socialism...And Ours (New)

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Red Arrow  White social studies teacher ousted over slavery lesson plans to sue over reverse racism - NY Daily News (New) | The fundemental question here is whether the Resistance American Indian were slaves or prisoners of war?

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Red Arrow  Video of Cop Torturing Man With K9 so Disturbing, He Was Just Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison (New)

Red Arrow  Video of Cop Torturing Man With K9 so Disturbing, He Was Just Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison (New) | That's not long enough, why did the courts not make an example to cops who mistreat the people they've sworn to protect...

Red Arrow  Man Arrested With Shrapnel-Covered Explosive Devices Near Los Angeles | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  FBI Made Innocent Man's Life a Living Hell, Told Him They Would Stop if He Became a Snitch—Lawsuit (New) | Even El Hajj Malik El Shabazz refused to be a snitch for the FBI...

Red Arrow  Ron Alleva Arrested for Poisoning Homeless Encampment (New) | Now, you know what Caucasians will do to those whom are poor & unfortunate for economic & capital gain on the land that belongs to Indigenous Ones...

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Leaves 13yo Boy in Freezing Cold to Force Him to Talk—Then Gets 'Supervisor of the Year' (New)

Red Arrow  California Passes Law Allowing 12-Year-Olds To Get Tax-Paid Transgender Treatments | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report (New) | Crazy California is becoming the modern day Sodom & Gomorrah...

Red Arrow  Ten Years After Not One High-Level Banker Sent to Jail for Tanking Global Economy, This Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Stealing Cigarettes (New) | This is the nature of Justice in America...

Red Arrow  WATCH: Police Officer Loses It in a Restaurant, Hits Man in the Face With His Gun (New) | This is the nature of the Police State...

Red Arrow  Married couple torn apart after 67 YEARS and forced to live in separate homes by council starved of cash - Madness Hub (New) | Due to Tory cuts in the U.K. forcing Eldery couples to separate due to their health conditions...

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Red Arrow  Hold the Front Page: The Reporters are Missing (New) | I hope you'll remember the Pultzer Prize Journalist Gary Webb...

Red Arrow  Amazon has deleted all my reviews and banned me from reviewing. – Investment Watch Blog (New) | That's what happening in cyber world the purging of relevant information...

Red Arrow  School District to Begin Randomly Drug Testing High School Students (New) | All parents that have Students in High School need to either consult with a so called legal attorney or do due dilligence study in studying Constitutional law. If you totally against any random Drug testing of your youth should home school them...

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Red Arrow  'Sesame Street' writer says Bert and Ernie are a gay couple (New) | Sesame Street has been problematic since its inception to the children's of America...

Red Arrow  Brooklyn Diocese agrees to pay $27.5m to child sex abuse victims | Daily Mail Online (New) | Money will never cure the damage of child sex abuse, nor will it stop it...

Red Arrow  North Carolina nuclear power plant declares "unusual event" following storm, "hot shutdown" (New) | Hurricane Florence News

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Red Arrow  This Is The Video Police Didn't Want You to See, Showing Cop Shoot at Dog, Kill Innocent Mom Instead (New) | The police state in America is completely out of control, when will the people say enough is enough of this abuse...

Red Arrow  Red Cross 'Diverted Assets' During Storms' Aftermath To Focus On Image : NPR (Archive Posting - 10/29/2014) | I don't trust the Red Cross or FEMA when comes to disaster recovery organizations...

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Red Arrow  WATCH: Man Tells Cop He's Not So Tough Without a Gun, So 6 Cops Beat Him to a Pulp (New) | If you don't think today's law enforcement is a gang of thugs... Then we are living amonst the real criminals in a Police State now.

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Red Arrow  U.S. Special Forces Soldier Arrested for Trying to Smuggle 90 Pounds of Cocaine (New) | There are no exceptions to drug trafficking at all...

Red Arrow  Social Media Erupts in Outrage as Video Shows Cop Hit 14yo Girl In the Face (New) | The Police State is now the enemy of the people...

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Red Arrow  Former NSA Contractor Faces “Longest Sentence” Ever Under Espionage Act (New)

Red Arrow  Doctor guilty of raping heavily sedated patient in hospital gets no prison time / Boing Boing (New) | No age of the patient was provided, the jury grant no prison time for the doctor. Not known whether or not the jury will even declare a fine or grant community service or something for an unethical violation of a patient under medical care.

Red Arrow  Judge In Broward County Documents Case Decides The First Amendment Doesn't Cover These Public Records | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Citizen Announces He's Running Against Corrupt Sheriff, His Home is Raided, Wife Kidnapped (New)

Red Arrow  Harvey Weinstein accuser had sex with 17-year-old, paid him $380k hush money – report — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Drug War Addicted Cops Attack Innocent Man for Rolling a Joint in a State With LEGAL Weed (New)

Red Arrow  Judicial Watch Calls for Re-Opening of Hillary Email Investigation After More Classified Info Found (New) | It does not really matter now, she will not be prosecuted for her crimes against the people...

Red Arrow  Demanding Wide-Reaching Reforms and an End to Slavery, Inmates in 17 States Plan Prison Strike (New)

Red Arrow  Disturbing Video Shows Cops Attack Dad, Taser Him As He Held His 2-month-old Baby (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Denied Immunity For Killing Unarmed Naked Veteran Suffering from PTSD (New)

Red Arrow  Former UN chief and Nobel peace laureate Kofi Annan dies aged 80 – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  BREAKING: Bedford DA receives sentence (New) | There are two types of court proceedings, one for the Elite or Privilege & one for the Pauper or No Privilege. Resolution for the people is revolution on moral standards...

Red Arrow  Houston cops: Robbers ran over woman, tried stealing purse with $75,000 | Miami Herald (New)

Red Arrow  Satanic Temple statue unveiled at Arkansas State Capitol / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  While Trying to Kill a Family's Dog, Cop Shoots 11-year-old Boy Instead (New)

Red Arrow  130 Chicago Officers Account for 29 Percent of Police Shootings (New)

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Red Arrow  FBI: Sheriff was bribed to shelter drug dealer for 15 years (New)| There are no exceptions to corruption which is based on greed...

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Red Arrow  Social media is making children regress to mentality of three-year-olds, says top brain scientist (New)

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Red Arrow  Raging California Wildfire Destroys Homes, Towns, Becomes 5th Largest in History - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  80-Year-Old Grandma Thrown in Jail For Smoking Pot In Her Own Home to Treat Her Arthritis (New)

Red Arrow  Sicko Cop Sexually Assaulted a Young Boy to Make Child Porn and He Will NOT Go to Jail (New)

Red Arrow  Surveillance camera shows off-duty NYPD cop dropping a weapon near man he shot in the face / Boing Boing (New) | The mix blessing of Surveillance camera technology, its it design for our protection, to spy on us or to show wrong doings comitted by miscreant of our society...

Red Arrow  Statue Of Liberty Climber: "America, You Motherf***ers! You Drug Addicts! You KKK!" (New)

Red Arrow  Young Man with Down Syndrome and Mentality of 3-year-old, Killed by Cops for Holding Toy Gun (New)

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Red Arrow  Here’s Why 3D Printing Guns Are A Win For World Peace and a Potential Death Blow To Tyranny (New)

Red Arrow  Fmr Governor's Grandson Given No Jail In Violent Rape Case Despite 'Sufficient Evidence' (New)

Red Arrow  The Rutherford Institute :: Hiroshima Revisited: Memorializing the Horrors of War with 10 Must-See War Films | (New)

Red Arrow  Cops Raid Ving Rhames' Home, Hold Him at Gunpoint, Accusing Him of Breaking Into His Own House (New)

Red Arrow  Five Infuriating Cases Showing How People Are Getting Fed Up With All the Snitches (New)

Red Arrow  Video: Louisiana man dies after officers put him in choke hold; experts disagree on excessive force or not | Crime/Police | (New)

Red Arrow  It Could All Begin On August 4th: This Flashpoint Could Cause A Chain Reaction Nationwide That Spreads Like Wildfire (New)

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Red Arrow  McDonald’s coffee calamity: Pregnant woman served cleaning solution in her latte — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  New York City Officially Ends Prosecution of Marijuana Possession and Use (New)

Red Arrow  The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles "Explodes" As The Middle Class Continues To Disappear (New)

Red Arrow  Will California Be the First State to Repeal Rent Control Limits? - Pacific Standard (New)

Red Arrow  Hundreds of NC teachers are flunking math exams. It may not be their fault. | Charlotte Observer (New)

Red Arrow  Noncitizens find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots - Washington Times (New)

Red Arrow  Supreme Court Essentially Nullifies 4th Amendment by Denying Ross Ulbricht's Petition

Red Arrow  Sweetheart Deal: Former Vice President Joe Biden's Niece Avoids Jail Time In Credit Card Scam - Big League Politics | In case you have not been paying attention, there are two laws in this caste & class system. One for the rich and one for the poor...

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Red Arrow  Natural Burials Are Rising, and That's Good for the Planet - Pacific Standard

Red Arrow  Michigan Declares State Of Emergency After Cancer-Linked Toxin Found In Drinking Water | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  States Sue to Block Downloads of 3D-Printed Gun Instructions | States are still trying to subvert the rights to bear arms....

Red Arrow  Bankrupt Philadelphia plunders its property owners for cash | Sovereign Man

Red Arrow  Here's What We've Lost In The Last Decade | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Coke, Meth And Booze: The Flip Side Of The Permian Oil Boom |

Red Arrow  As VA Continues To Hook Veterans On Dangerous Opioids, Local Growers Offer Them Free Cannabis

Red Arrow  More 30-Year-Olds Still Living With Their Parents, Study Finds | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  In Refusing To Defend Assange, Mainstream Media Exposes Its True Nature

Red Arrow  'Police can no longer handle the lawless jungle after dark in Amsterdam’ - ombudsman — RT World News

Red Arrow  Sorry If You're Offended, but Socialism Leads to Misery and Destitution -

Red Arrow  Bank of America asks Kansas couple for proof of citizenship | The Kansas City Star

Red Arrow  L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos

Red Arrow  Southport NC police chief Gary Smith arrested on corruption charges | News & Observer

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Beats, Tasers, Chokes, Handcuffed Compliant Man as Fellow Cops Do NOTHING

Red Arrow  Social Media Bloodbath Continues As Twitter Openly Admits To Censorship As Facebook And Twitter Stocks Tank

Red Arrow  In Just the Last Two Weeks, Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished

Red Arrow  Cops in America Kill with Impunity - Stephen Lendman

Red Arrow  North Miami Beach Police Officer Ambar Pacheco Arrested for Beating Eight-Month Pregnant Woman | Miami New TimesNorth Miami Beach Police Officer Ambar Pacheco Arrested for Beating Eight-Month Pregnant Woman | Miami New Times

Red Arrow  Cops Go to Wrong Home, Execute Innocent Man With Bullet to Back of His Head—No Indictment

Red Arrow  Government Aims to Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages

Red Arrow  WATCH: Good Cop Charges Police Chief with a Felony and Is Immediately Fired

Red Arrow  "Death Spiral": Twitter Busted & Blasted, Facebook Stock Plunges And Google "Kills" A Senator As Big Tech Has A Very, Very Bad Week

Red Arrow  Child Labor in the U.S. Tobacco Industry - The Atlantic

Red Arrow  Rothschild Connected Billionaire Arrested for Role in NXIVM Child Trafficking Sex Slave Ring

Red Arrow  64 Yr Old's Life Savings Confiscated from Flight Carry-on by Customs

Red Arrow  Warning to West Coast Middle Class People: Leave Immediately! | Economics and Politics

Red Arrow  Contrived Water Shortages Leading to World War III - 50 American Cities Set to Run Out of Water | War and Conflict | Fake News or the Truth...

Red Arrow  Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As 'Irresponsible Breeders'

Red Arrow  Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Mistake Vitamins for Opioids and Jail Innocent Mom for Months

Red Arrow  Man Dying of Cancer Testifies in Landmark Case Against Monsanto | I hope many others whom have been victimized by Monsanto now Bayer sue them...

Red Arrow  Trader Joe's employee, who died in hostage situation, killed by LAPD gunfire, chief says | Fox News | A vote of no confidence that local law enforcement can handle hostage situations anymore...

Red Arrow  ‘Disturbing’: Attorney, family frustrated by investigators’ sile - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Red Arrow  Lawmaker Warns Legalizing Cannabis Will Make Dealers Sell "Sex Toys" to Upper-Class White People

Red Arrow  Erasing the evidence: FBI points to Massachusetts as the place to alter fingerprints | Boston Herald

Red Arrow  Laid-Off New York Daily News Staff Are Victims Of Class Warfare | Capitalism is all about class warfare between the rich & Poor. The poor has the ultimate power to control & overthrow the rich through common cultural unity...

Red Arrow  What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You About Immigration and MS-13

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Professor Investigated For Saying The Moon Landing Was Fake

Red Arrow  Ten Cops Beat Native American to Death on Video, His Death Ruled a Homicide, No One Charged

Red Arrow  City Makes Plastic Straws From Restaurants Illegal, Violators Will Face Jail and $1,000 Fine

Red Arrow  22% surge in number of older homeless people catches L.A. officials off guard

Red Arrow  UIC forms partnership with Central Intelligence Agency | UIC Today

Red Arrow  Southern California car wash mogul to pay $4.2 million for cheating 800 workers – Orange County Register

Red Arrow  Major Alcohol Industry Association Announces Support for Right to Legalize Cannabis | WSWA

Red Arrow  SF registers non-citizens to vote in school election | The Sacramento Bee

Red Arrow  Girls-Only Trade Classes Are Becoming More Popular—and They're Upending Gender Stereotypes

Red Arrow  Rothschild’s Ex-Wife Found Dead, Hanging from Doorknob at Home

Red Arrow  Sheriff Accused of Holding Cocaine Parties for Fellow Cops to Rape Underage Girls | We can no longer trust law enforcement officers anymore...

Red Arrow  Son Of Greek Billionaire Found Dead In Cleveland Hotel Room Surrounded By Cocaine | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  As Bezos Becomes Richest Man in Modern History, Amazon Workers Mark #PrimeDay With Strikes Against Low Pay and Brutal Conditions

Red Arrow  Abandoned Civilisations unravels the mysteries of over 90 lost worlds | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Kill Man 'Holding a Bottle of Water' and Get Swarmed by Angry Crowd After

Red Arrow  Plutonium Was Stolen From the Back of a Van at a Texas Marriott

Red Arrow  Federal judge says hedge funds can sue over Puerto Rico debt

Red Arrow  Jury Nullifies Georgia Weed Law, Finds Man Not Guilty Despite Admittedly Growing Marijuana

Red Arrow  Dianne Feinstein Loses California Democratic Party Endorsement To Upstart Progressive | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Neighbors Report Child Trafficking and Find Gov’t Contractors Holding Kids In 'Black Site' Prison

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Tell Innocent Man to Lay Down for His 'Safety' Then Allow K9 to Maul Him

Red Arrow  Architect of Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Project Is Convicted in Bid-Rigging Scheme – AC2 News

Red Arrow  Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $4.7bn in talc cancer lawsuit — RT Business News

Red Arrow  This is the future of independent media if we do nothing – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  Trash wars: US drowning in its own waste, blaming China for rejecting ‘recycled commodities’ — RT Business News

Red Arrow  Black Tennessee Farmers Allege Seed Company Sold Them Defective Seeds to Run Them Out of Business

Red Arrow  Printing 3D Firearms and Accessories Now Protected as Free Speech

Red Arrow  Why you should NEVER ride in the back of a pick-up truck! | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: TSA screeners allowed to molest and falsely arrest air travelers; watch list complainers

Red Arrow  Zoos to Install Checkpoints, Search Visitors and Bags

Red Arrow  States Investing the Most (and Least) in Higher Education – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  AT&T faces thousands of complaints about overcharging for services DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, ETC.. – Investment Watch Blog

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Red Arrow  Michael Jackson ‘chemically castrated’ by Joe Jackson, claims Conrad Murray

Red Arrow  Elderly woman on oxygen machine died 6 hours after electricity was switched off due to unpaid bills - Madness Hub

Red Arrow  With "Mountainous" Evidence on Plaintiffs' Side, Hundreds of Cancer Cases Against Monsanto Get Green Light

Red Arrow  "Largest Ever Sugar Surplus In Recorded History" Plagues The World - Stock Board Asset

Red Arrow  California university works to reduce number of white people on campus - The College

Red Arrow  Strange 'Sonic Attacks' Against Diplomats Reach Epic Proportions

Red Arrow  Parents Denied Right to See Pro-LGBT Videos Forced on Their ChildrenParents Denied Right to See Pro-LGBT Videos Forced on Their Children

Red Arrow  Insane Video Shows El Paso Cop Pull Gun on Small Children, Threaten Them With Baton

Red Arrow  Why Blacks Are Leaving the Democratic Party | The Epoch Times

Red Arrow  This School Banned Cell Phones and Happiness Followed

Red Arrow  Autistic boy v govt: Billy Caldwell placed under ‘hospital arrest’ over medical cannabis treatment — RT UK News

Red Arrow  Exclusive: U.S. Government Sued for $25 Million for Failing to Investigate Marine Colonel Later Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Red Arrow  Pentagon Says It's Not Purging Immigrant Recruits, Contrary to Reports

Red Arrow  San Francisco Logs Over 16,000 Feces Complaints Since 2013 | News Wars

Red Arrow  Charity Established by Mother Teresa Caught Selling Babies on the Black Market in India

Red Arrow  A record number of folks age 85 and older are working. Here's what they're doing. - Laredo Morning Times | The so called Golden Years is really just another myth...

Red Arrow  Police State Defined—Man Facing Jail Time For Overdue $5 Movie Rental

Red Arrow  Injured woman begs people not to call ambulance because she can’t afford it — RT US News | The present state of health care in America...

Red Arrow  Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom closer to US extradition after losing 3rd appeal in NZ — RT World News

Red Arrow  ‘To prevent veterans’ suicide, US should stop waging wars across the globe’ — RT US News

Red Arrow  Oil Tycoon Batista Gets 30 Years In Jail |

Red Arrow  Woman who scaled Statue of Liberty is immigrant protesting zero tolerance

Red Arrow  Charles Hugh Smith: We Desperately Need Shared Values, Connection & Positive Social Roles | Peak Prosperity

Red Arrow  Network of Pedophile Cops Raped Children for Years Because Dept 'Mistakenly' Covered It Up

Red Arrow  Riot Breaks Out In Portland As Antifa Activists Clash With Conservative Marchers | Zero HedgeRiot Breaks Out In Portland As Antifa Activists Clash With Conservative Marchers | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  California, Poverty Capital | City Journal

Red Arrow  More States Opting To 'Robo-Grade' Student Essays By Computer : NPR

Red Arrow  In San Francisco, Families Making $117,000 Qualify For Low-Income Housing | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Nevada traffic deaths dropped 10 percent in first 11 months of recreational marijuana | KRNV

Red Arrow  Senate Votes to Finally Legalize Hemp After 80 Years of Prohibition

Red Arrow  Aaack! New Analysis Shows Superbugs Lurking on Three-Fourths of U.S. Supermarket Meat

Red Arrow  Blogger gave lecture on dealing with trolls, then stabbed to death by a troll / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Days Before Shooting, Capital Gazette Reported Police Would Be Conducting Mass Shooting Drills

Red Arrow  Capital Gazette Shooting Is The Largest Mass Shooting Of Journalists In America | The Daily Caller

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Red Arrow  Mass Hysteria Grips The Mainstream Media And Brings Some Unexpected Results - Americans Angry And Tuning Out Daily Manufactured Outrage

Red Arrow  PressTV-Ex-Vatican diplomat jailed for possessing child porn

Red Arrow  Don’t Believe the Media — Gun Homicide Rates Dropped by 40% as Ownership Skyrocketed | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report

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Red Arrow  Acting Like a Hate Group, SPLC Pays Large Settlement and May Be Sued Further

Red Arrow  ‘Incompetent enemies’: John McAfee blasts ‘poisoning’ attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS) — RT US News

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Red Arrow  WikiLeaks Reposts ICE Employee Database Amid Separation Policy Scandal - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  New Jersey bans child marriages. New law raises minimum age to 18 | | States that have these child marriages law are rising them from age 16 to 18 now...

Red Arrow  U.S. Navy plans immigrant internment camps to detain tens of thousands in CA, AL, AZ / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Pittsburgh-area police shooting: Unarmed teen died of gunshot wound, medical examiner says - CNN | Why are the youth running from local Police? Research & study your rights as a Aborigines, Citizen or Natural Person.

Red Arrow  Former Secret Service Agent Files RICO Suit Against Clintons, Soros, Podesta, Brock | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Supreme Court: Online Shoppers Must Pay Sales Tax | Time

Red Arrow  The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Bear, by Robert Gore | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Red Arrow  Monsanto faces first US trial over Roundup cancer link

Red Arrow  Trump Has Called for Pentagon to Make Beds Available for 20,000 Children at US Military Bases

Red Arrow  'Shut This Place Down': Children Drugged and Given Forced Injections at Texas Detention Facility, Lawsuit Says

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Sic K9 on Innocent Man, Beat, Kick, Stomp Him Then Sergeant Tells Them to Cover It Up | Law Enforcement can no longer be trusted anymore...

Red Arrow  Stealing Children From Their Parents - Where Is The Outrage Over Thousands Of American Children Stolen By The State?

Red Arrow  Out $2 Million After Video Showed Cop Kill Innocent Mom While Trying to Kill Her Dog

Red Arrow  Salmonella tied to melons sold at Costco stores, including Wisconsin

Red Arrow  More than 500 guns seized from Southern California homes | Fox News

Red Arrow  Millions Lack Food, Housing, and Healthcare, But 38 Democrats Just Joined GOP to Spend $716 Billion on Endless War and Empire | Politricks still playing games with the sheeple people...

Red Arrow  85% of world's 1bn firearms held by civilians, study shows — RT World News

Red Arrow  9 Year Old Sent to Rehab After Wetting Herself While Refusing to Quit Playing “Fortnite” -- Research Says Video Games and WiFi Exposure Affects Kids’ Brains Same Way as Drugs and Alcohol.

Red Arrow  BBC - Future - What if we knew when and how we'd die?

Red Arrow  BBC - Future - Why alcohol affects women more than men

Red Arrow  DOJ Indicts "Vault 7" Leak Suspect; WikiLeaks Release Was Largest Breach In CIA History | Zero Hedge | Whistle blower and those whom leak truth information to the public should be protected by the people from the Fed's...

Red Arrow  American Medical Association Calls for Nationwide Ban of All Assault Rifles and High Capacity Guns | This Rockerfeller created elitist organization supports the NWO...

Red Arrow  Sicko Cop Arrested for Repeatedly Raping 4yo Girl, Threatening Mom with Deportation if She Told

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Red Arrow  Lemonade Co. Fights Police State, Pledges to Pay Fines for Kids Busted for ‘Illegal Lemonade Stands’ | This company should used its political capital to change legislation surrounding this fascist municipally ordiance. But this a great preliminary solution for now...

Red Arrow  Lock of Custer's hair is sold at auction for more than $12G | Fox News | The sure madness of capitalism supporting the selling the hair of a Caucasian who genocide Aborigines of America.

Red Arrow  MSM Is The "Enemy Of The People": Why Do Liberals Give Them A Free Pass When They Have Been Harmed Far More By Media Lies Than Trump Supporters?

Red Arrow  US culture warriors ban Miss America swimsuit contest, expect burqas on the beach next — RT Op-ed

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Red Arrow  Why It Pays To Be Humble and Modest

Red Arrow  'Waste of Young Lives': London Teenage Suicide Rates Up By Over 100% in 3 Years - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Suicide rates are up 30 percent since 1999, CDC says

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Red Arrow  Tenth Amendment Center Blog | California Assembly Passes Bill to Allow People to Expunge Some Marijuana Charges

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Red Arrow  7 Ways People Used Cannabis in 1930 · High Times | Interesting article...

Red Arrow  FAA endangers public safety by emphasizing diversity over competence in selection of air traffic controllers | Fellowship of the Minds

Red Arrow  As Bayer Ditches Monsanto's Toxic Name in Merger, Green Groups Say There's No Erasing Its "Toxic Legacy

Red Arrow  Bayer to ditch Monsanto name after mega-merger with US corporation - The Local

Red Arrow  One in every five deaths in young adults is opioid-related in the United States, suggests a new study. The proportion of deaths that are opioid-related has increased by nearly 300% in 15 years.


Red Arrow  In California, You Can't Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day - The Organic Prepper

Red Arrow  Peace is a cliché: When the West cannot control the world unopposed it means war — RT Op-ed | The Caucasian whom falsely claims their Americans status have a issues with not controlling a foreign country to them want global control as well...

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Red Arrow  Roseanne Canceled Over Fake Outrage Highlighting ABC/Disney Hypocrisy And Media Lies About "Racist Tweet"

Red Arrow  Molon Labe: State Bans Popular AR-15 Accessory—Not a Single Person Complies

Red Arrow  'Don't Choke Him!': Witnesses Watch in Horror as Cops Taser, Choke Unarmed Man Until He Dies

Red Arrow  California debuts ‘digital’ license plates. Here’s what they’ll cost you. | The Sacramento Bee

Red Arrow  Child support debts: record number of parents prevented from travelling overseas | Australia news | The Guardian

Red Arrow  Julian Assange Situation "Unusually Bad," Ecuador May Evict From Embassy "Any Day Now"

Red Arrow  WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive (New) | A must checkout for those whom want to know...

Red Arrow  Search through Hillary's private server emails yourself, all 30,000! (New) | Just in case the above link is not good enough for you...

Red Arrow  NFL teams to be fined if players kneel during anthem — RT Sport News

Red Arrow  NFL national anthem policy stirs reaction as 49ers owner says he abstained | Fox News

Red Arrow  New York high school will use CCTV and facial recognition to enforce discipline / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling - Foundation for Economic Education

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Red Arrow  BUSTED: "Don't like cops? You must be a criminal."

Red Arrow  Hacker Slips Gay Porn Into Livestream Of Congressional Debate | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Elite Now Bragging About Using Penis Skin Taken from Babies to Make Their Faces Look Younger

Red Arrow  Fake News No Problem: Internet Totally Dominates Advertising in the US, But Only 2 Companies Divvy up 60% of the Spoils | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  Florida man dies in bedroom from exploding e-cigarette/Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Millions in Tax Dollars Stolen Via Welfare and Sent to Terrorist Group

Red Arrow  Death Sentence for Julian Assange?

Red Arrow  Tesla Bursts Into Flames After "Violent Crash" In Switzerland, Killing Driver Trapped Inside | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Tesla with self-driving capability crashes into fire truck, investigation launched (PHOTO) — RT US News

Red Arrow  Tesla Executives Keep Leaving in Droves - WTF is Going On? | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Canada’s Cannabis Market Could Be About To Explode | | Great news that Canada is allowing recreational usage of Cannabis for it citizens...

Red Arrow  FACT: If CA deported every Illegal overnight, CA could COMPLETELY END the sales tax in the ENTIRE state and still balance the budget. – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  Oliver North Worked With Cocaine Traffickers to Arm Terrorists. Now He’ll Be President of the NRA.

Red Arrow  Hungry, sick and increasingly desperate, thousands of Venezuelans are pouring into Colombia | This is the effect of sanctions against a foreign governments, it hurts the citizens of those countries and causes them to become refugees...

Red Arrow  DEA Knowingly Gave Addicts and Drug Dealers Licenses to Prescribe Opioids—Fueling the Epidemic | This is nothing new from the Government, war on drugs has been declared on the people, still assisting the cartels in their distribution efforts...

Red Arrow  Mapping Erik Prince’s Private Mercenary Empire | Al Bawaba

Red Arrow  Indigenous Canadians sue the Canadian government over decades of secret, involuntary, inhumane medical experiments / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  T-Mobile Hires Ex-FCC Commissioner To Claim Its Competition-Killing Merger Will Be Really Great For...Farmers | Techdirt

Red Arrow  USDA Burns Hundreds Of Healthy Kittens To Death After Conducting Experiments On Them

Red Arrow  Epileptic Mom Brutally Raped By Cop After She Was Arrested for a Half-Gram of Medicinal Weed | One of the many reason the Police State and Police Officer can no longer be trusted to serve & protect the people. We need to have Peace Officer in todays communities...

Red Arrow  Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames After "Horrific" Crash, Killing Two Men Trapped Inside | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Russia's Putin sworn in for another six years in office | CNBC

Red Arrow  Millennials 'have no qualms about GM crops' unlike older generation

Red Arrow  Louisiana Law Enforcement Has Been Abusing An Unconstitutional Law To Arrest People For Trying To File Complaints | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Doctor For Billionaire Sex Slave Ring NXIVM, Charged for Conducting Horrific Human Experiments

Red Arrow  Flint water flagged as poor weeks before free bottles ended - Mr-Mehra | How do you a great empire has fallen, when its governance cannot resolved problems such as clean water.

Red Arrow  U.S. Muslims More Accepting of Homosexuality Than White Evangelicals

Red Arrow  Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Crashes In Arizona | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Support For Trump Among Black Men Doubled After Kanye West's "MAGA Meltdown" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Thousands of stolen artifacts forfeited by Hobby Lobby return to Iraq | TheHill

Red Arrow  Man convicted of stalking Sandra Bullock kills self after La Crescenta barricade, police say | "> | Caucasian Men Mental Illness...

Red Arrow  Police Unleash 'Brutal Attacks' on Austerity Protesters in Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico | Police state alive & well in Puerto Rico

Red Arrow  Homeschoolers Turn Out in Droves to Defeat Intrusive California Bill | Cali is not a homeschooling state, although it is much needed there. Your child has a right to a excellent non-thumbsdown education.

Red Arrow  U.S. Customs and Border Protection Articles, Photos, and Videos - Orlando Sentinel

Red Arrow  'Biohacker' Who Injected Himself with DIY Herpes Treatment Found Dead

Red Arrow  Police likely to rely more on DNA testing companies in wake of East Bay Rapist case | McClatchy Washington Bureau | DNA testing companies are sharing your DNA results with the police....

Red Arrow  Six Corporations Will Soon Rule the World - Social Media Will Dominate | Conspiracy Theories | Just take a quick seek peek to see who the big six are....

Red Arrow  Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers 'cannot tell the time' | Articles like this proves without a doubt that the education system have failed and home schooling is the way to save your children now...

Red Arrow  Mainstream Media - Losing The Informational War - TruePublica

Red Arrow  Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice in Peru May Be World's Largest | Very sad, not surprising, who going to save the children now...

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Yanks Handcuffed Man's Dreadlocks Out While Punching Him—Taxpayers to Pay For It | How much more will the people take at the hands of law enforcement, we need Peace Officers in the community now...

Red Arrow  How Microsoft Convinced Clueless Judges To Send A Man To Jail For Copying Software It Gives Out For Free | Techdirt | Its time for a revolution when corporations have more power than the fresh & blood people it claims to served...

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Red Arrow  Media Silent as Allison Mack's Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring | The Daily Sheeple | MSM does not stitch on the wealthy when they are doing evil or wrong. Who's going to save the childrens?...

Red Arrow  Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now: Public Support for Pot Is Polling at an All-Time High - Sputnik International | The crimialization of Pot is over, the people must stand strong and let the Feds & States know that criminal prosecution Pot is done....

Red Arrow  Grow Food, Not Lawns! – Couple Fights For Right To Grow Their Own Food – Investment Watch Blog | The State Gov't are after your guns and telling you what to do with your land....

Red Arrow  Foxconn Just Got Permission to Start Draining Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens - Motherboard | The State of Michican has failed and turn its back on the peoples....

Red Arrow  Gov’t Just Gave Foxconn License to Drain 7 Million Gallons a DAY from Lake Michigan to Make iPhones – GOVTSLAVES.INFO | Anytime Gov't & Corporate join together against the peoples, it is a Fascist relationship against those people....

Red Arrow  A Majority Of Millennials Blame Baby Boomers For Destroying Their LIves | Zero Hedge | I guess the Millennials may a valid point against the Boomers....

Red Arrow  Black Liberation Activist Herman Bell Granted Parole - Stephen Lendman | Another framed Political prisoner released after 45 years in the gulag of the U.S. Corporate prison industrial complex....

Red Arrow  Rothschild heiress's home is raided by jewel thieves | Daily Mail Online | The wealthy are not exclused from being rob then a pauper person. That just have more values in their posession to lose...

Red Arrow  PressTV-US struggling to handle excess plutonium

Red Arrow  If You Limit ANY Free Speech, This is What You Get | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  This US city has the highest percentage of burned out workers | Ladders | If you work in IT, you may want to take a peek at this to procure your curiosity...

Red Arrow  FBI Arrests Cop For Selling Drugs - On Duty - From His Own Patrol Car | Police corruption is a total reflection of the corruption of Federal & State Corporation...

Red Arrow  How Far Down the Big Data/'Psychographic Microtargeting' Rabbit Hole Do You Want to Go?

Red Arrow » Electric Buses Are Hurting the Oil Industry

Red Arrow  Shock Study: Quarter Of Children 6 And Under Own A Smartphone - Study Finds | If any of you have children under the age of 6 that have access to a smartphone you may want to read this article...

Red Arrow  iPhone X is dead as consumers turn their backs on pricey smartphones analyst - RT Business News | U.S. Corporate State have failed the people just as the U.S. Corporation has failed the people...

Red Arrow  Three Cops Busted Having Sex With Opioid Thief In City Hall Not Arrested, Not Even Fired | The Police State no loner protect and serve the people anymore, Cops need to be punish for their acts against the people....

Red Arrow  Thousands of People in Only One State have Been in Jail for Over a YEAR and Never Proven Guilty | U.S. Corporate State have failed the people just as the U.S. Corporation has failed the people...

Red Arrow  Brooklyn postal worker arrested after 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail found | WPIX 11 New York | This must be the new going postal thing now...

Red Arrow  Prince death: No criminal charges filed; source of fentanyl unknown | So was Prince taken out, for what reason & who really did this to him...

Red Arrow  Bitcoin bandit makes prison break, flees Iceland on PM's plane - RT World News

Red Arrow  Black Conservatives Under Attack By Liberals For Daring To "Wander Off Their Plantation - The Level Of Viciousness Is Unprecedented

Red Arrow  How the Postal Service Loses So Much Money | Mises Wire

Red Arrow  Anti-GMO Activist Found Dead In Hotel Pool, Hours Before Planned Delivery of 200,000 Petition Signatures To The EPA | WorldTruth.Tv | This is nothing new and it was no accident either...

Red Arrow  Woman Fighting Release of GMO Mosquitoes Found Dead In Hotel Pool | WorldTruth.Tv

Red Arrow  Florida Keys activist died in Washington, D.C., swimming pool | FL Keys News

Red Arrow  72 Year Old Grandma Shot Dead As SWAT Raided Her Home To Arrest Her Son For Marijuana | WorldTruth.Tv | What a damn shame, this police state is insane...

Red Arrow  Shell Scientists Knew About Climate Threat in 1980s, Documents Reveal | Capitalism & Corporations are based on telling lies to maintain profitablity...

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Red Arrow  Federal agents are seizing about 100 homes they say are used to grow pot for a Chinese crime syndicate | The Sacramento Bee

Red Arrow  Chinese scientist gets 10 years in U.S. prison over theft of GMO rice | Reuters

Red Arrow  Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings Hit 46-Year Low : NPR

Red Arrow  Group With Ties to Trump Opioid Chief Scores Big - WhoWhatWhy

Red Arrow  EXCLUSIVE: As Teachers Forced to Beg for Money, Oklahoma Gov't Squandering Millions

Red Arrow  Baltimore Police Robbed Homeless People and Resold Confiscated Heroin and Ecstasy Back on the Street

Red Arrow  Michigan OKs Nestlé Water Extraction, Despite 80K+ Public Comments Against It : The Two-Way : NPR

Red Arrow  Why doesn’t YouTube inform people that Planned Parenthood is funded in part by the US Government? – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  The Silent Crisis Killing Puerto Ricans Months After Hurricane Maria

Red Arrow  The Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is Bad News for the Planet - Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists | This article indicates how dangerous Corporations even when they merge are detriment to the planet & people...

Red Arrow  Body of CDC researcher Timothy Cunningham found in a river near Atlanta… what did he know? Why was he murdered? – GOVTSLAVES.INFO

Red Arrow  Body found near Chattahoochee River ID'd as missing CDC worker

Red Arrow  DOJ just released Sessions' memo to federal prosecutors "strongly encourag[ing]" them to seek death sentences for certain drug-related crimes.

Red Arrow  Gov't Worldwide Cracking Down on 'Fake News', Writing and Even Sharing Now Leads to JAIL

Red Arrow  Retailers Race Against Amazon to Automate Stores - The New York Times

Red Arrow  For The First Time Ever, Younger Americans Are Less Optimistic Than Their Parents | Zero Hedge | A sure sign that something terribly has gone wrong with the U.S. Corporation power structure...

Red Arrow  Rapper DMX Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Evading Theft | lithium is the HOT metal to maintain Empires with Technology...

Red Arrow  How The Smart Money Is Playing The New Lithium Boom | | lithium the Hot Investment Commodity?

Red Arrow  Imminent Crisis: We May Soon Hit The Physical Limits Of This Essential Commodity | The Daily Sheeple | lithium is the HOT metal to maintain Empires with Technology...

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Red Arrow  US peak of tornado season approaches: April, May and June are most active and dangerous months

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Red Arrow  In response to California sanctuary law, Orange County Sheriff makes public inmates’ release dates – Orange County Register

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Red Arrow  A Brief History of YouTube Censorship - Motherboard

Red Arrow  Austin Rep. Michael McCaul holds news conference on bombings

Red Arrow  Terrorist killed after breaching gates of Travis Air Force Base | Daily Mail Online (NO MEDIA COVERAGE OF THIS ONE)

Red Arrow  After Multiple States Resisted, Feds Propose Bill To Legalize Growing Hemp—NATIONALLY

Red Arrow  Mass Exodus From CitiGroup After They Go Full Anti-Second Amendment - Gun Control By Proxy Backfires

Red Arrow  Why I really want Ann Coulter to run for President in 2020 | what so special about her & ALIPAC?

Red Arrow  As YouTube Ignores Child Exploitation, They Announce Ban on Millions of Gun Videos

Red Arrow  The Rothschilds’ March To WWIII | Left Hook by Dean Henderson

Red Arrow  9 Ridiculous Things About the Omnibus Budget Bill - Hit & Run :

Red Arrow  New York Launches Lawsuit to Remove Citizenship Query From US Census - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin » Debating The Geoengineering Reality, Dane Wigington and Cal Tech Scientist Douglas MacMartin | Geoengineering Watch

Red Arrow  Snowden Explains How the Deep State Influences Presidents

Red Arrow  How to Delete your Facebook Account | Soren Dreier

Red Arrow  "Dumb F--ks": Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Opioid Crisis: Is Arkansas Paving The Way for Big Pharma, Not Taxpayers, to Pay for Addiction?

Red Arrow  Billions of dollars to help California’s homeless population are piling up — and going unspent

Red Arrow  California Once Targeted Latinas for Forced Sterilization | History | Smithsonian

Red Arrow  When They Lie, Millions of People Die | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Red Arrow  Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases | Reuters

Red Arrow  Snowden Documents: NSA Worked to Track Bitcoin Users

Red Arrow  Zuck Made Him A Billionaire, Now WhatsApp Founder Urges Users To Delete Facebook | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Austin Bomber Identified As 24-Year-Old Mark Anthony Conditt | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Liberals Blaming President Trump For Austin, Texas Bombings Prove They Have Gone Insane

Red Arrow  Boko Haram returns Nigeria girls, warns not to put in school

Red Arrow  As Scandal Rocks Facebook Something More Sinister Emerges That Should Concern Everybody

Red Arrow  Liberals Blaming President Trump For Austin, Texas Bombings Prove They Have Gone Insane

Red Arrow  If You’re Pissed About Facebook’s Privacy Abuses, You Should Be Four Times As Angry At The Broadband Industry – GOVTSLAVES.INFO

Red Arrow  Liberals Blaming President Trump For Austin, Texas Bombings Prove They

Red Arrow  Why 55 U.S. Senators Voted for Genocide in Yemen – GOVTSLAVES.INFO

Red Arrow » UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’

Red Arrow  Oklahoma Moves Forward with Execution by Nitrogen Gas Chamber

Red Arrow  FotoForensics Helps You Detect If a Photo Was Faked or Not

Red Arrow  The Unprepared Will Die. Period. Food Shortages Across The Country As Intel Employees Are Preparing For Catastrophe

Red Arrow  Google Busted Again Manipulating Search Results As "Internet Bill Of Rights" Gains Traction

Red Arrow  Brick and mortar stores vs. online sellers

Red Arrow  When to Count on Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Red Arrow  The War on the Post Office | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

Red Arrow  Out of control: The deadly toll of street racing in Los Angeles - Los Angeles Times Fast, Crazy & Furious Drivers in LA, LA Land

Red Arrow  How Marriage Changes Your Personality | Soren Dreier

Red Arrow  Dentists keep dying of this deadly lung disease. The CDC can't figure out why. - SFGate

Red Arrow  Deaths of homeless people go uncounted in Oakland — and most places - San Francisco Chronicle

Red Arrow  Moving Upstream - Why 'Deaths of Despair' May Be a Warning Sign for America - Moving Upstream

Red Arrow  Scientists claim people will “love refugees” once they are dosed with oxytocin, the hormone produced by babies to make their mothers love them –

Red Arrow  Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights | World news | The Guardian

Red Arrow  British pedophile ring abused 1,000 children: newspaper | Reuters

Red Arrow  Big Pharma Paid Millions in Secret Settlements After Antidepressants Linked to Mass Murder

Red Arrow  Dennis Rodman Offers To Help In Meetings Between Trump And Kim Jong Un

Red Arrow  Venezuela: Petro Reaches $5 Billion in Pre-Sales

Red Arrow  Zero-carbon fuel ‘out of thin air’? Nanotube membrane start-up thinks big — RT World News

Red Arrow  It's Official: China Repeals Term Limits, Allowing Xi To Stay In Power Forever | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  The deeper reason for drug ads on television « Jon Rappoport's Blog

Red Arrow  Bad Actors Are Using Social Media Exactly As Designed

Red Arrow  Why Youtube's algorithms push extreme content on every possible subject / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Pentagon Official: China's Hypersonic Missiles Could Threaten US Navy's "Entire Surface Fleet" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  8 Million Mothers from 150 Countries Sign Declaration: 'The Era of Radical Feminism Is Over' | Family Security Matters

Red Arrow  The Religion of Socialism :: By Bill Wilson - Rapture Ready

Red Arrow  Chinese Xi General Found Hanged - Readies Military for War | Politics

Red Arrow  How Silicon Valley went from ‘don’t be evil’ to doing evil – Orange County Register

Red Arrow  Companies Eliminating Drug Tests Amid Job Shortages, Pot Legalization | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Steve Bannon: 'China, Persia, and Turkey' Forming 'New Axis' That's 'Confronting the Christian West' | Breitbart

Red Arrow  Californians have attacked self-driving vehicles on San Francisco streets, DMV says | The Sacramento Bee

Red Arrow  42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke

Red Arrow  Cities where your retirement savings will stretch the furthest

Red Arrow  Meet Flippy, a burger-grilling robot from Miso Robotics and CaliBurger – TechCrunch

Red Arrow  Nationwide manhunt underway for missing CDC worker; Ebola containment aircraft dispatched to Little Rock then back to Atlanta

Red Arrow  Uber drivers often make below minimum wage, report finds | Technology | The Guardian I was never interested in working for Uber or Lyft and this article prove it so.

Red Arrow  Amazon Bank: Bezos To Offer Amazon-Branded Checking Accounts | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  RoboTaxis Won’t Be Taking Over Any Time Soon |

Red Arrow  A Plague Has Been Allowed Into America And We May Not Be Able To Survive It | AllnewsPipeline

Red Arrow  Google And The Pentagon Are Teaming Up To Make Artificially Intelligent Drones – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  The Millenials are the most screwed over generation in America and no one talks about it. – InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  Mind-reading’ A.I. produces a description of what you’re thinking about – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  Why do young rural women in China become mistresses? | Aeon Essays

Red Arrow  Heartbreaking scenes of homelessness from a ‘national disgrace’ - The Washington Pos

Red Arrow  Inside the Networks of Sex Slaves, the Drug Trade, Colombian Cartels and Al Qaeda in Africa

Red Arrow  The Upside of Corporate Internet Censorship

Red Arrow  World's First Plastic-Free Supermarket

Red Arrow  Exploding cell phone causes fire on Air Canada flight | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  The world on trial: will Globalism/Socialism win? – InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  New Bill Would Force Grocery Stores to Carry ‘Factory Farm’ Eggs – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  Amazon buys smart doorbell firm Ring for $1 billion | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  North Atlantic right whales are on the brink of extinction | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  The World’s Cobalt Supply Is in Jeopardy – InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  Obama Pushes For Internet Censorship During Off-The-Record MIT Speech Obama is just another Global Elitist...

Red Arrow  Thousands of Americans Are Being Jailed for Debt, Chased by Private Collectors | YouTube

Red Arrow  Ohio Republicans Refuse To Outlaw Marital Rape

Red Arrow  Racial bias in the American jury system, explained - Business Insider

Red Arrow  Pesticides put bees at risk, European watchdog confirms

Red Arrow  Armstrong: Get Ready for Civil Unrest On A Scale Not Seen Since The Revolutions In The USA Or In France | Silver Doctors

Red Arrow  Robert De Niro Caught In International Underage Prostitution Ring – Daily Presser

Red Arrow  Kentucky school district will allow teachers to carry concealed guns | Lexington Herald Leader

Red Arrow  Melting Ice Could Release Hazardous Waste from Abandoned Cold War Site | naked capitalism

Red Arrow  Britain Officially Prepares Now for War Against Russia

Red Arrow  Norway will spend $13 million to upgrade its doomsday seed vault - The Verge

Red Arrow » Kids Use Tech So Much They Can’t Hold A Pencil Anymore, Doctors Say Sometimes technology creates more problems than it solves...

Red Arrow  MSM Florida Shooting Narrative CRUMBLES: Teacher Saw Shooter In 'Full Metal Garb'

Red Arrow  The Man Who Claimed to Invent Bitcoin Is Being Sued for $10 Billion - Motherboard

Red Arrow  CDC employee's disappearance prompts $10G reward offer | Fox News

Red Arrow  LA Has Criminalized Poverty By Making It Illegal To Sleep In Cars and RVs

Red Arrow  Disturbing Footage That Shook The World – People ‘Being SOLD At Auction’ for as little as £300 – Fact You Didn't Know

Red Arrow  The Dark, Industrial Side of Large-Scale Cannabis Production [REVEALED]

Red Arrow  How We Got To The Point That Hollywood Is Trying To Attack The Internet Via NAFTA | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Seattle to Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash

Red Arrow  Woman Pulled From Public Hearing While Listing Corporate Donations to Reps

Red Arrow  More Than 4,000 Government Websites Infected With Covert Cryptocurrency Miner | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Boston Dynamics releases video showing humans can't hide in a robot apocalypse - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Red Arrow  Iceland: Crypto Mining Companies Will Consume More Energy Than Households In 2018 | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Vice Doc On No Whites Allowed Retreat | The Daily Caller

Red Arrow  "There's So Much Stress On Campus": Amazon Cuts 100s Of Jobs At Seattle Headquarters | Zero Hedge Corporation are the real slave driving enemy to the working class people. Robots will replace you, then you'll receive UBI and live happly forever...

Red Arrow  "It's Just Not The Same" - People Are Fleeing The Bay Area At The Fastest Rate In Years | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Human Eggs Grown In The Lab In World First

Red Arrow  American body parts and capitalism: a match made in heaven / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  The State of the American Debt Slaves | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  Mariah Carey Part Of Satanic Cult Bent On Bloody Animal Sacrifice

Red Arrow  Guess Which 'Shithole' Has The World's Most-Overcrowded Prison System | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  L.A.'s homelessness surged 75% in six years. Here's why the crisis has been decades in the making The homeless issues in L.A. has been an issue since the 80's. Its up to the people to resolve this by forcing Local, State, Fed & Corporation to create a enconomic socila policy to mitigate this socila issue once and for all.

Red Arrow  THE FILM THE NFL DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE (New) | Just another reason why I do not care or watch football anymore...

Red Arrow  Inside the Chinese sex doll factory making ‘smart’ robots that can also talk, play music and even do the dishes What has the world come to?

Red Arrow » Stockton Gets Ready to Experiment With Universal Basic Income Can you live on a displace income of $500 called UBI per month?

Red Arrow  Universal Basic Income: The Answer to Automation? (INFOGRAPHIC) (More Info. on UBI) | Displacement pay called UBI will it be the future of the next globe generations?

Red Arrow  The Case Against a Basic Income (More Info. on UBI) | UBI the poor person utopia dream to be depended on the Government than on yourself.

Red Arrow  Cryptocurrency Mining Malware That Uses an NSA Exploit Is On the Rise - Motherboard You just cannot trust the cyber world for anything now...

Red Arrow  Only 9 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Have Shared GOP Tax Cut Windfall With Workers: Analysis You thought Salvery in America was a joke, nothing for the Wage Slavers...

Red Arrow  Did You Know Black Ghettos Were Deliberately Created By Gov’t Sponsored Redlining? – Counter Current News This Redlining alone by the Government are one of many ways to keep the Indigenous Ones from controling their communities. Even Insurance companies used this to overcharge for Auto, Home & Life coverage.

Red Arrow  High-School Kids Paid Peanuts For Forced 11-Hour Shifts At iPhone X Factory In China – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Nine White Cops Killed in 11 Days By White Men: Where Was The Media Coverage? – Counter Current News

Red Arrow Why California Has The Nation's Worst Poverty Rate

Red Arrow Small Businesses Begin 2018 on a High Note

Red Arrow Nearly 40% Of Student Loan Borrowers To Default By 2023

Red Arrow What Prostitutes Gave the World

Red Arrow Be Prepared for Disaster with These Tech Upgrades

Red Arrow Black Death TWO: Girl, 9, drops dead as strange 'eye-bleeding fever' spreads

Red Arrow Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers

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Afrika News Information Site's

Red Arrow  Trump's new Africa strategy takes sharp aim at China, Russia (New)

Red Arrow  Documents Show Vast Network of U.S. Military Bases in Africa (New)

Red Arrow  Paul Craig Roberts: Russia Is Disadvantaged by Her Belief that the West Is Governed by Law (New)

Red Arrow  At Least 1 Million Bees Found Dead in Cape Town (New)

Red Arrow  Islamic Group Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Army, 118 soldiers killed, over 150 missing in action | Creeping Sharia (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa land seizures: White farm grabs LAW after constitution change approved | Daily Star (New)

Red Arrow  Land seizures in South Africa won’t violate Constitution... once it’s changed – Ramaphosa — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Confirmed Ebola Cases in DR Congo Rises to 291 – Health Ministry - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  White South Africans barred from registering on government jobs website — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Appalling Sanitation Habits Of African Blacks Revealed Why They've Brought Polio & So Many Other Diseases In (New)

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Defeats The Crown…Again | Left Hook by Dean Henderson (New)

Red Arrow  South African White Farms AFTER The ANC Black Government Has Stolen Them (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National “Test Case” – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National "Test Case" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  South African city to begin confiscating land from white citizens in national test case — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Is the new US drone base in Niger worth the cost? (New)

Red Arrow  Death toll reaches 60 in Nigerian oil pipeline fire | Reuters (New)

Red Arrow  Corpse of Ebola victim stolen by relatives during funeral procession in Congo — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Spirals Into Economic Chaos As Fears Of Another Hyperinflation Begin To Spark | Zero HedgeZimbabwe Spirals Into Economic Chaos As Fears Of Another Hyperinflation Begin To Spark | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa’s War Against White People (New) | Its not war against the Boers, but taking back the land from them without compensation...

Red Arrow  Property Rights Protections for South Africans Are Moving in the Wrong Direction (New) | Do not read this article until you do research on what is really happening politically in Azania (South Africa). Articles like this may not address real situation or inform you correctly...

Red Arrow  The Real Cost of Food and Medicine in Africa – Everything Africans Own | New Eastern Outlook (New)

Red Arrow  Zambia : Pan-Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba has been denied entry into Zambia (New)

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe is about to become a colony again | Pambazuka News

Red Arrow  WHO: Ebola Regional Spread Risk in Congo ‘Very High’

Red Arrow  US diplomat found dead in Madagascar - BBC News (New)

Red Arrow  Ghana Gets $30 Million From World Bank To Strengthen Its Financial Sector And Promote Inclusion

Red Arrow  Are China’s Financial Dealings in Africa a Debt Trap or Bailout? | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  U.S. Strike Kills 18 Al-Shabab Militants in Somalia, Military Says | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa: Fourth Industrial Revolution - Sorting Out the Real From the Unreal -

Red Arrow  Africa: Explainer - Why Lithium Ion Batteries Could Be a Game Changer in Africa -

Red Arrow  Information and health benefits of Palm Wine | (Archive Posting 8/29/2018)

Red Arrow  South Africa Legalizes Cannabis in Big Win for Pro-Marijuana Activists

Red Arrow  African leaders leave Beijing forum hailing ‘new world order’ as China offers $60bn investment | The Independent

Red Arrow  Libya Chaos: Rockets Rain Down On Tripoli, Mass Prison Break Of 400, Week Of Street Battles | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Bank Says South African Farmers Will Have to Pay Debts for Property Seized by State

Red Arrow  IMF backs South Africa’s plan to confiscate land from white farmers — RT Business News

Red Arrow  New Video Shows More Atrocities by Cameroon, a Key U.S. Ally in Drone Warfare

Red Arrow  Russian Cargo Vessel Arrested In South Africa Under "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" Statute For Improper Permits | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  South Africa's Land Confiscation: Socialism by Another Name | Mises Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa’s land expropriation could trigger default, warns agricultural bank — RT Business News | More propaganda regarding rightful ownership of the land and its not the banks. It belong to the original people of Azania

Red Arrow  Death Lists Have Been Drawn Up And Exterminations Have Begun: What's Happening In South Africa Today Is A Look At America Tomorrow

Red Arrow  South African govt approves first farm seizures from leaked list of 190

Red Arrow  Somalia: Daesh imposes tax on local businesses – Middle East Monitor Somalia: Daesh imposes tax on local businesses – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  WHO worried Ebola can 'transmit freely' in DR Congo, as... | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  How Furniture Demand in America Thins Forests Across Central Africa - Pacific Standard

Red Arrow  Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa, by Ilana Mercer - The Unz Review What genocide? Azanians want their land back from the Boers nothing else......

Red Arrow  ANC shocks Twitter by calling all white people ‘murderers’ – The Citizen

Red Arrow  New Severe Ebola Outbreak Hits Eastern Congo Killing at Least 33 - Reports - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Take away land & the poor will starve, South African farmer tells RT — RT Business News

Red Arrow  South Africa Is On The Road To Barbarism and So Is the Rest of the West -

Red Arrow  South Africa Moves to Change Constitution To Legalize Theft of White Property – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers, physicists reveal | The Independent

Red Arrow  PressTV-US military confirms deployment of armed drones in Niger

Red Arrow  U.S. Secret Wars in Africa Rage on, Despite Talk of Downsizing

Red Arrow  600 Migrants Armed With "Flamethrowers And Feces" Break Through Spanish Border In Morocco | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Namibia propose new bill that ban foreigners from owning land |

Red Arrow  South African gold industry in decline & nothing can change that, says country’s largest miner — RT Business News | Wonder what the EFF agenda is on gold ownership and whether the Boers will have to surrender it back to the aboriginals Azania people...

Red Arrow  First 50 families of farmers from South Africa may soon resettle in Russia — RT Business News | Thanks to the EFF all Azanians are getting their land back the Boers have to leave or stay as resident not as aboriginals...

Red Arrow  US/Rwanda Trade War - Stephen Lendman

Red Arrow  Archaeologists Have Uncovered a Place Where The Ancient Egyptians Mummifed Their Dead

Red Arrow  Oldest Tools Outside Africa Found, Rewriting Human Story | Please keep in mind the time factor and who were the original people of the continent of so called Africa at that time. Remember, Africa or China were not the names original name...

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Approaching Elections & Set of Gold Standard has 46 Nations Watching – Investment Watch BlogZimbabwe Approaching Elections & Set of Gold Standard has 46 Nations Watching – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  ‘A matter of life & death’: 15,000 white South African farmers seek refuge in Russia, report says — RT Business News | Proof that freedom has come to Azania (south africa) through the EFF political party...

Red Arrow  U.S. Military Surveys Found Local Distrust in Niger. Then the Air Force Built a $100 Million Drone Base.

Red Arrow  East Africa: More Parents Trade Girls for Cows As War and Climate Change Hit East Africa -

Red Arrow  Scientists attempt to fight vitamin A deficiency in Africa by developing sweet potato-fortified bread –

Red Arrow  Uganda enacts unenforceable, ridiculous anti-"gossip" internet tax / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  11 Farm Attacks in 100 hours , SA descending into Chaos | South Africa Today - Media

Red Arrow  afrol News - Ethiopia tightens its already strict anti-gay laws Its seem that Ethopia & Uganda are no longer tolerating the so called un-afrikan practice of homosexuality anymore and have laws in place to ban taboo practice of it...

Red Arrow  Why do some people spell Africa with a K? (Afrika vs Africa) |

Red Arrow  South Africa: Taking farms from whites is justified because 'it's not really their land', says EFF spokesman | The Independent

Red Arrow  Why the PAC wants South Africa renamed Azania (Archive News 2017)

Red Arrow  LOOK At One Of Today’s White Farm Victims - Of Black Hate And Racism In South Africa - Pic

Red Arrow  Historic TRUTH About Blacks And Whites In SA - Read

Red Arrow  Black Land Theft In Our Town SA And More Black Calls For White Genocide

Red Arrow  What Actually Happened on Plantations When the Slaves Were Freed

Red Arrow  African-Americans resettle in Africa | Africa Renewal Online

Red Arrow  The Hidden Truths of Africa: Neocolonialism and the Modern Age of Slavery

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Asia News Information Site's

Red Arrow  Smack In Middle Of Trade War, Boeing Opens Its First 737 Plant In China | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  "Top Secret" Intel Report Claims Russia, China Continue To Help North Korea Evade Sanctions | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Giant blaze rips through Google’s office in ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ (VIDEO) — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Spot on: Russia to track future US missiles with upgraded over-the-horizon radar — RT Op-ed (New)

Red Arrow  Chinese Military Official: We Should Attack US Ships That Violate Chinese Territorial Waters | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  US sanctions three North Korea top officials — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  China plans underwater AI base in South China Sea - (New)

Red Arrow  Millions of Japanese Homes Are Abandoned And Being Given Away For Free (New)

Red Arrow  Russia ready to switch off Visa & Mastercard ahead of tougher US sanctions — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Chinese Firms Dumped $1 Billion Of US Real Estate Last Quarter | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  US to Reveal Charges Against Chinese Hackers (New)

Red Arrow  Huawei CFO Charged With Fraud, Deemed "Flight Risk" Whose Bail "Couldn't Be High Enough" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  DOJ Readies More Cyber-Spying Charges Against Government-Linked Chinese Hackers | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : The Russia Investigation is about Criminalizing Peace (New)

Red Arrow  China Outraged At Arrest Of Huawei CFO, Warns It Will "Take All Measures" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Don’t underestimate us’ - MI6 boss warns Russia in latest sign of heightened tensions — RT UK News (New)

Red Arrow  Australia denies Proud Boys founder visa for 'bad character' | TheHill (New)

Red Arrow » Chinese Government Gets Real Time Location Tracking Data On Electric Vehicles (New)

Red Arrow  Why Does China Invest in the World's Poorest Countries? - Fort Russ (New)

Red Arrow  Trevino: Australia, in the Crossfire Between China & the U.S. - Fort Russ (New)

Red Arrow  TASS: World - Russia’s FSB makes public list of weapons found onboard detained Ukrainian warships (New)

Red Arrow  Tesla sales in China plummet 70% as Sino-US trade war drags on — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  India Proposes 7-year Jail Term for Sharing of Child Porn on WhatsApp - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  South Korea - First East Asian Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  India Moves in the Direction of Legalizing Medicinal Cannabis - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Don’t pay for these idiots’: Duterte wants Filipinos to ditch Catholic mass, pray at home instead — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  China Kidnaps Fugitive's American Wife, Holds Hostage In Secret "Black Jail" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  True Economics: 25/11/18: Russian South Stream 2.0 Comes Out of the Shadows (New)

Red Arrow  Toxic chemical spill in southern China 10 times worse than previously disclosed (New)

Red Arrow  Ukraine Declares Martial Law As Russia Refuses To Release Captured Ships | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Totalitarianism: China will keep ‘social credit’ score on each citizen for reward/punishment – Investment Watch (New) | China will not be the only country using this system, its a global system being implemented even in Corporate U.S. as well...

Red Arrow  China orders an inquiry into the 'world's first gene-edited babies' | Daily Mail Online (New)

Red Arrow  China Reportedly Starts Building 'New-Generation' Aircraft Carrier - Sputnik International (New) | In case you didn't know, China is now the world superpower Economically and Militarily...

Red Arrow  Ukraine Council Expects to Declare War Against Russia After Maritime Incident - News From (New)

Red Arrow  Russia And Ukraine Are On The Brink Of War - And Why That Could Lead To World War 3 (New)

Red Arrow » “The Greatest Manmade Disaster in History” (New)

Red Arrow  Gold losing its luster as palladium prices soar; so why is Russia smiling? — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  PressTV-China warns of WTO crisis, calls for reform (New)

Red Arrow  Paris riot police blast water cannon at demonstrators protesting Macron's fuel tax rise | Daily Mail Online (New)

Red Arrow  Russia To Verify Whether USA Actually Landed On The Moon | Zero Hedge (New) | This could be an embrassing moment for the USA...

Red Arrow  China: What America, Donald Trump can do to contain rising superpower (New)

Red Arrow  An Exotic Strain of Hepatitis Appears to Have Made The Leap From Rats to Humans in Hong Kong (New)

Red Arrow  China Offers $86,000 Reward For Snitching On Porn | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Two Killed After Rebels Storm Chinese Consulate In Pakistan | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Focus on precision: Putin urges ramping up of production of ‘smart’ missiles and artillery shells — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  Head Of Russian Military Intelligence Dies Mysteriously From "Serious Illness" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  China Building More Nuclear Attack Subs Than US Knew About - Report - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Interpol Defies Russia, Elects South Korean As President | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Erdogan, MBS, Islamic leadership and the price of silence | Asia Times (New)

Red Arrow  Russian military introduces obligatory courses to protect state secrets — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  North Korea defector: next generation have no loyalty to Kim Jong-un – report | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  NATO mapping software now available to Chinese military, report finds — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of Cambodia genocide - BBC News (New) | It took this long to proscute this man of Cambodia genocide, only evil people protect evil man like that...

Red Arrow  Japan's new cybersecurity minister admits never having used a computer / Boing Boing (New) | Is this a good or bad thing about whether using a computer or not has an impact about your knowledge about security

Red Arrow  Russia jammed GPS during major NATO military exercise with US troops - CNNPolitics (New)

Red Arrow  The "Nightmare Scenario" For Beijing: 50 Million Chinese Apartments Are Empty | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Beijing Agricultural Trade With Seoul, Tokyo to Double Within 10 Years – Reports - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  ASEAN Summit Kicking Off in Singapore - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Floating 5-star hotel: Russia’s 1st cruise liner to be ready for tests in 2019 — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  As Imports Of US Soybeans To China Plunge, Russian Farmers Pick Up The Slack | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Russia Deploys Its Avangard Glide Vehicle – the Unmatched Leader in Hypersonic Technology (New)

Red Arrow  Au revoir, France: China to become world’s top travel destination by 2030 — RT Business News (New) | Maybe by that time China would have solve their environment pollution issues...

Red Arrow  In wake of Fukushima disaster nuclear energy stages comeback in Japan — RT Business News (New) | Sheer insanity of not learning from a basic enviromental mistake...

Red Arrow  Russia to make food industry more transparent with new field-to-counter product-tracking system — RT Russia (New) | Russia is moving in the right healthful food direction for its people...

Red Arrow  China's "Brightest Children" Being Recruited For AI Arms Race With The U.S. | Zero Hedge (New) | America due to its racist system cannot and will not be able to complete with China in a harmonious ethicnity...

Red Arrow  Russia & China Invest in Infrastructure; U.S. Instead Spends on Military (New)

Red Arrow  Russia Deploys Its Avangard Glide Vehicle – the Unmatched Leader in Hypersonic Technology (New)

Red Arrow  China's Brightest Children Are Being Recruited To Develop AI 'Killer Bots' - Slashdot (New)

Red Arrow  Terrorist plots to stage drone attacks during FIFA World Cup in Russia foiled by security services — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  Foxconn May Bring Chinese Workers To Its New Wisconsin Facility | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  The Chinese Government Identifies Citizens By The WAY THEY WALK (New)

Red Arrow  Pandora, anyone? Russia plans to set up moon base inhabited by ‘avatar robots’ — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  The U.S. Ignores Its Vietnamese Victims to This Day - Truthdig (New) | Not surprising at all, it evens ignores its Aboriginies Victims today as well...

Red Arrow  Xi Tells China's Critics To "Mind Your Own Business" In Trade Expo Speech; Pledges $30 Trillion In Imports | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Suicide bomber who attacked Russian spy agency identified as ‘anarchist-communist’ | (New)

Red Arrow  Satellite images expose China's vast network of secret re-education camps in Xinjiang - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (New)

Red Arrow  More than half of Russians believe their private data on social media isn’t safe – poll — RT Russia (New)

Red Arrow  US agrees to grant India waiver from Iran sanctions… for the time being — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  TASS: Business & Economy - Putin looks forward to development of business ties with Germany (New)

Red Arrow  China’s Yuan Exchange Rate Against Dollar Hits New Low Since 2008 - Sputnik International (New)

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Red Arrow  AP Censors Pence China Speech on YouTube, Removes Reference to Google Treason – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

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Red Arrow  China Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ In 2020 That Will Be 8 Times Brighter Than The Actual Moon – GOV'T SLAVESChina Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ In 2020 That Will Be 8 Times Brighter Than The Actual Moon – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

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Red Arrow  Putin Signs Unpopular Bill Raising Retirement Ages By Five Years (New) | Putin may not as bad as Trump, but no president is perfect. I find it difficult to overstand based on life data longevity that women live longer men of why he increase the retirement for women from 55 to 60 & men from 60 to 65.

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Red Arrow  ‘Just gold everywhere’: Australia gold rush heats up after 2 nuggets worth $11mn found 4 days apart — RT World News I wonder if this gold rush is on the Aborigines land taken from them...

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Red Arrow  Russia looking for lost nuclear-powered missile | CNBCRussia looking for lost nuclear-powered missile | CNBC

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Red Arrow  China launches WTO action against US over $200bn tariff threat — RT Business News

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Red Arrow  Russia Plans $50 Billion Investment In Iran’s Oil, Gas Industry |

Red Arrow  China Steals Secrets Behind Apple's Self-Driving Car | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Ancient Humans Lived in China 2.1 Million Years Ago - The Atlantic | Please keep in mind the time factor and who were the original people of the continent of so called Africa at that time. Remember, Africa or China were not the names original name...

Red Arrow  ‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance

Red Arrow  China pledges $20 billion in loans to Middle East and aid for Palestine — RT Business News

Red Arrow  North Korea asked Israel for $1 billion to stop giving missile technology to Iran |

Red Arrow  China does not fear conflict with US over Venezuela - Fort Russ

Red Arrow  Australia Now Issuing Fines to Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines for Their Kids | Think this is not a Globalist agenda now...

Red Arrow  Aum Shinrikyo: The Japanese Killer Cult That Wanted to Rule the World

Red Arrow  Japan cult leader executed over 1995 sarin attack / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  "No Gold Ever Leaves China ... They Are Hoarding It and Russia Is Buying It" | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge

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Red Arrow » China: 3 Year Old High End Villas

Red Arrow  China brings Star Wars to life with ‘laser AK-47’ that can set fire to targets a kilometre away | South China Morning Post

Red Arrow  China's eerie ghost cities a 'symptom' of the country's economic troubles and housing bubble - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Red Arrow  ‘Most new drugs are from the US and Europe, not China’ – Beijing on the opioid epidemic — RT World News

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Red Arrow  North Korea to erase anti-U.S. propaganda

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Red Arrow  North and South Korea Meet to Reunite War-Split Families | Time

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Red Arrow  Russian MP proposes moving Soviet-era monuments from Poland to save them from demolition — RT Russian Politics News

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Red Arrow  South Korea wants railroad link to Russia through North Korea — RT Business News

Red Arrow Russia to Raise Retirement Age Above Male Life Expectancy

Red Arrow  The Trade War Begins: US Announces Target List On $50BN In Chinese Tariffs; Beijing Retaliates | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime — RT World News

Red Arrow  China's Surveillance State Is Using RFID Chips To Track Cars' Movements | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  STAR WARS? Russia building ‘laser cannon’ capable of blasting targets in space

Red Arrow  China Hacked US Navy Contractor, Stole 614GB Of Submarine Missile Secrets | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Chernobyl contaminating cow milk 30 years after nuclear meltdown - study — RT World News

Red Arrow  Patriotism in Russia at highest level in 18 years – poll — RT Russian Politics News

Red Arrow  Chinese hackers stole US sea warfare data, including on supersonic missile – report — RT World News

Red Arrow  Asia Faces Cascading Crises as Dollar Strengthens - Sputnik InternationalAsia Faces Cascading Crises as Dollar Strengthens - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Americans Evacuate From US Consulate In China After Debilitating Sonic Attacks | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Putin signs law on countermeasures against US & its allies — RT World News | Based on U.S. Corp. Trade War & Sanctions War policies, Putin strategy is to counter sanctions against Russia

Red Arrow  China warns all trade deals are 'void' if US imposes tariffs, other trade measures - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Red Arrow  PressTV-China biggest threat to US in Asia: US admiral

Red Arrow  China Accelerates Next-Gen Nuclear Weapons Development To Compete With US, Russia | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Russia, China Moving Forward to Form Strategic Energy Alliance - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Chinese Firm To Invest $2B In Oil Refinery In Iran |

Red Arrow  China Prosecutes 98 Over Alleged $2 Billion OneCoin Pyramid Scheme - CoinDesk

Red Arrow  China reportedly holding thousands of Muslims in camps

Red Arrow  Farmers in China raising pigs in high-rise "hog hotels" up to 13 floors / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Ex-CIA Officer Charged with Compromising Entire US Spy Network in China

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Red Arrow  Trump Did NOT Convince Kim To Ditch His Nukes. China Did, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review

Red Arrow  North Korea says denuclearization pledge not result of U.S.-led sanctions

Red Arrow  Pentagon Bans Sale of Chinese-Designed Phones On Military Bases - Nextgov

Red Arrow  Fukushima nuclear disaster: Poisoning fears over RADIOACTIVE roads | Daily Star

Red Arrow  Chinese Smartphone Sales Collapse In "Biggest Decline Ever" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Two Koreas Agree to End War This Year, Pursue Denuclearization - Bloomberg

Red Arrow  Severe democracy flaws:' China releases report on human rights in US — RT US News

Red Arrow  70% Of Taiwanese "Willing To Fight" China | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  A Chinese farm produces 6 billion cockroaches a year for medicinal use - Business Insider

Red Arrow  Let It Rain: China Reportedly Building Weather-Control System Larger Than Spain - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  China Viewed From Above - The Atlantic | Interesting photo's of modern day China taken in 2016...

Red Arrow  China can succeed with petro-yuan where Gaddafi failed – killing the US dollar in oil trade — RT Business News | It was very easy to crush Gaddafi monetary policy for Africa, however China as Russia is a Empire and U.S. Corporation will not think of crushing their Monetary Policy...

Red Arrow  Chinese Space Station Crashes Down To Watery Grave In South Pacific | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Chinese Government Forces Residents To Install Surveillance App With Awful Security

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Red Arrow  Why are Investors in China so Eager to Buy US Homes? | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  China Moves to Destroy US Dollar As They Launch the Gold-backed Petro-Yuan

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Red Arrow  30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network with, er, Google search – new claim • The Register (New)

Red Arrow  After 17 years of war, top US commander in Afghanistan admits Taliban cannot be defeated — RT US News (New)

Red Arrow  2 asylum-seeking Saudi women found dead in the United States – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Coup "Imminent" As Crown Prince's Uncle Arrives To Oust "Toxic" MbS | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi executes Indonesia maid who killed ‘abusive’ employer in self-defence – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  MoA - Yemen - After 200,000 Died An Embarrased U.S. Finally Calls For Negotiations (New)

Red Arrow  Nearly $6 Billion Belonging To Dead Libyan Dictator Gaddafi Has Gone Missing | Zero Hedge (New) | Must read - Not surprise about this at all after 7 year of his assassination...

Red Arrow  Turkey Says Saudis Strangled Khashoggi Immediately On Entering Consulate, Dismembered Body | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Saudis demanded good publicity over Yemen aid, leaked UN document shows | Global development | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  How Google Wipes Palestine Off the Map (New)

Red Arrow  Female suicide bomber blows herself up, sparking panic, terror in Tunisian capital (VIDEO) — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Regime Change In Riyadh? The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MbS | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi murder: Britain KNEW of kidnap plot and BEGGED Saudi Arabia to stop | World | News | murder: Britain KNEW of kidnap plot and BEGGED Saudi Arabia to stop | World | News | (New)

Red Arrow  Israel Sells $250Mln Worth of Cutting Edge Spy Systems to Saudi Arabia – Reports - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  The Yemen War Death Toll is five times higher than we think, by Patrick Cockburn - The Unz Review (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi-led airstrike hits civilians at Yemen market | News | DW | 25.10.2018 (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia Says Khashoggi Killing Was "Premeditated Act" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia to invest in Russian-Chinese wealth fund — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Illegal US Presence in Syria Assures Endless War - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  Time to Rethink the Price of Partnering With Dictators - Defense One (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia imposes a travel ban on Khashoggi’s family – Middle East Monitor (New) | Imagine that, killing the father and holding the family hostage...

Red Arrow  Interpol Alert Issued By Turkey For Exiled Journalists President Erdogan Wants To Toss In Jail | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Lawsuit: US Military Contractor DynCorp Accused of “Enslaving” American Employees in Kuwaiti Tent Cities (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi's Body Parts Found? - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  Israel's Defense Chief Says "No Choice But War" As Forces Build Along Gaza Border | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi Remains Reportedly Discovered In Garden Of Saudi Consul General's Home | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi’s body parts found in garden of Saudi consul general’s home – sources — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi coverup scrapped cause Khashoggi 'body double' wore wrong shoes (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Crown Prince Spoke To Khashoggi By Phone Moments Before He Was Killed: Report | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia wants to build a $500 billion megacity that's 33 times as large as New York City. Now it's on shaky ground after a Saudi journalist's death. Jamal Khashoggi disappearance puts Saudi Arabia Neom city in jeopardy - Business Insider (New)

Red Arrow  Foreigners sold net $1.1bn of Saudi stocks in week to Oct 18 – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Dr. Death Reportedly Used Bone Saw to Dismember Khashoggi - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  ‘We seek justice!’ Erdogan talks with Trump, says he'll reveal ‘naked truth’ about Khashoggi’s fate — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi’s Saudi Criticism Made Him a Marked Man | Global Intel Hub (New)

Red Arrow  Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies In "Suspicious Car Accident" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  New York Gala raises $32m for Israel army – Middle East Monitor (New) | This article will help you overstand the fiat money power of the Khazars here raising funds for Israeli Army, along with what the U.S. Corporate State gives the Israeli State...

Red Arrow  US Intelligence Agencies Hold Saudi Crown Prince Responsible for Khashoggi's Death - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  MoA - Saudis Stonewall On Khashoggi But Pressure Will IncreaseMoA - Saudis Stonewall On Khashoggi But Pressure Will Increase (New)

Red Arrow  Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression - The Washington Post (New)

Red Arrow  A Middle East Monarchy Hired American Ex-Soldiers To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War. (New)

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia Threatens Anyone Spreading 'Fake News' Online with 5 Years in Prison, Heavy Fines (New)

Red Arrow  Yemen on brink of 'world's worst famine in 100 years' if war continues | Global development | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Turkey renames new U.S. embassy street 'Malcolm X Avenue' | Reuters (New) | Long live El Hajj Malik El Shabazz...

Red Arrow  Thousands in Pakistan Call for Execution of Christian Woman for Blasphemy - Sputnik International (New) | This is the insanity of religions when there are disagreement on the doctrine of it, in this case Christanity & Islam...

Red Arrow  Land Destroyer: US "Investigates" Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in YemenLand Destroyer: US "Investigates" Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in Yemen (New)

Red Arrow  Turkey claims Saudi dissident was killed, dismembered inside Saudi consulate | (New)

Red Arrow  Wife of Israeli prime minister goes on trial for fraud I'm sure you know her husband very well..

Red Arrow  Senate Unanimously Passes S. Res. 610 To Declassify Tens Of Thousands of Documents on Saudi Arabia and 9/11 - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  Wikileaks: To Weaken Iran, US Undermined Democratic Elements Of Syria Opposition

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia fears US sanctions for buying Russian missile defence system – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Amid Renewed Saudi Offensive 5.2 Million Children in Yemen Now Face Starvation

Red Arrow  Syria, the United Nations, and the Slobodan Milosevic Treatment – Another Day in the Empire

Red Arrow  Raytheon's War Crimes in Yemen - Original

Red Arrow  Bible prophecy fulfilled as 'first red heifer in 2,000 years born in Israel' | Daily Star

Red Arrow  Libya in chaos seven years after NATO's 'liberation', but who cares? — RT Op-ed

Red Arrow  35 Israel soldiers arrested for drug use, trafficking – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Iran arrested ‘tens of spies’ within government - minister — RT World News

Red Arrow  Media Silent as Israeli Interference in the US Political System Continues to Surface

Red Arrow  The U.N. says the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition is committing war crimes in Yemen – VICE News

Red Arrow  On Corrupt Narratives and Choices | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Red Arrow  ‘Iran-linked hackers’ stealing research secrets from dozens of universities in latest cyber-scare — RT World News

Red Arrow  US cancels over $200 million in aid to Palestinians – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Why the United States Will Not Leave Afghanistan Voluntarily | New Eastern Outlook

Red Arrow  Israel intends to kill civilians and medical staff deliberately, says new report – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Israel Revokes Citizenship of ISIS Members After Assisting ISIS

Red Arrow  US-Backed Saudi Airstrike Kills at Least 31 Civilians in Yemen, Mostly Children

Red Arrow  A Saudi-Iran Oil War Could Break Up OPEC |

Red Arrow  How the Media Keeps Americans in the Dark about the Slaughter in Yemen - American Herald Tribune

Red Arrow  UN chief suggests deploying UN-mandated armed forces to protect Palestinians – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Guided Bomb Fragments At Site Of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back To Lockheed Martin | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Dollar dictatorship the foundation of American empire - Iran's Ahmadinejad — RT Business News

Red Arrow  Kuwait wins service contract for US military – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  How Israel's secret service has become the world leader in assassins | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  Egypt Sentences Tourist to Eight Years Jail for Complaining about Vacation Online | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Red Arrow  US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Pakistan election: More than 100 die in bomb attacks on poll rallies - BBC News

Red Arrow  The Starving Children of Yemen | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Red Arrow  Qatar, UAE to join US war in Afghanistan – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Afghanistan: 17 Years of Incompetence, Corruption, and Waste - WhoWhatWhy

Red Arrow  The Myth of US 'Inaction' in Syria | Featured Articles | William Van Wagenen

Red Arrow  Secret US 2006 Gov't Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria By Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections

Red Arrow  On The Path To Failure - U.S. Attempts Violent "Regime Change" In Iran | Moon Over Alabama

Red Arrow  Four Presidents Conspired To Give $100 Billion to Israel - Original | Tried and true photo's of what happen to Libya during Gaddafi’s rule and what the U.S. Fascist Corporation (Thanks to Hilliary Clinton), British & Nato destruction of Gaddafi’s rule and the people of Libya.

Red Arrow  Libya "Before And After" Photos Go Viral | Zero Hedge | Tried and true photo's of what happen to Libya during Gaddafi’s rule and what the U.S. Fascist Corporation (Thanks to Hilliary Clinton), British & Nato destruction of Gaddafi’s rule and the people of Libya.

Red Arrow  Mysterious Deaths Are Happening To People Working To Expose The Armenian Genocide

Red Arrow  Israel Is Now Helping Saudi Arabia Develop Nuclear Weapons

Red Arrow  Israel ‘is selling nuclear information’ to Saudi Arabia – Middle East Monitor

Red Arrow  Saudi Arabia expands crackdown on women's rights activists | Reuters

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Red Arrow  Venezuelans regret gun ban, 'a declaration of war against an unarmed population' - 12160 Social Network (New) | Something that the people here need to take into consideration of the 2nd Amendment and stand on it...

Red Arrow  Child Sex Slave Ring Run by Former Israeli Soldier Dismantled in Colombia (New)

Red Arrow  Canada frees CFO of China's Huawei on bail | Fox Business (New)

Red Arrow  Goodyear Shutters Venezuela Plant, Gives Out Tires As Severance | Zero Hedge (New) | More sad new for the people of Venezuela and Goodyear is not paying any serverance package to these workers...

Red Arrow  Gunman goes on rampage during mass in cathedral, kills 4 & takes own life in Brazil — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Maduro: All Venezuelan Oil Will Be Sold In Petro Cryptocurrency | (New)

Red Arrow  Catastrophic Oil Spill in the Peruvian Amazon Pits State Energy Company Against Local Tribe (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuelan Opposition Urges Bank of England not to Return Gold to Maduro - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Leftists denounce the U.S. protecting its own border with non-lethal tear gas as INVASION wave attempts to breach the border and occupy America – (New)

Red Arrow  Brother of Honduran President indicted on drug trafficking charges in US - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  Haitian President Orders Police & Mercenaries To Kill Protestors – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  Argentina Considering ‘War Crimes’ Charges Against Saudi Crown Prince – GOV'T SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Mexico To Beef Up Border Security After Migrants "Violently" Attempt To Enter US | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Ecuador in Cahoots with US and UK Against Assange - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  Migrants Rush Border in Tijuana, Teargas Deployed, Port of Entry Closed - Mish Talk (New)

Red Arrow  That’s Socialism For Ya: Venezuelan Ex-Treasurer Admits He Took $1 Billion in Bribes – AC2 News (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela requests Interpol arrest warrant for own president Maduro - Business Insider (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela is releasing an ID card that can track and punish citizens - Business Insider (New)

Red Arrow  Brazil's New President Openly Threatens Genocide of Indigenous Amazonians (New) | War has been declared on the Indigenous Amazonians...

Red Arrow  Submarine that vanished with 44 crew is found sunken in Atlantic | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Explores How Cocaine Invaded America (New)

Red Arrow  Marijuana Startup Backed by John Boehner Goes Public in Canada - Bloomberg (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela Calls on UN to Break US Sanctions, Supply Medical Equipment (New)

Red Arrow  Waves Of Caravan Migrants Arrive In Tijuana, Begin Climbing San Diego Border Fence | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow » How ZTE Helps Venezuela Create China-Style Social Control (New)

Red Arrow » NGO Teaching Migrants to Lie to Border Guards (New)

Red Arrow  Google’s “Smart City” in Toronto Faces New Resistance (New)

Red Arrow  Canada’s $1B Satellite Surveillance Project Delayed Thanks to SpaceX - Motherboard (New)

Red Arrow  Guatemala Deployed Armored Jeeps Donated by the U.S. Amid Political Crisis (New)

Red Arrow  Argentina Signs $8.7 Billion Swap Agreement With Beijing To Shore Up Sagging Peso | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  General Dunford: US Troops Won’t Deny Migrant Caravan Entry to America (New)

Red Arrow  Canada Post Leaked Personal Data of Ontario Cannabis Store Customers - Motherboard (New)

Red Arrow  Canada should oust Chinese telecom Huawei, say security experts | The Star (New)

Red Arrow  Maduro Scrambles To Repatriate Venezuela's Gold After Trump Crackdown | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  U.S. Military Lays Barbed Wire in Preparation for the Migrant Caravan (New)

Red Arrow  Break-in Reportedly Attempted At Assange's Residence In Ecuador Embassy | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Bolsonaro: A Monster Engineered by Our Media - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New)

Red Arrow  TASS: World - Cuban leader arrives in Russia on state visit (New)

Red Arrow  TASS: Business & Economy - Venezuela mulls joint projects with Russia, China, Turkey (New)

Red Arrow  TASS: Business & Economy - Venezuela expects to increase oil production to OPEC+ quota in 2019 (New)

Red Arrow  Maduro Discusses Ways to Boost Venezuelan Economic Independence With Russia - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Ecuador Extends State of Emergency Over Influx of Venezuela Migrants - Reports - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela Officially Launches Sale Of Controversial Petro Coin For Fiat, Crypto | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela closes its border with #Colombia…Police halt 2nd migrant group trying to enter Mexico… Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to border – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  New group of migrants leave El Salvador to join other US-bound caravans – Mary Greeley News (New)

Red Arrow  Assange says Ecuador wants to hand him over to US — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Mexico Offers Plan to Keep US-Bound Migrants in Mexico – AC2 News (New)

Red Arrow  Forced Sterilizations in Peru — Paid for by US Taxpayers | Mises Wire (New)

Red Arrow  Ecuador to Hand Over Assange to US? - Stephen Lendman (New)

Red Arrow  5 Things Canada Got Right When It Legalized Pot - (New)

Red Arrow  Honduras's paid caravan 'refugees' exposed as frauds by Venezuela's real refugees (New)

Red Arrow  Hondurans Burn The American Flag As 7,000 Migrants March To Assault The US Border, Women And Children Conspicuously Absent • Now The End Begins (New)

Red Arrow  'DEAR MR. PRESIDENT': One marijuana company has a bold strategy to save American cannabis producers from getting left in Canada's wake | Markets Insider (New)

Red Arrow  Haiti: Nearly a Million People Took to the Streets. They Want the Western-imposed government out of Haiti - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New) | This is long over due for the Haitians and the suffering they have endured since the 17th century rebellion against the French...

Red Arrow  Nicaragua used 'weapons of war' to kill protesters, says Amnesty International | World news | The Guardian | Nicaragua used 'weapons of war' to kill protesters, says Amnesty International | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela Ditches US Dollar, Will Use Euros For International Trade | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation (New)

Red Arrow  Do Mexico’s Cartels Have WMDs? – Disobedient Media (New)

Red Arrow  Manitoba scrambles to prepare for pot legalization | The Star (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela: Suspect in Maduro assassination plot dies in mysterious fall from window - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  Muslims Slaughter Goats In Public Bathrooms At Toronto Hotel That Housed Them For Free (New)

Red Arrow  One in Five U.S. Births Are to Immigrant Mothers, Study Shows (New)

Red Arrow  As Large Groups of Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In, A Majority Have 3 U.S. Destinations in Mind (New)

Red Arrow  Mexican couple accused of killing, dismembering at least 20 women, selling body parts | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  5.9 quake strikes northern Haiti, causing death & destruction — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Reaffirms Asylum for WikiLeaks Founder Assange - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  The CIA Finger in Brasil’s Elections? - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New) | What they do best and U.S. Corporate Deep State wants to blame Russia KGB for interfering with their 2016 Electons...

Red Arrow  Venezuela Has Officially Launched Its Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency | (New)

Red Arrow  How the United States crippled Haiti’s domestic rice industry | Pambazuka News (New)

Red Arrow  How Spanish Mass Media Outlets Manipulate Information - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Here's What Inside Trump's "Historic" Trade Deal With Canada And Mexico | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  US fines Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras $853mn for bribery — RT Business News

Red Arrow  Mexican forces seize control of entire Acapulco police department / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  A Living Example of Political Anarchy - No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime You really don't need an Government overseer, when you do it yourself or self-government...

Red Arrow  Winning The War On Drugs? Colombian Cocaine Output Soars To Record Levels | Zero Hedge There is no such thing as a War on Drugs, why do you think the U.S. Corporation along with the CIA controlled the Golden Triangle at one time, why are they still in Afghanistan today...

Red Arrow  The Physics Of Why Timekeeping First Failed In The Americas

Red Arrow  Ecuador pledged to not kick out Assange, but threat of US prosecution still serious – lawyer to RT — RT World News

Red Arrow  Winning The War On Drugs? Colombian Cocaine Output Soars To Record Levels | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Canada Finds Glyphosate Contamination in Their Popular Food Products

Red Arrow  Military intervention in Venezuela ‘on the table,’ says OAS secretary general — RT World News

Red Arrow  ‘It’s science fiction’: Professor doubts claims of ‘microwave attacks’ on US diplomats in Cuba — RT US News

Red Arrow  Venezuela Plans "Anti-Imperialist" March After Revelation Of US Coup Meetings With Rebel Officers | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Visualizing Argentina's Bank Run In 1 Crazy Chart | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  MoA - NYT Reconfirms U.S. Coup Plot In Venezuela - Adds Pro-Coup Propaganda

Red Arrow  United States Facebook Users Change Their “Relationship” With Social Media - Patriot Rising

Red Arrow  Mexico: 166 human skulls found in Veracruz clandestine mass grave / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  BBC - Travel - The sinking islands of the Southern US A must read for the Gullah Geechee people of South Carolina...

Red Arrow  Argentine President Admits "More Poverty" To Come, Announces Price Controls, Higher Taxes, Smaller Govt | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  WhatsApp ‘suicide’ game: Disturbing ‘Momo’ craze claims lives of 2 Colombian children — RT World News

Red Arrow  Peso Set To Disintegrate After IMF Tells Argentina To Stop Supporting Currency | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Mexico Signs Wall Building ‘Check’ – Nwo Report

Red Arrow  A Short History of America's 'Tamale Wars' - Gastro Obscura

Red Arrow  Argentina crisis: Peso crashes to record low amid IMF plea

Red Arrow  Thieves replace Paraguay police rifles with toy replicas - BBC News

Red Arrow  Maduro Adopts Plan Allowing Venezuelans Save in Petro Cryptocurrency and Gold - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Venezuelans now eating spoiled, rotten meat as electricity collapses –

Red Arrow  Mexican City Legalizes Street Sex: Oasis of Freedom or Hotbed of Violence? - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Murderous Mexico: July Most Violent Ever As Country Descends Into Chaos | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  US Sanctions Against Venezuela Force “Empire Files” to Shut Down

Red Arrow  In Socialist Venezuela the Poor Starve to Death While the Politically Powerful Feast | Mises Wire

Red Arrow  PressTV-Venezuelans rally in support of Maduro’s economic plans

Red Arrow  How Washington and NGOs Manipulated Nicaragua's Death Toll to Drive Regime Change

Red Arrow  Venezuela Slashes 5 Zeros From Currency In "One Of Greatest Devaluations Ever" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Venezuela In Chaos After Maduro Announces Massive 95% Devaluation, New FX Rate Tied To Cryptocurrency | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Mexico Seizes Record 50 Tons Of Meth From Superlab | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Venezuelan Pirates Spread Fear Across The Caribbean | The Daily Caller

Red Arrow  Maduro Plans to Create Agency for Fight Against Colombian Terrorism - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Maduro Claims Perpetrators of Assassination Attempt Hiding in Peru - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Containers of Hurricane Donations Found Rotting in Puerto Rico Parking Lot - The New York Times (New)

Red Arrow  "A Devastating Scenario": Brazil Breaks Own Record For Number Of Murders, Ahead Of Election | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  US Judge Approves Seizure of Citgo, Stealing the Venezuelan Asset

Red Arrow  Fredericton shooting: Four dead including two police in Canada - BBC News

Red Arrow  'A devastating scenario': Brazil sets new record for homicides at 63,880 deaths | World news | The Guardian

Red Arrow  Pesticide Food Poisoning Suspected as 10 Die After Funeral in Peru

Red Arrow  Venezuela Releases Evidence Tying Maduro Assassins to Colombia, US

Red Arrow  TASS: World - Venezuelan leader says two opposition MPs involved in assassination plot — mediaTASS: World - Venezuelan leader says two opposition MPs involved in assassination plot — media

Red Arrow  Venezuelan Opposition Calls for New Presidential Vote After Maduro Drone Attack - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  United States Flubs Assassination in Caracas – Another Day in the Empire

Red Arrow  TASS: World - Probe into attempt on Maduro’s life indicate US were behind - Venezuelan diplomat

Red Arrow  US has nothing to do with alleged attack on Maduro – Bolton — RT US News

Red Arrow  ‘Attempt to destabilize Venezuela’: Moscow condemns attack on Maduro — RT World News

Red Arrow  TASS: World - Bolivian leader says US plotting intervention against Venezuela

Red Arrow  "I’m Totally Freaked Out": Brazil's Elite Fleeing Bloodshed And Chaos - Stock Board Asset (New)

Red Arrow  Record Murders Plague Mexico In First Half Of 2018: "The Figures Are Horrible" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Canadian Malls Secretly Tracked Shoppers' Age, Gender Using Facial Recognition Technology

Red Arrow  ICE Detainee Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Spent 21 Days in Solitary Confinement, Then Took His Own Life

Red Arrow  Mutated HIV strains in Canada may cause quicker illness, study finds | Society | The Guardian

Red Arrow  Venezuela's New Petro-Backed National Currency to Start Circulating in August

Red Arrow  Cuba’s New Constitution Endorses Marriage Equality

Red Arrow  Venezuela heading for 1,000,000% hyperinflation – IMF — RT Business News

Red Arrow  22% of US population does not speak English at home

Red Arrow  Nicaragua: Ortega blames 'satanic sect' for uprising against his rule | World news | The Guardian

Red Arrow  Ecuador Reportedly Preparing To Hand Assange To UK In "Coming Weeks Or Days" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Hispanic-majority Chile imposes tough new immigration measures. MSM won’t report this… – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  US Guantanamo Torture Prison: The Shame of the Nation - Stephen Lendman

Red Arrow  Maduro Accuses Colombian Paramilitary Groups of Infiltrating Venezuela Border - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega leads violent clampdown amid fears of coup, civil war

Red Arrow  US Embassy in Haiti requests more Marines, security personnel amid violence | TheHill

Red Arrow  Mexico's New Leftist President 'Builds A Wall' On Southern Border To Thwart Illegal Immigration | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Samoa has seized all MMR vaccines after deaths of two toddlers - NZ Herald

Red Arrow  Nicaragua: State repression has reached deplorable levels | Amnesty International

Red Arrow  All Hell Breaks Loose in Haiti as Mobs Try to Murder Trapped Americans

Red Arrow  Other Nations Trust America at Their Peril - Stephen Lendman

Red Arrow  How U.S. Involvement In Central America Led To a Border Crisis|AJ+|YouTube

Red Arrow  Incoming Mexican president to seek negotiated peace in drug war | Reuters

Red Arrow  Coca-Cola sucks wells dry in Chiapas, forcing residents to buy water – AC2 News | Another reason why corporations are create more problems than they solve for corporate profits...

Red Arrow  A Mexican Town OVERTHREW Their Local Government And Things Are Going Great


Red Arrow  Foreign Buyers Made Me Do It: Canada Reflects Back on its Housing Bubble | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  Inside The Foiled Coup Attempt That Nearly Toppled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Drugs, Gangbangers, Convicts Enter U.S. Via Mexico as Media Focuses on Shelter Accommodations - Judicial Watch

Red Arrow  Mexican Town's Entire Police Force Arrested Over Murder of Mayoral Candidate - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Hundreds Of Mutilated Skulls Found Under Mexico City Confirm Ancient Tales Of Brutal Human Sacrifice | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Canadian Company Forges Ahead With US Lithium Mine in Former Supervolcano - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  18 mayoral candidates killed ahead of Mexico's July elections, 2 in less than 24 hours | NBC News

Red Arrow  U.S. Embassy in Cuba Sees 25th Victim of Mysterious Attack

Red Arrow  US White Population Declines for First Time as Hispanic, Black, Asian Grows - Sputnik International | It seem that the so called majority id finallt becoming the minority in the U.S.

Red Arrow  Mexican Business Elite, US Government, Brace for Likely Win by Leftist Obrador as Mexico's President | naked capitalism

Red Arrow  Canada to legalize recreational marijuana

Red Arrow  Lacking Birth Control Options, Desperate Venezuelan Women Turn to Sterilization and Illegal Abortion

Red Arrow  Trade-War Drums: Is Mexico Ready to Fire at the US Corn Belt? | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  Colombia, the death squads & the US’ human rights double standard — RT Op-ed

Red Arrow  The Salvador Option: The US Is Once Again Supporting Death Squads in Central America - Original

Red Arrow  Peso Plunges After Mexico Announces Retaliatory Tariffs Against US | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Big Trouble in “Slimlandia”, As Mexico’s Business Elite Press Panic Button – Rigged Game

Red Arrow  It Could Happen Here: Latin America and the U.S. Both Have an Authoritarian Problem (And for the Same Reasons)

Red Arrow  Argentine Bank To Use Bitcoin For Cross-Border Transactions | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Venezuela's Maduro Rejects Trump's Sanctions, Expels Top US Diplomat | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  US Refuses to Recognize Venezuela's Elections Results

Red Arrow  American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty – Investment Watch Blog

Red Arrow  Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election | News | DW | 21.05.2018

Red Arrow  US supports Venezuela's democracy by accusing Maduro of drug profiteering ahead of elections

Red Arrow  US Imposes Fresh Sanctions Against Venezuela's Petro

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Red Arrow  MAJOR FOREIGN HOLDERS OF TREASURY SECURITIES (in billions of dollars) (Research Site) | If you are interested in knowing what countries hold most of the U.S. debt..

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