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Red Arrow  Cops Still Not Charged After Dumping 26 Rounds Into Truck Full of Small Children, Shooting 3 Of Them (New)

Red Arrow  Paul Craig Roberts Slams Dems & Western Media: "It's Open Season On All White People" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Yet Another Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Wounded | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Why some California cops are refusing to answer suicide calls - Los Angeles Times (New)

Red Arrow  Reuters: Prison Guards Skipped Mandatory Checks Before Epstein Death (New)

Red Arrow  Cop "Broke No Laws" When He Went to Innocent Family's Home, Shot Husband Through a Window (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Claim Mocking Man as They Suffocate Him to Death is Part of Their 'Strategy' (New)

Red Arrow  The LGBT mafia turns schools into cult indoctrination centers; all students who challenge transgenderism will be expelled and blocked from receiving an education – (New)

Red Arrow  Liberal media blackout: Chicago hospital had to stop accepting patients as weekend shootings left over 50 dead or injured – (New)

Red Arrow  Flat out, the establishment media is LYING when they claim mass shootings are ALL carried out by young white males – (New)

Red Arrow  Dayton Shooter Died in 2014! Panic Scrubbing of Web! We Caught Them! | Alternative (New)

Red Arrow  Cop Allowed to Quietly Resign After Video Showed Him Smash Woman’s Head in Over License Plate Sticker (New)

Red Arrow  BOMBSHELL: Mass shooting events follow pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times… agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence – (New)

Red Arrow  Post News: Largest housing-fraud case in O.C. history allegedly carried out by mother-daughter duo (New)

Red Arrow  20 Dead, 26 Injured In El Paso Mall Attack, Shooter In Custody | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  9 killed as gunman opens fire in Dayton bar district, hours after Texas massacre — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting – (New)

Red Arrow  From Texas To Missouri To South Carolina To Colorado To Washington State, ANP Readers See The Big Picture (New)

Red Arrow  Angry about no pay, Kentucky miners block train loaded with coal - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  Cop who Died from Accidental Overdose Stole Fentanyl During Traffic Stop - Photography is Not a Crime (New)

Red Arrow  South Dakota will require "In God We Trust" signs in all public schools - YourDestinationNow (New)

Red Arrow  Another Study Confirms…Wait for It: Criminals Break Laws | Patriot Rising (New)

Red Arrow  Dumbing down the population: Study finds that transgender hormone treatments lower IQ – (New)

Red Arrow  Moment DOZENS of 'pedophiles' are arrested in undercover sting operation where deputies posed as minors online to lure them to a Florida home where the cops were waiting - STATIONGOSSIP (New)

Red Arrow  Mesa Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man as He Had a Seizure During Traffic Stop — Lawsuit (New)

Red Arrow  CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces | Breitbart (New)


Red Arrow  Have you spoken at a Chicago Police Board meeting? The police know more about you than you realize. - Chicago Tribune (New)

Red Arrow  Video Shows What Being a Realtor While Black Looks Like in a Police State (New)

Red Arrow  Cops to Be Fired After Executing Sleeping, Disoriented Homeless Man Like a Firing Squad (New)

Red Arrow  Where Is The Feminist And LGBT Outrage Over The "Wax My Balls" Pretend Transgender That Now Wants Host "Topless" Pool Parties For 12 Year Olds With Parents And Guardians Banned From Attending? (New)

Red Arrow  Cops Mistakenly Raid Innocent Family's Home 3 TIMES in Just 4 Months (New)

Red Arrow  1,700 People Indicted, Arrested in Massive Nation-Wide Human Trafficking Sweep (New)

Red Arrow  FBI shines light on now shut down "human chop shop" in Phoenix (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Man Films Cop Breaking the Law, So a Dozen Bully Cops Harass Him and Steal His Camera (New)

Red Arrow  City Announces Cops to Begin Arresting People for Being Homeless in the Wrong Part of Town (New)

Red Arrow  Pennsylvania school district threatens to place children in foster care over unpaid lunches - ABC News (New)

Red Arrow  San Diego City Council Rules Guns Must Be Locked Up, Stowed Away (New)

Red Arrow  Food Shortage Warnings Begin As Tropical Storm Barry Rips Through America's Heartland | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Black Pastors Call on Nike to Sever Relationship with Colin Kaepernick | Breitbart (New)

Red Arrow  Philadelphia is Using a Sonic Weapon on Kids -- To Keep them Out of Parks (New)

Red Arrow  Manhattan Goes Dark: Major Power Outage Hits NYC On Anniversary Of 1977 Great Blackout | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Attacker on Tacoma ICE Detention Center identified as "anarchist and antifascist" (New)

Red Arrow  Paradise, California, Has Lost More Than 90 Percent of Its Residents Since Last Year's Deadly Fire (New) | Please check out the site on more information about Paradise CA...

Red Arrow  Florida Sheriff Deputy Arrested After Planting Drugs on Innocent People – (New)

Red Arrow  Maryland police agencies have for years broken law mandating reporting of excessive force, charges against officers - Baltimore Sun (New)

Red Arrow  Abortion support is the highest it’s been in two decades as challenges mount - The Washington Post (New)

Red Arrow  New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15 (New)

Red Arrow  CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on 'Predictive Analytics' Computer Program To Judge Parents - Big League Politics (New)

Red Arrow  Florida man savaged to death by wild dogs as he takes shortcut home (New)

Red Arrow  Would you pay $1200 a month for a bunk bed in a shared space? Renters in Los Angeles and San Francisco are opting for pods in communal home with a desk, locker and personal TV - YourDestinationNow (New)

Red Arrow  Oklahoma Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting 16-year-old Girl for Oral Sex - Photography is Not a Crime (New) | So who's going to protect us from them(Law Enforcement),,,

Red Arrow  “Good Guys” And “Bad Guys” Are A Hollywood Illusion (New)

Red Arrow  Border Patrol Agents Attempted to Delete Racist Posts (New)

Red Arrow  California Hit By Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake. Expert Says An ‘Even Bigger’ One Could Hit In Days | The Daily Caller (New)

Red Arrow  America's 25 Best Beach Towns | Mental Floss (New)

Red Arrow  It Looks Like Joe Biden’s Son Took A Bribe From A Chinese Businessman | Daily Wire (New)

Red Arrow  Justice Department Settles Discrimination Lawsuit Against an Educational Service Agency in Michigan | OPA | Department of Justice (New)

Red Arrow  Final Defendants Sentenced in Multi-State Dog Fighting Prosecution | OPA | Department of Justice (New)

Red Arrow  Family Sues After Cops Tasered Man Doused in Gasoline, Burning Him to Death (New)

Red Arrow  When President Trump Was Asked About The Epidemic Of Human Feces On Our Streets, Here Is How He Responded... (New)

Red Arrow  Actual demonic energy now channeling out of drag queens as humans morph into creatures from hell, right in front of children – (New)

Red Arrow  Florida couple's front-yard garden legal after 6-year battle (New)

Red Arrow  W. House hopeful Biden's son held at gunpoint during crack buy: report (New)

Red Arrow  Santa Fe school shooting “survivor” David Briscoe wasn’t there | The Texas Tribune (New)

Red Arrow  Cop Arrested After Video Showed Him Beat Man Chained to a Hospital Bed, Then Lie About It (New)

Red Arrow  North Carolina Couple Shells Out $25,000 to Clone Their Pet Cat (New)

Red Arrow  Everyone Needs a Vacation: Maybe Now More Than Ever | Psychology Today (New)

Red Arrow  World's biggest divorce settlement will see Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, pay $38 billion to wife, MacKenzie (New)

Red Arrow  New York City Government Seeks EBOLA Program Manager For 'Short-Term Project' As Congo Migrants Enter Country - Big League Politics (New)

Red Arrow  Oregon will allow undocumented immigrants to get licenses | KATU (New)

Red Arrow  California Ammo Sales Spike As Background Checks Start Monday | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Charlottesville: Neo-Nazi gets life in prison for 2017 car attack | USA News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Illinois Legalizes Weed, will Erase 700K Convictions, Use $57 Million for Debt - Photography is Not a Crime (New)

Red Arrow  Pregnant Woman Who Was Shot Charged for Baby's Death (New)

Red Arrow  Justin Raimondo, RIP (1951-2019) - Original (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Detain Entire Bar, Seal Off All Exits, Force EVERYONE to Submit to Record Check (New)

Red Arrow  Citizens Now Face Up to $500 'Speeding Tickets' for Riding BICYCLES Over 15 MPH (New)

Red Arrow  California Panics about Losing Businesses and People (to Texas): What the Housing Market Fears Most is Cropping Up in the Data | Wolf Street (New)

Red Arrow  Man Storms TSA Airport Security Checkpoint, Injures Five | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Hundreds Of 737 Max Pilots Sue Boeing Over 'Unprecedented Cover-Up" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  FBI warns of foreign actors trying to 'sow discord' in the wake of mass shootings - ABC News (New)

Red Arrow  Feds Say They Plan on Drug Testing Every Single Person Attending Burning Man (New)

Red Arrow  Domi Good: Milwaukee police officer killed by driver with 4 prior DUI convictions (New)

Red Arrow  LGBTQ activists pushing parents to bring children to pride parades: ‘Children can handle the kink’ - STATIONGOSSIP (New)

Red Arrow  New York state approves issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants - STATIONGOSSIP (New) | Despite the uproar of the People of New York State. The corrupt Corporate State still approved issuing driving privileges to immigrants...

Red Arrow  Border Patrol agents fall prey to illnesses plaguing migrant holding centers | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  ICE to remove ‘millions of illegal aliens’ in US, Trump says, scant on details | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  San Francisco may become first major US city to ban all e-cigarette sales | Fox Business (New)

Red Arrow  A millionaire was sentenced to 9 years in prison after a man died trying to build secret tunnels under his home - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  Suspect Charged In Murder Of Former Republican State Senator | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  $1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Philadelphia Port | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Open Fire with Pepper Spray Guns on Children at End of School Skate Party (New)

Red Arrow  Upstate New Yorkers Revolt Against Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens (New)

Red Arrow  Watch what happens when a cop pulls over Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  How Predator Priest John Capparelli’s Wrestling Fetish Led to His Murder Decades After Abuse (New)

Red Arrow  Why Did Michigan Just Drop All Charges in the Flint Water Crisis? (New)

Red Arrow  Alaska Supreme Court rules state sex offender registry law unconstitutional | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms in Red States Ahead of 2020 Election (New)

Red Arrow  This Assange Supporter Excoriating The Press Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day – Caitlin Johnstone (New)

Red Arrow  College Student Went Undercover to Catch Pedophiles and Nabbed a Decorated Cop (New) | So this is where the corrupt Corporate U.S. society has become...

Red Arrow  Desmond is Amazing’s Mother Defends Decision to Allow 12-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid’ to Perform at Gay Bar For Tips – Summit News (New) | This is the degenerate mental sick state of parents in the corrupt Corporate U.S. now...

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: College Loses $11 Million For Sponsoring Racial Protest...And $33 Million More In Punitive (New)

Red Arrow  More Millennials Are Dying 'Deaths of Despair,' Report Says | Time (New)

Red Arrow  Why Are Homicide Rates Spiking in California's County Jails? - Pacific Standard (New)

Red Arrow  VICTORY: Jury Refuses to Convict Activist for Giving Water to Migrants (New)

Red Arrow  Memphis: Mobs Riot After Police Shoot 'Wanted Violent Felon' Who Said Cops 'Gone Have to Kill Me' (New)

Red Arrow  Political Calculations: California's "Staggering" Homeless Count (New) | Not surprising at all and it will get worse...

Red Arrow  Proposed Wisconsin city ordinance to fine parents of bullies - ABC News (New)

Red Arrow  Dangerous Media Blackout On Violence And Harassment On College Campuses Conservative Students & Groups Ignored By The MSM (New)

Red Arrow  California moves to let felons serve on juries – Orange County Register (New)

Red Arrow  Black Cop Who Shot a White Woman Sentenced to 12 1/2 Years in Prison (New) | This article is prime proof of the so called justice in America Black Cop vs White Cop...

Red Arrow  New Cars To Be Equipped With Breathalyzers, Drivers Given Mental Health Assessments (New) | Cars will be equipped to determine your driver ability to operate it. Control of travel is being totally undermining now with a car registered & owned by the state and not you.

Red Arrow  Signed by the Governor: Four New Laws Will Expand Colorado Marijuana Markets Despite Federal Prohibition (New)

Red Arrow  Everett Palmer Jr. Died in Police Custody, Returned Missing Brain & Heart (New) | This is a sad chapter in this lifetime regarding harvesting the body parts of our Indigenous American Men. One of the many tragedy of whats happening to the Bronze men in America.

Red Arrow  Gov. Greg Abbott signs law legalizing hemp production, CBD products in Texas | Texas Legislature | Dallas News (New)

Red Arrow  An hour or two of outdoor learning every week increases teachers' job satisfaction -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  How fathers, children should spend time together: Study dives into factors that could help develop a stronger relationship -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  California Dems agree to full health benefits for many low-income illegal immigrants, in swipe at Trump | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  Beverly Hills Becomes First U.S. City To Ban Sale Of Tobacco Products (New)

Red Arrow  Kim Dotcom Begins Final Supreme Court Battle to Avoid US Extradition - TorrentFreak (New)

Red Arrow  All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin – (New)

Red Arrow  California middle schools now teaching 10-year-olds how to put on condoms, engage in sodomy, and use sex toys – (New)

Red Arrow  Local Bakery Wins $11 Million After Oberlin College Students Labeled It 'Racist' | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Woman Filming Saves Unarmed Man's Life as Cops Nearly Kill Him for 'Fitting the Description' (New)

Red Arrow  Powerful lasers for fragile works of art: Professor Patrizio Antici demonstrates the power and high potential of a new method for analyzing artworks using a laser produced plasma. -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  Commerce Department official killed in apparent murder-suicide: DC police | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  This is what the Left has become: Targeting retarded children for transgender indoctrination – (New) | Our social society has gone mad with this confusion of sexual identity...

Red Arrow  Pastor Said He Was Sucking Demons Out Of Men He Sexually Assaulted (New) | The real demon was the Pastor and he was sucking the Life Force out of these men...

Red Arrow  Eyewitness saw a second shooter firing an "automatic high-powered rifle" outside Route 91 venue on 1 October, FBI documents reveal (New)

Red Arrow  Alabama Lawmakers Pass Landmark Bill Requiring Child Molesters to be Castrated (New)

Red Arrow  Man sought guns, grenades for Times Square attack, feds say (New)

Red Arrow  2 former state senators found dead in Arkansas and Oklahoma within days - CNN (New) | Not much news coverage on these two former state senators, there has be some type of link to these gunshot death or murder...

Red Arrow  Arkansas state Senator Linda Collins-Smith's death being investigated as homicide, state police said today - CBS News (New) | This is worth following up on why were these two former Senators murdered...

Red Arrow  Concerted PSYOP introduces adolecent children to transgender crossdressers on national scale (New) | Another article for referencing: Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime |

Red Arrow  Ring & Law Enforcement Use Walk Lights And Flood Lights To Spread Fear (New)

Red Arrow  YouTube Just Fired the First Shot in a New War on Journalism (New)

Red Arrow  The Rutherford Institute: You’re Under Arrest: How the Police State Muzzles Our Right to Speak Truth to Power | By John W. Whitehead | (New)

Red Arrow  Early-life challenges affect how children focus, face the day -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  People in higher social class have an exaggerated belief that they are better than others: Overconfidence can be misinterpreted by others as greater competence, perpetuating social hierarchies, study says -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  The leader of an international religious organization is being held in the US on charges of human trafficking, child rape and other felonies – GOVERNMENT SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Hertz launches $1,000-per-month car subscription service – GOVERNMENT SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Homelessness jumps 16% in LA; Officials stunned… ‘Unprecedented poverty manifesting itself’… 59,000 LIVE ON STREETS – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  BREAKING: Parkland school shooting was set up to maximize fatalities; County Deputy who stood down has been arrested and charged with child neglect – (New)

Red Arrow  Settlement In Tom Brady Photo Case Leaves Issue Of Copyright On Embedded Images Unsettled | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Oakland Becomes Second City to Decriminalize "Magic Mushrooms" Despite Federal Prohibition | | Tenth Amendment Center Blog (New)

Red Arrow  County that Throws People in Prison for CBD Let Joe Biden's Son Go for Having Cocaine (New)

Red Arrow  Cop-Wannabe Woman who Chased Man Down and Killed him is Claiming Victimhood - Photography is Not a Crime (New)

Red Arrow  52 Shot, 10 Killed as “Summer Violence Season” in Chicago Heats Up (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Woman Strapped to Chair, Beaten & Pepper Sprayed Over Unpaid Traffic Ticket (New)

Red Arrow  Spy Museum Uses Torture to Entice > The Deep State Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Cops Raid Innocent Family, Stop Mom from Breastfeeding for 'Smelling Weed'—They Found None (New)

Red Arrow  Two Contrasting Commencement Addresses a Half Century Apart - (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: 'You Ain't Seen Excessive Force Yet!': Cops Restrain Man and Then Torture Him (New)

Red Arrow  Illinois to Become 11th State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use (New)

Red Arrow  Virginia Beach shooting: 12 killed by 'disgruntled city worker' | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Virginia Beach Gunman Involved In Violent Workplace Scuffle, Resigned Hours Before Shooting | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Virginia Beach Shooting Gives Gun-Grabbers Another Opportunity (New)

Red Arrow  Mark Zuckerberg's personal security chief accused of sexual misconduct (New)

Red Arrow  Vigilantes Helped Steve Bannon’s Group With Private Border Wall Near El Paso (New)

Red Arrow  Federal Appeals Court Rules DEA, Federal Govt. Must 'Promptly' Reassess Marijuana's Illegality (New)

Red Arrow  Mom says test results from forgery suspect’s lab impacted custody battle (New)

Red Arrow  Soros, Wallace Help Bankroll Dark Money Fund Aimed at Midwestern Voters (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Regressive’ CA tire change tax increase bill gets pulled | The Sacramento Bee (New) | If you still live in Cali, it's still not to late for you to leave...

Red Arrow  Taxpayers Shell Out Record $6.75m After Cops Deprived Man of Water for 7 Days Until He Died (New) | Its that Copper color Men cannot receive any fair treatment under a police state...

Red Arrow  Terrifying Video Shows Cop Repeatedly Taser Special Ed Student for Swearing During a Search (New)

Red Arrow  New Website Credder Aims to Fight Fake News, Promote Real Journalism (New)

Red Arrow  Man sets himself on fire near White House (New)

Red Arrow  Roundup lawsuits mount in Minnesota - (New)

Red Arrow  FAA Steps In After Two Liberal Airports Ban Chick-fil-A for ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Stance - Hide Out Now (New)

Red Arrow  ‘An Anti-Semitism Crisis’: NYPD Records Staggering 83% Rise In Hate Crimes - Madness Hub (New)

Red Arrow  The TSA Just Updated Its Rules to Allow CBD Oil on Flights (New)

Red Arrow  Supreme Court Dodges Case Involving Trans Students In Bathrooms - Hide Out Now (New)

Red Arrow  New Florida Law Bans Release Of Mass Shooting Recordings | WGCU News (New)

Red Arrow  A Random Encounter In A Diner On Memorial Day Shows Exactly Where America Is Heading… – End Of The American Dream (New)

Red Arrow  Lawsuit Seeks Answers on Five Men Arrested on 9/11 (New)

Red Arrow  Transportation For America – New report chronicles how the nation’s road conditions have worsened as many states prioritize expansion instead of repair (New)

Red Arrow  • Chart: The Worst Roads in the USA | Statista (New)

Red Arrow  Today a Milkshake, Tomorrow A Brick: Corporate-Backed Political Violence Is Here. - Human Events (New)

Red Arrow  Facebook wants to combat fake news with ID checks – with 'grave implications' for our privacy (New)

Red Arrow  Beekeepers hit hard by thefts of hives (New) | Sign of the Economic times...

Red Arrow  NRA Challenges LA Law Requiring Disclosure Of Ties To The Gun Rights Group: NPR (New)

Red Arrow  Police misconduct: Search discipline records for thousands of cops (New) | Please check out this article, if you interested searching or report police misconduct...

Red Arrow  Great-Grandmother Arrested at Disney World for Having CBD Oil in Purse (New) | This article will surely expose the ridicuious overbearing of so called Law Enforcement in America today...

Red Arrow  Sandra Bland shot cellphone video of Texas trooper arrest | The Texas Tribune (New)

Red Arrow  Florida’s medical police state abducts healthy three-year-old from parents for refusing unnecessary chemotherapy treatments – (New)

Red Arrow  Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns haven’t seen school shootings during school hours – GOVERNMENT SLAVES (New)

Red Arrow  Shock Video: Socialists Turning San Francisco Into a Slum – NewsWars (New)

Red Arrow  Consortiumnews – Volume 25, Number 126—Monday, May 6 2019 (New)

Red Arrow  Ex-State Trooper Convicted Of Involuntary Manslaughter For Tasing A Teen Riding An ATV At 35 MPH | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Schools Are Safer Than Ever, But That's Not Stopping Schools From Buying Social Media Monitoring Software | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Tells Tiny Elderly Man to 'Slap Me' and Then Beats and Arrests Him for Doing It (New)

Red Arrow  Journalist Wanted to 'Lure' and Kill Christians As Revenge for Christchurch Massacre: Prosecutor (New)

Red Arrow  EPA Proposes Re-approving Glyphosate, Ignoring Cancer Risk - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New) | The EPA is not on the people side and will always support the corporatocracy agenda...

Red Arrow  League Rejects Transgender Athlete's Claim to Female Weightlifting Records (New)

Red Arrow  This Is Why A Magnetic Pole Shift Will Present The Scariest Possible Gauntlet For Life Upon Our Planet Earth (New)

Red Arrow  Christian-Phobia At "Near Genocide Levels" Globally: The Threat Is Already Here In The U.S., Hiding In Plain Sight (New)

Red Arrow  Biden's Ukrainian Corruption Scandal Casts Ominous Shadow Over 2020 Run | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Career-ending emails sent to more than 200 Houston firefighters | (New)

Red Arrow  Soros-Linked Group Creates "Fake News" Website List In Latest Globalist Attack Against ANP And Other Independent Media Websites (New)

Red Arrow  N.Y. Food Police Shut Down a 7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand. This Bill Makes Sure They Can’t Do It Again. – (New)

Red Arrow  -Linked Group Creates "Fake News" Website List In Latest Globalist Attack Against ANP And Other Independent Media Websites (New)

Red Arrow  Some idiot torched hives with half a million bees in Texas / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Department of Homeland Security to start DNA testing to establish family relationships on the border - CNNPolitics (New)

Red Arrow  Ghost warrants: US cops routinely arrest people for warrants that were canceled long ago, and lock them up for months before discovering the error / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Amazon Employees Hired and Fired by Robots - Mish Talk (New)

Red Arrow  The Rutherford Institute :: Under Texas Law Banning Offensive Emails, Man Faces a Year in Prison for Criticizing Police | (New)

Red Arrow  Accused California gunman pleads not guilty in synagogue murder, mosque arson - Reuters (New)

Red Arrow  Fox News Channel is top basic cable network in April; CNN ratings plummet | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  Candid black and white images show a gritty New York from its homeless to its hookers a | Daily Mail Online (New)

Red Arrow  Seven of the Most Scenic Ferry Rides in the United States | Travel | Smithsonian (New)

Red Arrow  I've known Julian Assange for 10 Years. His Confinement and Arrest are a Scandal | Opinion (New)

Red Arrow  Calif. Uses Algorithm to Scrub Thousands of Cannabis Convictions (New)

Red Arrow  'Very Fast to Shoot': 911 Call After Officer Amber Guyger Killed Botham Jean Has Been Leaked (New)

Red Arrow  FAKE HATE: Jewish Family 'Staged' Antisemitic Attack Against Themselves, Vandalized Own Business (New)

Red Arrow  Steven Spielberg Calls for Mandatory Holocaust Indoctrination in US Schools | The Project for a New American Government (New)

Red Arrow  The 25 Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time Worldwide | Mental Floss (New)

Red Arrow  White Liberals Share Some of the Same Racist Fears as Trump's Biggest Supporters - Pacific Standard (New)

Red Arrow  Florida Legislature passes anti-Semitism bill for public schools - Sun Sentinel (New)

Red Arrow  In America? Rapper charged with terrorism over controversial lyrics critical of police (New)

Red Arrow  Californias Ultra Rich Liberals Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine (New)

Red Arrow  Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast (New)

Red Arrow  Family Separation Protests Surveilled by Private Firm for DHS (New)

Red Arrow  Synagogue Shooter Also Under Investigation For Attempted Mosque Arson | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Police Misconduct Is Rampant At Least 85,000 Cops Have Been Investigated (New)

Red Arrow  Cops Open Fire on Pickup Truck Full of Children, Shooting 3 of Them, One in the Head (New)

Red Arrow  Boeing Whistle-blowers Told US Authorities About 737 MAX Problems – Reports - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Average College Freshman Reads At 7th Grade Level (New) | So much for getting that undergraduate degree if your reading at a 7th grade level...

Red Arrow  Gunman, 19, in tactical vest opens fire in Cali synagogue, killing one | Daily Mail Online (New)

Red Arrow  Students are now being expelled from schools in America for not having the “correct” views on transgenderism – (New)

Red Arrow  Local Police Receive DHS Grant for Drones to Use in Crime Search and Crowd Control (New)

Red Arrow  'Landmark' Victory for First Amendment as Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-BDS Law (New)

Red Arrow  The Satanic Temple Gets IRS Nod as Official House of Worship - Bloomberg (New)

Red Arrow  Mother Arrested for Letting Child Take Lyft to School – (New)

Red Arrow  Border Patrol is now releasing migrant families directly in Tucson (New)

Red Arrow  Kim Foxx subpoenaed to appear at hearing on Smollett special prosecutor request | Chicago Sun-Times (New)

Red Arrow  MeToo: Handshakes could be banned at work to avoid sexual harassment claims (New)

Red Arrow  Los Angeles Business Owner: “Raw Sewage” in Streets Creating “Health Crisis” – NewsWars (New)

Red Arrow  300,000 Migrants Have Entered Mexico Bound for the US in 2019, Including From Africa, Asia (New)

Red Arrow  What Happened After The Bronx 120 Raid (New)

Red Arrow  FBI raids home, offices of Baltimore mayor over suspicious book sales — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  Nearly 100,000 Unauthorized Immigrants Graduate From US High Schools Per Year: Study - The Political Insider (New)

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Red Arrow  Julian Assange exposed the crimes of powerful actors, including Israel (New)

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Red Arrow  EXCLUSIVE: Former NXIVM Sex Cult Employees: Kirsten Gillibrand's Father And Stepmother, Second Cousins, Were Very Active In Sex Cult - Big League Politics (New)

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Red Arrow  For First Time, Pharmaceutical Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis - The New York Times (New)

Red Arrow  Manning's Bail Denial Shows Prosecutors Need Her Testimony to Imprison Assange - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Amazon returns can be made at Kohl’s starting July (New)

Red Arrow  More Details Emerge on Boy Scouts' 'Perversion Files; Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations - NBC New York (New) | I used to be a boy scouts back in the 60's, my have things changed...

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Red Arrow  Amityville Haunting Psychic Lorraine Warren Made Bank off the Satanic Panic (New)

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Red Arrow  San Francisco: 118,352 Recorded Reports of Public Poop Since 2011 – Summit News (New)

Red Arrow  #SeattleForAll Campaign Tries to Downplay Seattle's Homelessness Crisis (New)

Red Arrow  NYC spent $230M on NYPD settlements last year: report - New York Daily News (New)

Red Arrow  Pentagon Claims 1,100 High Schools Bar Recruiters; Peace Activists Offer $1,000 Award If Any Such School Can Be Found | Washington's Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks – An Average Of 105 Every Single Month – End Of The American Dream (New)

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Red Arrow  Four prisoners dead in six weeks: the crisis unfolding in San Diego county jails | US news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Seattle's Suicide: Drugs And Homelessness Take Their Toll On The City (New) | Please check the YouTube video called "Seattle is Dying"...

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Red Arrow  Hillary Clinton: Assange Must Now "Answer for What He Has Done" (New)

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Red Arrow  Congress Is About to Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax.Congress Is About to Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax.Congress Is About to Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax. (New)

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Red Arrow  Poisoned by lead-contaminated tap water for 2 years, Michigan residents given green light by judge to SUE former Governor who did NOTHING to help – (New) | Great News for the Community of Flint, Michigan

Red Arrow  Natural gas is now so cheap that would-be buyers are being paid to take it away (New)

Red Arrow  US Satellites REVEALED to Have Secretly Approached Russian, Chinese Spacecraft - Sputnik International (New)

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Red Arrow  Silencing the Whistle: The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost (New) | In this time of censorship by major media and social media losing a vital whistle to the public media due to cost is unacceptable but is economic reality...

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Red Arrow  Trampoline parks exploding in popularity, but expert warns of "catastrophic injuries" - CBS News (New)


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Red Arrow  There is a major homeless crisis in California, it is turning into a 3rd world country! – Investment Watch (New) | More the reason why people are leaving Cali.

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Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Student Loans Warping Society, Part 2 (New) | Link to Part 1 article Confessions of a College Professor: Student Loans Warping Society

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Red Arrow  Student who survived Parkland school shooting dies in suicide: report | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  A Secret Database of Child Abuse -- A former Jehovah's Witness is using stolen documents to expose allegations that the religion has kept hidden for decades. As many as 23,720 pedophiles are named in the database. - STATIONGOSSIP (New)

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Red Arrow  Seattle homeless crisis: Historic cemetery overrun with drugs and prostitution amid worsening problem | Fox News (New) | L.A. is no longer the only city with a major homeless problem...

Red Arrow  United Airlines Implements Policy Allowing Customers To Identify As ‘Non-Binary’ | The Daily Caller (New) | The acceptance of transgenderism in the mainstream is being recognize...

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Student Loans Warping Society (New) | Link to Part 2 article Confessions of a Confessions of a College Professor: Student Loans Warping Society, Part 2

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Red Arrow  Officer's Body Cam Fails To Capture Footage Of Woman Shooting Herself In The Head While Her Hands Were Cuffed Behind Her | Techdirt (New)

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Red Arrow  NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For 'Possessing' Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, 'Dissenter' Banned | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Gunman kills 49 in New Zealand mosque shootings / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Illinois House votes to require LGBT history curriculum be taught in schools | TheHill (New)

Red Arrow  PressTV-Historic floods hit US Midwest, leaving 2 dead (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Kills Good Samaritan With Cruiser, Admits to Being on Phone, Then Lies About It (New)

Red Arrow  Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime | (New) | Apparently, some one drop the microphone is this matter and did not do a background check on the participants Drag Queen.

Red Arrow  PressTV-Parking lots offer safe haven for homeless Californians (New)

Red Arrow  Police Finally Test Old Rape Kits and 1,000 Rapists—Who've Been Walking Free—Were Arrested (New) | The fundamental question is... What took them so damn long... Women are a low priority in a Caucasian man world...

Red Arrow  Anti-Gunners Win Case To Potentially Bankrupt Gun Manufacturers in the Court Room - Big League Politics (New) | The Connecticut Supreme Court Judges are in cahoots with the Elite Gun-Control Advocates to allow a Gun Manufacture to be sued on the Sandy Hook massacre. "This decision has opened up a new avenue for gun controllers to exploit in their quest to destroy gun rights in America."

Red Arrow  SPLC Suddenly Fires Co-Founder Over "Personnel Issue" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Louisiana mistakenly sends out $26M in extra tax refunds to 60,000-plus people, official says | News | (New)

Red Arrow  Six common themes unite the Jussie Smollett and college admissions scandals (New) | If you have been informed about these scandals, you might want to read this in-depth article to expand your knowledge...

Red Arrow  FEMA contractor Lipsey Logistics CEO arrested for cocaine distribution that includes kids — FreightWaves (New) | This CEO could faced about 32 years in prison, keep a close eye on this case to actually find out what conviction & sentence the court will place on him...

Red Arrow  Hollywood's 'Captain Marvel' Blockbuster Is Blatant US Military Propaganda | The Grayzone (New) | If the pentagon is still using movies as a propaganda recruiting tool, then they are still trying to indoctrinate young people into these bankster wars.

Red Arrow  Uber Driver Exposes Undercover Cops to Save Lyft Driver From Sting (New)

Red Arrow  The College Admissions Scandal Is A Perfect Example Of How Deeply Corrupt America Has Become (New)

Red Arrow  College scam mastermind Photoshopped students’ faces onto athletes: prosecutors (New)

Red Arrow  A winemaker, a test proctor and a CEO -- These are the people involved in the alleged scam - CNN (New)

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Red Arrow  Homeless beggars are making £200-a-DAY: Adventurer and world record holder Ed Stafford reveals what tramps earn and says he put on 11lb while living on the streets for Channel 4 documentary - STATIONGOSSIP (New)

Red Arrow  Cop's Son Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man in Broad Daylight, On Video—NO CHARGES (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Body Cams 'Go Dark' As Cops Start Beating Up Family, But Dashcam Shows the Truth (New)

Red Arrow  Is Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi a Vatican Sex Slave? (New)

Red Arrow  GoFundMe scammers plead guilty to swindling public out of $550,000 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (New)

Red Arrow  Statewide Rent-Control Laws Cannot Escape the Law of Supply and Demand (New)

Red Arrow  Rape Charges Dropped Against Cops Who Admitted to Sex With Teen They Kidnapped (New)

Red Arrow  Maryland Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Ban State Police from Denying Firearms to Medical Marijuana Users | | Tenth Amendment Center Blog (New)

Red Arrow  Daylight-saving time is deadly: Heart attacks and car crashes spike - Business InsiderDaylight-saving time is deadly: Heart attacks and car crashes spike - Business Insider (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: US Man Detained at Gunpoint for Picking Up Trash Outside His Home - Sputnik International (New)

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Red Arrow  Somali Gangs Battle in Minneapolis; Somalis Demand That Cops Do Something | Unexamined Premises (New)

Red Arrow  Smugglers Force Thousands of Child Migrants Into Prostitution (New) | The state of Adults in the world today have no shame when expoliting children. Who's going to save the children and who can children trust?

Red Arrow  Good Cop Retaliated Against for Refusing to Cover Up Shooting of Innocent Autistic Teen (New)

Red Arrow  Rightsholders Can't Sue Without a Copyright Certificate, Supreme Court Rules - TorrentFreak (New)

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Red Arrow  Snitch Switch: Smart Assistants With “Moral AI” Could Call Police on Owners Who Break Law (New) | The future will be a battleground of Humanity versus AI the machine and crime will not be the only snitch that you'll encounter either...

Red Arrow  New Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Nationwide, Erase Possession Charges (New)

Red Arrow  Reparations and Black Americans' Attitudes About Race (New)

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Red Arrow  No charges for police officers who fatally shot unarmed black man Stephon Clark 'in the back' — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  MSM In "Death Spiral" After Media Hysteria Over Satanic "Momo Challenge Hoax" Creates Viral Panic In Parents And Children (New)

Red Arrow  This is not a HOAX: Monster 13 feet long and 750 pounds alligator found in Southwest Georgia - Strange Sounds (New)

Red Arrow  From Roy Rogers to Infanticide (New)

Red Arrow  Family Raided by Cops, Their Children Kidnapped—for Not Bringing Son to ER for a Fever (New)

Red Arrow  Bad Cops Furious After Judge Orders Records of Problem Police Officers to Be Unsealed (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Gender Studies Under Attack Here…Finally (New)

Red Arrow  Pedophiles are hunting children as young as 5 on Instagram as grooming triples on social media — RT UK News (New)

Red Arrow  Construction Begins On 30-Foot-High San Diego Border Wall | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Freed death row inmate Alfred Dewayne Brown declared innocent | The Texas Tribune (New)

Red Arrow  Calif. student busts prof who said cops 'need to be killed' (New)

Red Arrow  Cop Suspended for Defrauding Man with Alzheimer's Pleads Guilty to Bank Robbery - Photography is Not a Crime (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cop Punches Handcuffed Teen Then Fellow Cop Gets Caught Trying to Delete Video (New)

Red Arrow  California Keeps a Secret List of Criminal Cops But Says You Can't Have It | KQED News (New) | It's obvious now, we are living in a Police State and so-called law enforcement can no longer be trusted. So called citizens need to arm up and provide your own protection. The Federal, State & Local Municipalities are not interested in your well being or welfare anymore. Especially since they are withholding vital information that should be public information.

Red Arrow  FBI, DA's Office Open Investigation Of Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid | Techdirt (New) | Seem as this unethical No Knock raid is causing major problem for Houston PD, I'm sure a suit is on it way...

Red Arrow  More Reports Of 'Gladiator Fights' Surface In California Prisons (New)

Red Arrow  FBI Debuts 'First And Only' Police Shooting Database That Is Neither 'First' Nor 'Only' | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children's Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans - The Vigilant Citizen (New) | All Parents should read this article if you can get through it, I wasn't able to all the photos of children were very disturbing. Please do not dress your loving children with the so-called fashions of NUNUNU & Caroline Bosmans...

Red Arrow  4 reasons why hate-crime hoaxers do what they do - The College Fix (New)

Red Arrow  The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America - The Verge (New) | A very interesting article on what Facebook moderators are expose to web content...

Red Arrow  HATE HOAX: LGBT Activist Charged With Burning Down Own Home In Allegedly Staged Hate Crime (New)

Red Arrow  Owners of Company That Bought Aborted Baby Parts From Planned Parenthood are Arrested | (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: 21 Reasons Why Higher Ed Is BS (New)

Red Arrow  Mayor charged with attempted murder after shooting at SWAT team » Intellihub (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: 12yo Girl Owns Cop for Threatening to Arrest Her for Her Journalism (New)

Red Arrow  Amnesty International: Imperial Tool 2.0 - Stephen Lendman (New) | Thank You Mr. Lendman, I just unsubscribed from their email...

Red Arrow  Julian Assange issued with new Australian passport — RT World News (New) | Hopefully, with the confirm Australian passport this will finally close the case on his extradition to the U.S.

Red Arrow  Houston District Attorney to Review 1,400 Cases Due to Drug Officer Lying - Photography is Not a Crime (New)

Red Arrow  Jeffrey Epstein case: Federal prosecutors broke law, judge says | Miami Herald (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Handicapped Man in a Coma After Cops Mistook His Disability for Resisting & Beat Him (New)

Red Arrow  Student op-ed: White privilege is real ... and you'd better agree! - The College Fix (New)

Red Arrow  Maine Signs Deal For 'Seed-To-Sale' Marijuana Tracking System | Maine Public (New)

Red Arrow  Coast Guard officer accused of plotting to kill Democrats, journalists - POLITICO (New)

Red Arrow  Major companies pull YouTube ads following report of 'a soft-core pedophile ring' | TheHill (New)

Red Arrow  Google Keeps Eating the Newspaper Industry - Bloomberg (New)

Red Arrow  USAID mulls proposal to train aid workers as special forces | Devex (New)

Red Arrow  Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid Apparently Predicated On Drugs A Cop Had Stashed In His Car | Techdirt (New) | This story is a telling truth about those sworn by a Constitutional oath to serve and protect have been a burden to the people. We can no longer trust them and we must now protect ourselves against them. Study the Law and learn your rights as human being not as a citizen against law enforcement.

Red Arrow  Transgender insanity: Police now jailing people for laughing at men in women’s clothes | Blogs | LifeSite (New)

Red Arrow  Serial Pedophile Cop Arrested on 80 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children (New)

Red Arrow  After Innocent Couple Murdered Over Cop's Lies, Houston Police Vow No More No-Knock Raids (New) | The Houston Police need to hold a press conference and admit to the mistake of taken the lives of couple in this No-Knock raid. The family of the that couple should sue the Houston Police...

Red Arrow  Box Office: Winter 2019 Revenue Hits 8-Year Low | Hollywood Reporter (New)

Red Arrow  California’s black market for pot is stifling legal sales. Now the governor wants to step up enforcement - Los Angeles Times (New)

Red Arrow  ICE Issues New Guidance on Petitions for Child Brides (New)

Red Arrow  Maryland judge overturns $37 million awarded to family of woman killed in police standoff - CNN (New) | This fight is not over for the Korryn Gaines Family and her death by the Baltimore police...

Red Arrow  9/11 fund to cut payments to sick survivors by at least 50% | US news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Eminent domain at the border: Texans face a history of abuse | The Texas Tribune (New)

Red Arrow  Houston police officer in drug raid had previous allegations against him - (New) | The truth is coming to the surface now, another corrupt cop under investigation...

Red Arrow  U.S. investigators probing years of WikiLeaks activities: sources | Reuters (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Daughters Coming Home From College With Mustaches Is A Thing Now (New)

Red Arrow  students sue Yale to admit women into male fraternities | Fox News (New)

Red Arrow  LA Drowning In Homeless Street Slums, Filth, Disease (New)

Red Arrow  PressTV-Six US cops shoot rapper dead in his sleep (New) | Another poorly trained Officer thinking his life was in jeopardy shoot first and kill someone who was not committing a crime...

Red Arrow  A Year After Parkland, the School-Security Industry Is Booming - Pacific Standard (New)

Red Arrow  A CALIFORNIA SCHOOL TEACHER SPEAKS – The Burning Platform (New)

Red Arrow  The TSA’s Secret Watchlist for Travelers Who Don’t Kowtow – The Future of Freedom Foundation (New) | Apparently, TSA agent have been assaulted or passengers who are troublemakers are being placed on their secret watchlist.

Red Arrow  SHOCKER: 70 percent of school district’s newest students are immigrants, legal status unknown. – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  Your electric usage / bill may get your house raided. SA Police mistake Cryptocurrency mining rig as marijuana grow room – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: 'Don't Shoot Him!': Cops Disobey Sgt, Shoot Two Unarmed Men and Get Away With It (New)

Red Arrow  California Nightmare: Over Half Of The People Living In The State Wish They Could Leave (New)

Red Arrow  Study Shows Concealed Carry Permit Holders Break Laws Far Less Than Cops (New)

Red Arrow  NM Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce 6 Outrageous New Gun Control Bills (New)

Red Arrow  Tulsi Gabbard Is Driving The MSM Crazy – Consortiumnews (New)

Red Arrow  Tulsi Gabbard Wants to Legalize Marijuana, Punish Big Pharma and End Private Prisons (New)

Red Arrow  'New Normal': ICE Arrested 200 Illegals In North Carolina Last Week - Big League Politics (New)

Red Arrow  Cory Booker looks to shake his reputation for drug industry coziness (New)

Red Arrow  Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes – End Of The American Dream (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Accuse Innocent Woman of Stealing Her Own Car, Smash Her Into the Pavement (New)

Red Arrow  Pot is legal in 10 states, but the industry still can’t use banks. Will Congress change that? (New)

Red Arrow  Lessons From 'SeattleSnowpocalypse' Chaos - Worried About A Weekend, When They Should Be Prepared For Supply Lines To Be Interrupted And Grocery Store Shelves To Remain Empty (New)

Red Arrow  IHS Doctor Abused Native Kids for Years as Feds Did Nothing (New)

Red Arrow  More Than Half Of Homes In These Zip Codes Are "Seriously Underwater" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  9 Reasons Not to Give Your Kids Toys Made in China (New)

Red Arrow  Yale editor chillingly urges fellow Yalies to act as a 'Stasi' to monitor white males | American Thinker (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: Seminar: Fight White Supremacy By Not Grading On Quality (New)

Red Arrow  How to Legalize Cannabis Throughout US – Consortiumnews (New)

Red Arrow  BREAKING: Surveillance video captures FBI directing CNN camera man at Roger Stone raid; it’s all THEATER – (New)

Red Arrow  Senator Files '420' Marijuana Bill To Legalize It Federally (New)

Red Arrow  After No-Knock Raid Goes Horribly Wrong, Police Union Boss Steps Up To Threaten PD's Critics | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Abuse of Force: Body camera video shows man tased 11 times by Glendale officers (New)

Red Arrow  "WTF Is Going On In Downtown LA?": Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Spiritual “guru” of Brazil “ran sex slave farm” and sold off human babies in auctions, stunning investigation reveals –< (New)

Red Arrow  ‘She voluntarily took her top off’: Judge blames 13yo for 67yo paying her for sex acts — RT USA News (New) | This is kind of sexual behavior of the society especially with Caucasians and the exploitation of their young girls...

Red Arrow  Civil forfeiture: Police defend SC's system, say seized cash is vital (New)

Red Arrow  We Can Reverse Death - Now What? | •  Article | Blog | Posts (New)

Red Arrow  Investigating Cop Who Tasered Little Girl in the Back is Now a "War on Cops" According to Police (New)

Red Arrow  Kellogg's Ends Animal Testing After 65 Years (New)

Red Arrow  Woman who accused John of God cult leader of rape mysteriously kills herself at Spanish home

Red Arrow  Woman behind the arrest of John of God takes her own life | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  TSA agent suicide at Orlando International Airport causes delays | Miami Herald

Red Arrow  For Display of 'Uninhibited Racism,' Demand Grows for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's Immediate Resignation

Red Arrow  Marine Vet Films Traffic Stop From His Porch; California Cop Gives Him a Concussion - Hit & Run : (New)

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: Appeals Court: Police do not need a reason to place Americans on a Suspicious Person List

Red Arrow  'They Did Not Deal Drugs': Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story

Red Arrow  The Cops Were the Aggressors in This Week's Deadly Houston Drug Raid - Hit & Run :

Red Arrow  Lindsey Graham Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Justification For Pre-Dawn Raid on Roger StoneLindsey Graham Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Justification For Pre-Dawn Raid on Roger Stone

Red Arrow  More Than Two Years After It Took Them, The FBI Still Won't Return Family Videos Seized During A Raid Of A Security Researcher's Home [UPDATED] | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Huge Sex Trafficking Bust in California Nets Hundreds of Arrests - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  Teenager Who Sold His Kidney for an iPhone is Now Bedridden for Life

Red Arrow  California Cops Continue To Pretend New Public Records Law Allows Them To Erase Years Of Past Misconduct From The Record | Techdirt

Red Arrow  FBI: Las Vegas gunman sought infamy, influenced by father’s memory | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Red Arrow  Calif. board of trustees scraps Pledge of Allegiance over 'white nationalism' history (UPDATED)

Red Arrow  Suicide rate among active-duty Marines at 10-year high - CNNPolitics

Red Arrow  Despite Health Risks, U.S. Military Will Burn Firefighting Foam

Red Arrow  Christian Missionary Illegally Enters Land of an Uncontacted Tribe

Red Arrow  Snopes Refuses To Correct Nathan Phillips "Stolen Valor" Fact Check; Google, Facebook Promote Disinfo | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Amelia Earhart discovery? Researchers eye Papua New Guinea 'wreck site' | Fox News

Red Arrow  The Accidental Invention of Bubble Wrap | Innovation | Smithsonian

Red Arrow  Secret Tragedy of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last March, Revealed in Preston Lauterbach's 'Bluff City'

Red Arrow  58,000 Non-U.S. Citizens Voted in Texas State Elections, Attorney General Paxton Says - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Red Arrow  Media Implosion Occurring Now As Liberal Media Outlets Start Attacking Each Other - The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Was The Attack On The Covington Teens

Red Arrow  Nurse arrested over US care home patient pregnancy - BBC News

Red Arrow  Booze Good, Weed Bad: CBS Blocks Marijuana Super Bowl Commercial

Red Arrow  University Defends Radical Professor Who Made Anti-White Remarks - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You: The DNA ‘Magic Box’

Red Arrow  Pope Francis unveils new 'Click to Pray' app

Red Arrow  Famous College Prep School Exposed As Fraud…And Reveals Fraud At Elite Universities | Confessions of a College Professor

Red Arrow  MSM Begs For Trust After Buzzfeed Debacle – Caitlin Johnstone

Red Arrow  New York Imam: Wife-Beating Is Permissible…But Only To Hurt Her Dignity (VIDEO) | Creeping Sharia

Red Arrow  Local hemp manufacturer claims $500K-worth of legal hemp confiscated in Oklahoma | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report

Red Arrow  Child drag queen poses next to almost-naked adult counterpart, but mother says boy not sexualized — RT World News

Red Arrow  Army Struggles To Reach Generation Z, Tries Recruiting At Video Game Tournaments | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Georgia TA: 'Some white people may have to die...'

Red Arrow  Mainstream Media Is Now Killing People Directly – Caitlin Johnstone

Red Arrow  New Bill Will Fine Parents $10,000 for Smoking With a Child in Their Car

Red Arrow  Proof Gun Laws Don't Work: Man Who Murdered California Cop Had Guns Confiscated Last Year

Red Arrow  Cop Gets Just 90 Days in Jail for Horrific Child Porn as Man Selling Weed Gets 5 YEARS

Red Arrow  The American Psychological Association Issues New Guidelines That Say “Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys” – End Of The American Dream

Red Arrow  Nobel Prize-Winning DNA Pioneer James Watson Stripped Of Titles For Insisting Race And IQ Are Linked

Red Arrow  Davis officer shooting: Gunman said police hit him with 'sonic waves' - CNN

Red Arrow  Why Do People Play Games in Relationships? | Wake Up World

Red Arrow  2019 Astrology Forecast – The Silent Revolution: Healing Our Collective Karma | Wake Up World

Red Arrow  Mother-of-four removes her son, 15, from school and plans to teach him at home after his academy banned children from talking in the corridors - Madness Hub

Red Arrow  US Navy submarine captain relieved of duty and DEMOTED after paying 10 prostitutes to come to his hotel while his vessel was docked in the Philippines - Madness Hub

Red Arrow  Jailed for touching child - Kelowna News -

Red Arrow  Police charge 30 'violent Bloods gang members' over 169 felonies after raids across Atlanta | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  Awkward! WikiLeaks calls out US concern for journalists with reminder of Collateral Murder video — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  Confessions of a College Professor: The 10 Most Important Events in Higher Ed Of 2018

Red Arrow  WikiLeaks’ Assange should surrender to UK rather than stay at embassy indefinitely – Ecuador FM — RT World News

Red Arrow  Assange Insider: Julian Is Isolated In Deep State Supermax Prison | GOVERNMENT SLAVES

Red Arrow  Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory against InfoWars, Alex Jones - ABC News (New)

Red Arrow  Tucker Carlson Routs Conservatism Inc. On Unrestrained Capitalism—And Immigration, by Washington Watcher - The Unz Review

Red Arrow  ANOTHER Accusation Against Democratic Donor Ed Buck for Preying on Young Black Men - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  The Rise Of Socialism: Standing On The Shoulders Of Morons | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  The Ongoing Effort by the Corporate State to Kill Alternative Media – Another Day in the Empire (New)

Red Arrow  A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media

Red Arrow  How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media

Red Arrow  Starbucks workers petition for needle-disposal boxes in bathrooms - Business Insider

Red Arrow  10 Reasons for America’s High Divorce Rate

Red Arrow  Boom, Boom, Boom! M6.1, M6.8 and M6.6 earthquakes hit Alaska, Brazil and Indonesia within 24 hours - Strange Sounds

Red Arrow  Is the 'midlife crisis' a real thing? (New)

Red Arrow  Phoenix PD obtain DNA samples from Hacienda HealthCare staff week after vegetative patient gives birth | Hacienda Healthcare |

Red Arrow  'I'm Going to Shoot It': Infuriating Video Shows Cop Shoot a Tiny 9-Pound Dog

Red Arrow  An 'accidental' death? Protests break out outside home of Democratic donor, after body found inside — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  Second Man Found Dead In West Hollywood Home Of Major Democratic Donor Ed Buck | HuffPost

Red Arrow  Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly 50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking Owners With Debt | GOVERNMENT SLAVES

Red Arrow  Men face MORE discrimination than women according to new research — RT World News

Red Arrow  3 dead, 4 injured in bowling alley shooting near Los Angeles – police — RT USA News

Red Arrow  Atlanta Prosecutor Sues DOJ For Blocking Investigation Of Incident Where Cops Shot A Man 59 Times | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Teen killed filming fake fire-arm stand-off for internet ‘challenge’ — RT USA News

Red Arrow  Murders In Washington, D.C. Jump 40% In 2018 | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  AP Exclusive: Big jump in US Catholic dioceses naming names

Red Arrow  Texas indicts Cody Wilson on multiple counts of sexual assault of a minor | Ars Technica

Red Arrow  For-profit college cancels $500M in student debt after fraud allegations

Red Arrow  WATCH: Good Cop Honors Oath to Constitution, Stops Bad Cop Who's Tasing a Man for His Free Speech

Red Arrow  Thieves use bulldozers to steal $2.3 million from armored van on highway / Boing BoingThieves use bulldozers to steal $2.3 million from armored van on highway / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Burning Car Carrier Abandoned In Pacific Ocean; Two Missing, Three Confirmed Dead | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  LA school won’t explain mysterious $782,000 payout to former superintendent, as auditors call for fraud investigation

Red Arrow  How Gun Buybacks Both Enable Criminals And Fleece Taxpayers - Free Market Shooter

Red Arrow  Are We Witnessing The Last Generation Of Real Men? A Nation Full Of 'Soy Boys' & Feminazis Is Doomed For Extinction

Red Arrow  WATCH: Disabled Veteran Ripped from Wheelchair, Pepper Sprayed for Questioning Walmart ID Policy

Red Arrow  Swamp Draining Itself? Top DoD Officials Pack Their Bags Ahead of New Year - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  REPORT: DA Never Interviewed Cop Before Justifying Murder of Innocent Dad in Raid on Wrong Home

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Afrika News Information Site's

Red Arrow  1,800 dead as malaria 'epidemic' rages in Burundi: UN | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  41 Sudanese intelligence agents accused of murder – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  Pentagon Study Shows Violence Has Skyrocketed in Africa (New)

Red Arrow  W.H.O. Declares Congo Ebola Outbreak A Global Emergency | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  China in Africa: The Two Sides of the Coin | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  "Massive Loss Of Life": 3,500 Deaths As Simultaneous Ebola & Measles Outbreaks Hit Congo | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Sudan’s protesters claim victory after power-sharing deal with military council — RT Newsline (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa: Targeting the Homeless - Rights Body Wants Answers From City of Cape Town - (New)

Red Arrow  "Malawi Day" event kicks off at Beijing horticultural expo - Xinhua | (New)

Red Arrow  NATO’s 2011 Intervention in Libya Irreversibly Destabilised the World (New)

Red Arrow  A new cold war in Africa | China | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  UN Caught Sending 24,000 Tons of Infested and Rotten "Aid" to Starving Yemenis (New)

Red Arrow  'Female leadership trust advantage' gives women edge in some crisis situations -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  Environmental destruction linked to African population raises questions about family sizes -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  Ethiopia’s army chief shot dead – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  Tanzania: Public Put On Ebola Alert - (New)

Red Arrow  Angola: Africa's Richest Woman Makes Offer to Buy 25.6% of Oi Brazilian Telecom - (New)

Red Arrow  Uganda: 100 Babies Dead - NGO Wants U.S. Missionary Prosecuted in Virginia - (New)

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe: Zim Runs Out of Arvs, Fails to Unlock US$400 Million - (New)

Red Arrow  Dozens killed in major Boko Haram attack on Cameroon island | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  WATCH: ‘Sangomas’ eat a dead cow raw – The Citizen (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa: Young Women in Soweto Say Healthy Living Is Hard. Here's Why - (New)

Red Arrow  Angola: More Than 11,000 Inmates in Pre-Trial Detention - (New)

Red Arrow  Boko Haram attack kills at least 26 in Cameroon (New)

Red Arrow  A Leader Must Rise Up In Self-Defence! (New)

Red Arrow  Sudan: 'Several killed' on first day of civil disobedience | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Libya's Migrants and Refugees With Tuberculosis 'Left to Die' in Detention Centres - (New)

Red Arrow  'Parle vous français?' City searches for French speakers as hundreds of Congolese asylum-seekers head to SA | (New)

Red Arrow  Extreme heat to hit one third of the African urban population -- ScienceDaily (New)

Red Arrow  The working class must change the world for all humanity | Pambazuka News (New)

Red Arrow  On Walter Rodney: Pan-Afrikanism, Marxism and the next generation | Pambazuka News (New)

Red Arrow  What is authoritarian populism and why should it be combatted? | Pambazuka News (New)

Red Arrow  Countries propose a treaty to end corporate impunity | Africa Renewal (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola outbreak in eastern DRC reaches 2,000 cases (New)

Red Arrow  Russia demands Tinder give user data to secret services (New)

Red Arrow  Sudanese security forces launch deadly raid on camping protesters, at least 13 killed – reports — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Dire Warning Comes To America From Black Hole Of Rebellion, Recession And Revolution (New)

Red Arrow  The Congo Dandies: Living in Poverty and Spending a Fortune to Look Like a Million Dollars – Investment Watch (New)

Red Arrow  Congo Ebola outbreak exploding, right on schedule… hospital workers flee – (New)

Red Arrow  African Union gives Sudan army 60 days to hand over power – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  Record 26 Ebola deaths in DRCongo in a single day (New)

Red Arrow  It's Looking Like Another Failed Coup Attempt by the US and Its Puppet Guaidó in Venezuela - This Can't Be Happening! (New)

Red Arrow  Sharp increase in Congo Ebola deaths as medical teams hit by attacks | National | (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola Doctors In Congo Are Threatening A Strike At The Worst Possible Time | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Billions In African Gold Being Smuggled Through UAE By Crime Syndicates: Report | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  World’s First Malaria Vaccine Begins Pilot Program in Malawi - EcoWatch (New)

Red Arrow  Congo's Ebola response threatened by conspiracy theories, rumors (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola worker shot dead at hospital in eastern DR Congo (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola Outbreak in Congo Is Close to Becoming a Global Emergency (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola in Congo: assailants attacked facilities treating patients — again - Vox (New)

Red Arrow  South Africa’s economic & social decline the worst of nations not at war — RT Business News (New)

Red Arrow  Sudan's Omar al-Bashir forced out in coup: Live updates - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  Sudan's Omar al-Bashir Reportedly Driven From Power After 3 Decades | Pan-African News Wire (New)

Red Arrow  Julian Assange Arrested by British Police After Ecuador Withdraws Asylum | Pan-African News Wire (New)

Red Arrow  WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Charged With Computer Hacking | Pan-African News Wire (New)

Red Arrow  Pentagon orders troops to leave Libya which it helped destabilize, laments ‘security conditions’ — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Congo Ebola outbreak spreading faster than ever: WHO | Reuters (New)


Red Arrow  Many in Ebola outbreak don’t believe virus is real: study (New)

Red Arrow  Venezuela returns to 'Middle Ages' during power outages (New)

Red Arrow  Cheap shot: Rebels attack medical centers to help spread Ebola in Congo (New)

Red Arrow  EBOLA CRISIS: Outbreaks hit 1,000 cases as 600 killed - medical centres ATTACKED | World | News | (New)

Red Arrow  New Report Reveals US Airstrikes Killed at Least 14 Civilians in Somalia (New)

Red Arrow  'Scores killed' after attack in central Mali village | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  China-Africa Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Africa Sees the Way Forward - Global Research | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New)

Red Arrow  Rwanda First To Create Nationwide DNA Database (New) | Once again African countries such as Rwanda are being used to implement a global elitist agenda...

Red Arrow  Ebola outbreak spreads to new city in conflict-hit Congo | News | DW | 21.03.2019 (New)

Red Arrow  Kenya: Govt, China Talks on U.S.$3,7 Billion Railway Loan Underway - (New) | Its seem once again that so called african nations like Kenya are putting themselves in a disadavantage with loans. This time its China...

Red Arrow  US Killing Civilians With 'Impunity' in Hidden War on Somalia: Report (New)

Red Arrow  For Africa, Chinese-Built Internet Is Better Than No Internet at All – Foreign Policy (New)

Red Arrow  "A Massive War On Autopilot" - US Airstrikes Surge In Secret War In Somalia | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Death toll in Mozambique could surpass 1 000, massive destruction reported (New)

Red Arrow  Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks | Breitbart (New)

Red Arrow  The Dogs of War Sniff Out Mission in Central Africa | The American Conservative (New)


Red Arrow  Ethiopian Airlines flight crashes, killing 157; plane same model as jet in Lion Air crash, Africa News & Top Stories - The Straits Times (New)

Red Arrow  Ebola Epidemic in DRC Out of Control as Death Toll Rises – MSF - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Whites should serve Blacks’: Controversial statements by South African party leader trigger DEBATE — RT World News (New) | What a interesting dynamic...

Red Arrow  Remembering Kwame Nkrumah: Africans’ Last Chance for True Equality | New Eastern Outlook (New)

Red Arrow  Sudan’s Bashir to form new government to address local issues – Middle East Monitor (New)

Red Arrow  More Ebola in DRC as nurse's murder halts efforts in Vuhovi | CIDRAP (New)

Red Arrow  Women in Congo forced to pay for Ebola vaccine with sex – reports — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow 

Red Arrow  South African EFF Party Issues Manifesto in Bid to Crush 'White Monopoly Capital' - Sputnik InternationalSouth African EFF Party Issues Manifesto in Bid to Crush 'White Monopoly Capital' - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Brutal Attacks on White South African Farmers Soared in 2018 – Report - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Car bomb attack in Somalia's Mogadishu kills at least 11 people | News | Al Jazeera

Red Arrow  Amid Civil Unrest, Internet Shutdowns are Making Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis Worse

Red Arrow  Boko Haram killed dozens in Monday's attack in Nigeria: Amnesty | Nigeria News | Al Jazeera

Red Arrow  South Carolina Cops Love Asset Forfeiture So Much They Take Cash From Crime Victims | Techdirt

Red Arrow  US army says at least 24 al-Shabab members killed in air strike | Somalia News | Al Jazeera

Red Arrow  Cameroon Military Arresting, Trying, And Jailing Journalists On 'Fake News' Charges | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Malawi Private Universities Offering Law Degree Ordered to Stop - -Ombudsman -

Red Arrow  Nigeria: War Against Corruption - Angry Nigerians Storm U.S. Embassy Over Alliance -

Red Arrow  Mozambique: Polio Vacination Campaign to Target 700,000 Children -

Red Arrow  Africa: Riyadh Releases Ethiopian-Born Billionaire It Held Since 2017 -

Red Arrow  South Africa: We Have Forgiven Zuma, Says Malema - (New)

Red Arrow  Africa: The Time for Silence is Over -

Red Arrow  Nigeria: Fulanis Cry Out, Say Over 3.7 Million Cows Stolen in 4 Years -

Red Arrow  Nigeria: Fulanis Cry Out, Say Over 3.7 Million Cows Stolen in 4 Years -

Red Arrow  CBS News Slammed for Lack of African-Americans on Political ‘Embed’ Team | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  ANC Says Reserve Bank to Be Nationalized | Pan-African News WireANC Says Reserve Bank to Be Nationalized | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa: SA Expected to Block Us Move At UN Meeting to Recognise Juan Guaido As the Leader of Venezuela -

Red Arrow  Africa: Who Issues Warning Over Ebola Outbreak Across the Region -

Red Arrow  Multi-Million Dollar Project to Support Africa-Led Climate Science Research -

Red Arrow  Africa: Are Rwanda and South Africa Irreconcilable? -

Red Arrow  Libya: Displaced Population Can't Go Home -

Red Arrow  Financing Africa's Healthcare -

Red Arrow  Portland Awards Grants to African American-owned Cannabis Companies | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Nigeria finds more than 20,000 kidnapped girls in Mali | Nigeria News | Al Jazeera

Red Arrow  Kenya to arm private security guards after al-Shabab attack | News | Al Jazeera

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe blocks Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter amid crackdown - BBC News

Red Arrow  America’s Other Endless War: Battling al-Shabaab in Somalia - WSJ

Red Arrow  Protests Erupt As Zimbabwe Now Has The Most Expensive Gasoline In The World | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Murder of Russian journalists in Africa linked to secretive mercenary group they were investigating, reports claim

Red Arrow  Teachers Ignore Strike Call | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  ‘First Lady Has No Apology on Meeting Doctors’ | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Congo-Kinshasa: The DRC's Election Was Flawed. but It Still Offers Signs of Hope -

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Doctors' Strike Continues As Teachers Promise Fireworks on Day One of 2019 School Year | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Doctors Divided Over Strike... As Some Resume Work at Hospitals Countrywide | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coup Attempt in Gabon Is Thwarted, Government Says | A still from video of soldiers on Gabon state radio on Monday. “The army has decided ...' | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe's Hospitals Turn Away Patients as Doctors' Strike Drags On | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Harare Left With 18 Months Water Supply | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  U.S. Based "Human Rights" Grouping Attempts to Make Case for DRC Coup Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila's | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Imperialist Governments, Catholic Church Seek to Install Oil Executive as Leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo | Pan-African News Wire

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Asia News Information Site's

Red Arrow  Hong Kong On The Edge: Chinese Troops Gather In Shenzen; 100s Of Flights Cancelled Over Protester "Terrorism" | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  China builds more secret ‘re-education camps’ to detain Uighur Muslims despite global outcry over human suffering | The Independent (New)

Red Arrow  As police scrutiny tightens, Hong Kongers use Tinder and Pokemon Go to organize protests / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  Over 300 people arrested in Moscow protests calling for fair elections - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  North Korean soldier defects to South across demilitarised zone | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Chinese "Cyber-Dissident" Sentenced To 12 Years For Publishing State Secrets | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  "Plans Already Implemented": Russia Warns US Will Unleash 'Space Arms Race' | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  1,400 arrested at Moscow election protest: monitor (New)

Red Arrow  US Puppet Wants Help Making Thailand Like America - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization (New)

Red Arrow  Huawei, China, industrial espionage, Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese influence operations | Homeland Security Newswire (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong protests: Night of violence shocks city after seventh week of mass marches - CNN (New)

Red Arrow  North Korea Accuses Expelled Australian Student of Spying - The New York Times (New)

Red Arrow  PressTV-Russia's Putin says NATO responsible for Libya chaos (New)

Red Arrow  PressTV-Russia intercepts US spy plane over Black Sea (New)

Red Arrow  Philippines faces call for UN inquiry into war-on-drugs killings | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Core Hong Kong Protesters 'Prepared To Die For Their Cause' During Riots | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  India’s Largest Telecom Provider Jio Join Hands with Facebook to Launch Digital Literacy - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Putin on Guaido's Appeal to God: Time to Get Back to Reality - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Putin signs law suspending INF treaty with US — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Electrical Engineer Convicted of Conspiring to Illegally Export to China Semiconductor Chips with Missile Guidance Applications | OPA | Department of Justice (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong's Defiant Chief Executive Condemns Storming Protesters, Ensuring Further Confrontations | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Trump meets Kim at DMZ, becomes first president to visit North Korea - The Washington Post (New)

Red Arrow  MoA - How Russia's President Putin Explains The End Of The 'Liberal' Order (New)

Red Arrow  Huawei employees worked with China's military on AI systems and internet surveillance / Boing Boing (New)

Red Arrow  The West's Losing Battle for Hong Kong | New Eastern Outlook (New)

Red Arrow  Land Destroyer: US NED-Funded Meddling Exposed in The Philippines (New)

Red Arrow  China warns ‘black hand’ of Western meddlers to stay out of Hong Kong — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  ‘Age of digital terrorism’ is coming, impact may be as dangerous as WMDs – Moscow — RT Russia News (New)

Red Arrow  China Unveils New Radar System To Detect US Stealth Jets | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong leader offers 'most sincere apology' as bill may expire | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong Just Showed the World How to Hold a Peaceful Protest (New)

Red Arrow  Lam In Limbo As Tensions Between Hong Kong Protesters, Beijing Intensify | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong throng: Protesters want leader Lam to quit | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  Hundreds of thousands rally in Hong Kong in new march against extradition (New)

Red Arrow  Chinese company making F-35 parts?! Embarrassing ‘discovery’ further erodes ‘Huawei spying’ hysteria — RT World News (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong leader delays extradition bill, protesters want more | News | Al Jazeera (New)

Red Arrow  The American Dream Is Alive and Well—in China | WEB OF DEBT BLOG (New)

Red Arrow  China Launches Probe Into FedEx Over Misrouted Huawei Packages - Reports - Sputnik International (New)

Red Arrow  Huawei has 56,492 patents, and it’s not afraid to use them - Los Angeles Times (New)

Red Arrow  US gov narrative blaming Iran for oil tanker attacks falls apart in hours | The Grayzone (New)

Red Arrow  Russia To Ban VPN Providers That Refuse To Aid Censorship | Techdirt (New)

Red Arrow  Prosecutors dismiss all charges in Flint water scandal, probe to start over — RT USA News (New)

Red Arrow  US Officials Say Tanker Crew "Detained" - While Russia Thanks Iran For "Rescuing" Its Nationals | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  China's Father of Electric Cars Says Hydrogen Is the Future - Bloomberg (New)

Red Arrow  The Dark Side to China's Smart Cities: Everyone's Being Watched | Fast Forward | OZY (New)

Red Arrow  Leaked documents reveal Russian effort to exert influence in Africa | World news | The Guardian (New)

Red Arrow  Chinese Exporters Dodge US Tariffs With Fake 'Made In Vietnam' Tags | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  North Korean Leader's Assassinated Half-Brother Was A CIA Informant: WSJ | Zero Hedge (New)

Red Arrow  Washington's "Tiananmen" Lies Begin to Fray | New Eastern Outlook (New)

Red Arrow  Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill - BBC News (New)

Red Arrow  Hundreds of thousands march in Hong Kong to protest China extradition bill - Reuters (New)

Red Arrow  Moscow unveils anti-UAV device which ‘forces’ drones to land — RT Russia News (New)

Red Arrow  China Bans The Intercept and Other News Sites in “Censorship Black Friday” (New)

Red Arrow  Australian Federal Police Raid Even More Journalists Over Leaked Documents | Techdirt (New) | The War of Journalist has become a global agenda...

Red Arrow  Citizens Disobey New Zealand Gun Ban, Only 530 of 300,000 People Turned Guns In (New)

Red Arrow  ABC raid: AFP leave Ultimo building with files after hours-long raid over Afghan Files stories - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (New)

Red Arrow  China's Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia - The Economic Times (New)

Red Arrow  China's new high-speed train will 'float' over tracks to hit 370 miles an hour (New)

Red Arrow  Badiucao Reveals Identity After China Targeted Him for Google Exhibit (New)

Red Arrow  Surviving Tiananmen: The Price of Dissent in China | The Nation (New)

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