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" Update: 2020 will be remembered as the year of major censorship, mis-information, disinformation & infodemic along with observing the insane mental illness of the global people. Covid-19 is not a respiratory disease but rather “diffuse pulmonary intravascular coagulopathy,” a kind of blood clotting that presents in lung tissue.The Corona Virus is becoming more apparent to being use as a global control strategy and eugenicist population control agenda. The socialist powers politrickians are enforcing mask & social distancing now. However as this Covid-19 hoax continues, there is still no gold standard for corona virus testing, the virus still has not be isolated for proper testing and computer models are generalizing false positive statics of those confirm to be effected, 5G, GMO, Chemtrails, Fluoride Water & Stress is causing cell poisoning of the body and can be impacting the diagnosis of Covid-19. The countries & cities that seem to have 5G deployment seem to have the greater numbers of effective people. Please be very careful & aware that the News Media & News articles posted on this site about the Corona Virus or Covid-19 need to be thoroughly read with much research, critical analysis & common sense. Be very diligent in your research & analysis there has been a mega amount of disinformation, infodemic and outright lies. Remember to used your basic common reasoning when reading any News articles on the Corona Virus or Covid-19 and any other related subjects. "

" Please be aware that News articles posted on this site maybe fake or hype news without the reader doing more diligent research & analysis. Use your basic common reasoning or critical analysis skills when reading News articles. Please click on these links to learn more about Fake News, remember these sites cannot be trusted as well. Snopes | Fact Check (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check) or Lead Stories | Fake News (https://leadstories.com/)"

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Red Arrow  Teen Activist Who Rallied to Defund Police and Remove Police from Schools Is Shot Dead in Chicago

Red Arrow  New York City to set up COVID checkpoints at bridges and tunnels - MarketWatch

Red Arrow  'Big 10' Releases Shortened 2020 Football Schedule After UConn Cancels Football Season | Zero Hedge | Let see what other colleges will do as UConn has done...

Red Arrow  NYC Crime Spike Hits Ultra-Wealthy Neighborhood | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  John Lewis Funeral Was a Political Event | Newsbusters | Does anyone care about that?

Red Arrow  Rand Paul introduces bill to free parents, students from locked-down public schools | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  More plandemic fraud: Now Texas has been caught lying about coronavirus deaths – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  'Squad' member Rashida Tlaib defeats primary challenger Brenda Jones, CNN projects | News | newspressnow.com

Red Arrow  Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence

Red Arrow  Lawmakers Demand 6 Universities, Including Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Disclose Their Foreign Funding

Red Arrow  Minneapolis Commission Takes Up Proposal to Disband Police | MPR News

Red Arrow  The War on Cops Is NOT About Racism | YouTube Video

Red Arrow  Heat in the kitchen: Average household sees 217 arguments a year, just over cleaning dishes!

Red Arrow  Did Herman Cain die for lack of hydroxychloroquine?

Red Arrow  Florida Man Arrested After Buying New Porsche, Rolexes, With Fake Checks Printed On His Home Computer | Zero Hedge | That's what a so called White Collar crime is in America... A White boy using fraudalent checks...

Red Arrow  These professors have been 'canceled' for standing up to the Left

Red Arrow  Facts Feared by Leftist Media: The Squad – Socialists Tearing Down America | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  HBO’s John Oliver Pummels America’s ‘White Supremacist’ History | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  San Francisco encourages return of gay ‘sex clubs’ to help economy after COVID | Opinion | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Trump-haters shock black American with vicious behavior, while Trump-supporters embrace him | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Dr. Fauci warns against dining out, playing sports, going to school and church but refuses to condemn protestors’ violent mass gatherings – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Husband of Los Angeles DA charged after allegedly pulling gun on Black Lives Matter protesters

Red Arrow  Homicides Skyrocket in Dozens of Nation’s Largest Cities, Analysis Finds | Harbingers Daily

Red Arrow  Police in major U.S. city warn public: Prepare to be robbed, obey criminals

Red Arrow  Study recommends testing students every two days, college football players push back and more COVID news

Red Arrow  Illinois lawmaker proposes ban on history classes: They ‘lead to a racist society’ | The College Fix | That leftist idealogy will not solve anything... Wow Black Leftist not different than a white one...

Red Arrow  US Confirms American Company Has Signed Deal With 'Rebels' To Take Syria's Oil | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Leaked bodycam footage shows entirety of George Floyd arrest – supporting cops’ AND protesters’ narratives (DISTURBING VIDEO) — RT USA News

Red Arrow  Minneapolis Police Dept. Advises Residents to Submit to Criminals: 'Do As They Say' | What's wrong with informing them of 2nd Amend. Right to purchase a firearm. Its better to have one now with advise like that...

Red Arrow  Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts

Red Arrow  Prisons Caught Using Prison Labor to Make Blue Lives Matter Propaganda Merchandise

Red Arrow  Leftist NBA Players Juggle Basketball Around Social Justice Priorities | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  Ghoulish: MSNBC’s Reid, Steele Tie Herman Cain’s Death to America’s ‘Stupidity’ | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  Almost 30 million Americans didn't have enough food to eat, according to weekly Census Bureau survey - CNN

Red Arrow  USCIS announces massive increases in U.S. immigration fees | Miami Herald

Red Arrow  High Level Cop Arrested for Using City Network, Google to Run Child Porn Ring While On Duty

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: Three charts explain who is dying in California

Red Arrow  About Those Strange Deliveries From China, I Got Mine!!! | I personally did not receive one...

Red Arrow  Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend

Red Arrow  National teacher union supports strikes over reopening plans - Breitbart | How does this help the children...

Red Arrow  ProPublica Releases NYPD Discipline Records Its Union Thought It Had Talked A Court Into Keeping Secret | Techdirt

Red Arrow  Ron Paul: Big Holes in the Covid 'Spike' Narrative

Red Arrow  The 'America is racist' lie and the Catholic Church

Red Arrow  Is racism really responsible for today's black problems?

Red Arrow  California churches refuse to shut down in face of local leaders threatening to cut power | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Suicide deaths higher than COVID-19 deaths amid lockdown, CDC chief warns | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  The ongoing leftist revolution is trying to destroy what’s left of Christian civilization | Opinion | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias – True Pundit

Red Arrow  Armed BLM rioter learns the hard way what happens when you open fire on a civilian vehicle in TEXAS (graphic) – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Attack on Christian athlete who refused to kneel for BLM stunt exposes sports world’s leftism | Opinion | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Explosion in mandatory masking isn’t driven by science, but fear | Blogs | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Treasonous corporate media GASLIGHTING America with false claims that violent left-wing riots are “peaceful” – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  SEED WARFARE? Seed packages that appear to be from China are flooding the USA; other similar packages contain fake US dollar currency or pandemic masks – NaturalNews.com | Here is the real deal behind the headline; “brushing” scheme is where operators set up fake customer accounts on Amazon.com using real customer names and addresses, then order low-cost products to be shipped out so they can leave positive reviews from “verified customers.”

Red Arrow  Parents flock to ‘pandemic pods,’ ‘microschooling’ to educate kids during coronavirus | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Everyone but far-left feels intimidated into silence, new survey finds | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Chicago anti-police protesters target mayor's home after her call with Trump | Fox News

Red Arrow  Nolte: Chicago’s Lightfoot Appeases Mob, ‘Unilaterally’ Removes Columbus Statue

Red Arrow  Cop Admits to Running Sophisticated Child Porn Network Using Mobile Apps

Red Arrow  Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy | Violence and Anarchy is the sole purpose...

Red Arrow  DC mayor issues order requiring masks outside home | TheHill

Red Arrow  How the ‘woke’ globalist cult is trying to reprogram Americans into unthinking bots | Blogs | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Americans overwhelmingly agree Big Tech has too much power: Pew poll | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  With the mask police, we're headed for a faceless society | Not all countries are mandating face mask. However, the U.S. is turning the mask thing into mentality of the Dems in inciting an Orwellian society of snitches and bullies.

Red Arrow  The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts – Collective Evolution

Red Arrow  'Very Powerful' International Child Sex Cult Busted After Operating Freely for 30 YEARS | There nothing powerful about Child Sex Cult Domestic or International, just down right evil...

Red Arrow  Transcript shows that George Floyd was doped up on drugs, resisting arrest during police encounter – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  The dehumanization of blacks | Dennis Prager: 'The notion that race or ethnicity bonds people is both stupid and racist'

Red Arrow  The ‘cancel culture’ is losing its mind | Blogs | LifeSite | There is no middle ground with this irrational and destructive movement. The sooner we realize that, the better.

Red Arrow  Suspect Who Allegedly Shot Family of Judge Salas 'Commits Suicide'; Worked For Kroll Associates

Red Arrow  Welcome to the USSA: Woman & Husband Fitted With Ankle Monitors For Refusing To Sign Quarantine Order

Red Arrow  Report: Gunman Who Attacked Judge Esther Salas' Home Kills Himself

Red Arrow  Finally! A searchable database on police spy programs | A must read and please check out the site Atlas of Surveillance https://atlasofsurveillance.org/

Red Arrow  Coronavirus-enforced remote schooling hurts America’s most vulnerable students – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  George Floyd’s FENTANYL OVERDOSE – Multiple officer’s body cams reveal Floyd saying he was choking and couldn’t breathe before he ever hit the ground – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC ‘believes in violence’ & wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America — RT USA News

Red Arrow  The Problem with American Sports Culture | Check out the video...

Red Arrow  As Violent Crime in New York Soars, De Blasio Assigns 27 Cops to Protect ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural – Summit News | What a waste of law enforcement resources...

Red Arrow  HUGE! -- President Trump: If Schools Do not Reopen Their Funding Should Go to the Parents (VIDEO)

Red Arrow  More parents are home schooling. How that will change public education. - CSMonitor.com

Red Arrow  More parents considering homeschooling children during coronavirus pandemic

Red Arrow  Millions of parents plan to continue homeschooling | Power to Homeschooling...

Red Arrow  California Churches Have Been Shut Down Indefinitely, And The NFL Season May Be In Jeopardy – End Of The American Dream

Red Arrow  California freeing 18,000 prisoners for public 'health and safety'

Red Arrow  MS-13 gang members charged with terrorism and murder

Red Arrow  Black Activist: 'White Nationalists' Wear Black Body Suits, Commit Murder to Raise Chicago Crime Rate - National File

Red Arrow  Silence from the mainstream media as police continue to save lives – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Top 10 real stories you’ll NEVER see again in American mainstream media – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Universities to mandate vaccination, ‘distancing’ contracts for students to return | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  List of People Canceled in Post-George-Floyd Antiracism Purges :: The Future of Capitalism Interesting list of prople...

Red Arrow  Soon, You Will Need To Wear A Mask To Enter Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America

Red Arrow  Black communities support efforts in preventing more violence and deaths

Red Arrow  Crime surges while police fear being arrested themselves

Red Arrow  Man threatens to kill everyone on plane unless they accept Jesus was black - DC Clothesline

Red Arrow  N.Y. Times sued for $10 million for making up COVID-19 story | Newspapers company are part of the propaganda plandemic and cannot be trusted at all...

Red Arrow  Parents Struggle With School Decisions as Options Fall Short

Red Arrow  Philadelphia bans large events in public spaces, but NOT protests and demonstrations – NaturalNews.com | What does the mayor of New York & the major of Philly have in common lock step of the same agenda...

Red Arrow  Chicago threatens to BULLDOZE churches for not complying with coronavirus orders – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Ohio county launches hotline to report people spotted without masks | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declares STATE OF EMERGENCY due to civil unrest in Salt Lake City – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Detroit PD Now Linked To Two Bogus Arrests Stemming From Facial Recognition False Positives | Techdirt

Red Arrow  The Dangers of Keeping the Schools Closed – AIER

Red Arrow  Coronavirus Is Coming for Rural America - Bloomberg

Red Arrow  Los Angeles Apparel Factory Shut Down After More Than 300 Coronavirus Cases - The New York Times

Red Arrow  Cop Who Threatened to 'Shoot Protesters Through the Door' Shot Fellow Cop Through the Door Instead

Red Arrow  California to close indoor restaurants, movie theaters and bars statewide as coronavirus cases rise

Red Arrow  ‘Absolutely' reopen schools: 5 of 5 pediatricians would send their kids back to class | So five pediatricians can determine that its time to send children back to school. What's wrong with Homeschooling them... Why will they not support that... Plus do you trust or know these five pediatricians...

Red Arrow  Propaganda Brainwashing, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Red Arrow  Back to School? “No Thanks” Say Millions of New Homeschooling Parents | I totally agree with the Homeschooling Parents...

Red Arrow  California to release 8,000 inmates to slow COVID-19 spread - TheBlaze

Red Arrow  Three Churches Have Burned in Just Over 24 Hours, But You Wouldn't Know It If You Watch National News

Red Arrow  Cop Dumps 12 Rounds into Unarmed Suspected Shoplifter Who Reportedly Had a Receipt

Red Arrow  There's a full-on assault underway against police. Here's the hidden threat. (New)

Red Arrow  Racial divide fueled by selective reporting by media, analyst charges

Red Arrow  Expert warns of huge violence problem in public schools

Red Arrow  L.A. teachers union says schools can't reopen unless charter schools get shut down, police defunded | Just The News

Red Arrow  White Supremacist Set to Become First Federal Prisoner Executed in Two Decades

Red Arrow  5 ways to conquer the cancel culture | Wanna get a grip on this cancel culture stuff, this article could help...

Red Arrow  Scott Jensen Being Investigated For Blowing The Whistle On Government's COVID-19 Death Toll

Red Arrow  After Cops Execute Teen, Destroy Security Cameras, Autopsy Finds He Was Shot in the Back

Red Arrow  Washington State suggests schools give priority to nonwhite students during reopening | Just The News

Red Arrow  Nationalizing the Police Is Not the Answer

Red Arrow  Disbanding the Police

Red Arrow  Charter Schools and Their Enemies

Red Arrow  Democrat's CAREN ACT Would Outlaw "Racist" 911 Calls by White People

Red Arrow  Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher who had sex with student, dead at 58

Red Arrow  Seven ANTIFA militants facing federal charges for attack on Portland courthouse – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  ‘White supremacist mass shooter’ at Jefferson Square Park turns out to be Hispanic homeless man Steven Lopez – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Message From Schools About Reopening: ‘We’re Ready to Go’ | Schools are getting ready reopen and parents have to determine whether or not to continue homeschooling or taking the chance of the next corona virus wave...

Red Arrow  As U.S. Police Forces Are Threatened With Extinction, American Gun Owners Under Attack for Protecting Themselves — Strategic Culture

Red Arrow  Pro Football Player on Hot Seat For Quoting Hitler, Praising Farrakhan | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  ABC/NBC Railed Against QB for Defending Flag, Silent with WR’s Anti-Semitism | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  North Carolina gov’t website crashes due to influx of parents filing to homeschool | News | LifeSite | These parents are doing the right thing to homeschool their children...

Red Arrow  Colin Kaepernick Mocks Independence Day, Calls July 4th ‘White Supremacist' 'Celebration' | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  Many black-owned businesses in Minneapolis were completely destroyed during George Floyd riots – do black lives really matter to leftists? – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  A Man That Saw The Catastrophic Events Of 2020 In Advance Is Now Warning About What Will Happen In November… - DC Clothesline

Red Arrow  California faculty demands 'free tuition for all black, native, and indigenous students'

Red Arrow  NBA Releases List of "Approved" Social Justice Platitudes for Players to Wear on Jerseys - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  Nine Additional NBA Players Test Positive for Coronavirus, Total Stands at 25

Red Arrow  Survey: 8-in-10 Police Officers Would Not Recommend Becoming a Cop | At this stage of technology and AI with Robots, plus with the corona virus, riots, etc... Who wants to be a policy officer today...

Red Arrow  About 300 NYPD Officers Retire After Realizing that the City is Turning into a Third World Hellscape - Big League Politics

Red Arrow  NBC ‘Celebrates America’ By Hailing Black Lives Matter Activist | Newsbusters | So BLM has media support which is the enemy making BLM just that as well...

Red Arrow  The end of college and professional sports - WND

Red Arrow  So now celebrating Independence Day is white supremacy? - WND

Red Arrow  You want some FRIES with that? McDonald’s pushing black trans spokespeople as part of “amplifying black voices” campaign – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  HUGE QUESTION: Why didn’t the paramedic try to resuscitate George Floyd before haphazardly lifting him onto the stretcher? No pulse check? No CPR? No neck stabilization? – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Massive LGBT protest sweeps Chicago amid coronavirus fears | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  What's REALLY Behind the Riots? (VIDEO)

Red Arrow  White Men Demonized in 'The Twilight Zone' Reboot | Newsbusters

Red Arrow  Seattle Police Chief Asks Why Black People Keep Dying in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ CHOP Zone – Summit News | That's a great fundamental question... BLM don't care about so called Black's, BLM is promoting a Communistic agenda...

Red Arrow  Independent Journalist Tours The Cities Destroyed By Black Lives Matter Rioters

Red Arrow  Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signs law retiring state flag to remove Confederate emblem - TheBlaze | Will this make MS a better state with its torrid legacy of so called race relations, only time will tell...

Red Arrow  LA City Council approves first step in replacing LAPD with community responders for non-violent calls | FOX 11 Los Angeles | This is the right direction for not replacing law enforcement, but allow community peace officers to respond for non-violent calls. The future of policy enforcement will be AI integrate into Robots like the movie RoboCop...

Red Arrow  Porn star charged with rape, faces 90 years in prison | Blogs | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Judge's Son Admits to 35 Counts of Trafficking Child Porn Involving Infants, Gets NO JAIL

Red Arrow  N.J. to postpone indoor dining plans 'indefinitely' - MarketWatch

Red Arrow  Airbnb CEO: 'Travel will never, ever go back to the way it was' | The effects of the new Normal...

Red Arrow  L’Oreal vows to remove words like 'whitening' from skincare products in wake of global protests against racism

Red Arrow  Wake UP: As Predicted, LOCKDOWNS Are Back In Some States!

Red Arrow  More than 60 People Shot, 16 Killed, in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

Red Arrow  ‘Covid-19 suddenly turned woke?’ Packed Pride & BLM rally in Chicago draws criticism of hypocrisy — RT USA News

Red Arrow  Nearly 300 NYPD Officers File for Retirement as Violent Crime Surges

Red Arrow  John Carlos, US Athletes Take Stand to End Olympic Protest Rule - Breitbart

Red Arrow  CONFUSION: North Carolina mandates masks but also appears to criminalize all concealed carry holders for wearing those same masks – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Mississippi to remove state flag, the last to display the Confederate battle emblem - CBS News

Red Arrow  Reality check: Media sets aside coronavirus coverage, focuses on riots – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  There Will Be A Second Lockdown: Media Propagandizes Public With "COVID-19 Cases Spike" - The Washington Standard

Red Arrow  The Second Round of Lockdowns Won't Be as Easy as the First | Mises Wire

Red Arrow  Famous black former sheriff exposes mainstream media’s bias in reporting on police | Blogs | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Tennessee students required to get flu shots, COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available

Red Arrow  Black Achievements and Insults to Black History | Newsbusters | Nothing uplifting for the so called Blacks and their achievements...

Red Arrow  Our Daily Dose Of Stupid - White Liberals Tell Black Cops To Get Back On The Plantation In Latest Example Of Liberal Racism

Red Arrow  Over 40 Shot, 6 Killed, Monday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago – True Pundit

Red Arrow  Selena Gomez Launches Black Equality Fund with Plus1

Red Arrow  Police Officer Accused of Using Chokehold Arrested, Charged With Strangulation

Red Arrow  Three North Carolina Officers Fired for ‘Brutally Offensive’ Racist Remarks

Red Arrow  REVERSE RACISM: Lincoln County, Oregon, says that white people must wear face masks, but black people are exempt – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Top abortion executive fired over claims of racism - WND | An eugenicist agency practicing racism...

Red Arrow  'Uncle Tom,' the movie - WND

Red Arrow  MSM Outlets Are "Angry" The Lost Control Of The Gun Control Narrative

Red Arrow  Prepare for Fearful Masses: Toilet Paper Panic Buying Returns As People Fall For "Second Wave"

Red Arrow  Defund the Thought Police | RealClearPolitics

Red Arrow  3 Men Indicted on Murder Charges in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Red Arrow  IMF Predicts Worst Recession Since Great Depression

Red Arrow  BET Founder Robert Johnson: Black People 'Laugh' at White People Toppling Statues, Canceling TV Shows

Red Arrow  Above the law: Blacks now have total immunity to commit violent crime across America… even when their violent crimes are caught on video – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  5 reasons why Catholics should only receive Holy Communion on the tongue | Blogs | LifeSite

Red Arrow  National Guard Mobilized In D.C. To Protect Monuments, Fox Reports | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  As Cops in Atlanta Refuse to Do Their Jobs, Crime Plummets Anyway, Chaos Does NOT Ensue

Red Arrow  Juneteenth Celebrations Marred by Shootings, COVID Spikes - Liberty Headlines | So what is the significance of celebration of Juneteenth...

Red Arrow  Mourners Pay Respects to Rayshard Brooks at Ebenezer Viewing | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Police Says 2 Dead, 7 Wounded in North Carolina Shooting | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Black Lives Matter Wants to Oust First Black Los Angeles DA | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Black Catholics: Words Not Enough as Church Decries Racism | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  An open letter to black Christians - WND (Please share with other Black Christians...)

Red Arrow  104 people shot, 14 dead over weekend in Chicago | TheHill

Red Arrow  Seattle will move to dismantle 'CHOP' zone after shootings, mayor says | Fox News

Red Arrow  Utah faces 'complete shutdown' from COVID-19, state epidemiologist warns

Red Arrow  Right Now There Is A “Mad Rush” To Get Out Of The Cities – End Of The American Dream

Red Arrow  Statues toppled throughout U.S. in protests against racism - MarketWatch

Red Arrow  Black Lives Matter Wants to Oust Los Angeles County's First Black, Female DA - Liberty Headlines

Red Arrow  Court takes action on demand for homeschool kids' birth certificates - WND

Red Arrow  Over 56 Shot by Sunday Morning on Father's Day Weekend in Chicago

Red Arrow  9 Dead, 56 Shot in Chicago Father’s Day Weekend Violence; Toddler Killed

Red Arrow  Los Angeles Customs Officials Seize Nearly 10 Tons of Prohibited Meats from China

Red Arrow  With Enough Courage: Writers in the Age of the Cybermob

Red Arrow  AMC reverses course, will require guests to wear masks at its theaters | The New Normal requirement...

Red Arrow  Seattle business owner warns city facing 'mass exodus' as 'homeless, drugs and gangs' take over downtown | Fox News

Red Arrow  Protests continue into 4th week in Portland | KOIN.com

Red Arrow  Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Confesses on Video: 'We Are Trained Marxists' - News Punch | Is there a connection between the Communistic Civil Rights Movement & BLM Marxists Movement?

Red Arrow  Seattle police union chief calls for 'leadership' after fatal shooting in CHOP zone | Fox News | Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News

Red Arrow  ‘THEY AIN’T NOTHING BUT DEVILS’: Muhammad Ali's son says father would have HATED ‘racist’ BLM movement — RT USA News

Red Arrow  Shooting, Protests Test Atlanta’s Image of Black Prosperity | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Black Culture Leaders Call to End Racial Injustice in Letter | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Juneteenth Takes on New Meaning Amid Push for Racial Justice | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Cowardly whites, courageous blacks and a corrupt judiciary - WND

Red Arrow  George Floyd Was Not Killed By Police - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Red Arrow  Another 8-year old ‘criminal mastermind’ arrested | Sovereign Man

Red Arrow  Media Begging for a 'Second Wave' | RealClearPolitics

Red Arrow  Looting and arson have turned some black neighborhoods into food deserts – NaturalNews.com | Blacks have been doing this kind rioting for many decades...

Red Arrow  Officer Involved in Death of Black Woman in US State of Kentucky Terminated, Mayor Says - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  In shift, Florida Keys now requiring face masks until June 2021 - Orlando Sentinel

Red Arrow  Racist black protester screams that blacks shouldn’t have children with whites – NaturalNews.com (New)

Red Arrow  National Justice Exclusive: Violent "Antifa" Filmed By Project Veritas Is New York Times Published Journalist and Death Cult Member - National Justice

Red Arrow  Chick-Fil-A CEO Gets On His Knees, Shines Rapper's Shoes, Says White Christians Must 'Repent' For 'Shame' of Racism | Another version of taking a knee...

Red Arrow  Not Just Brutality—Cops Still Being Arrested for Trafficking, Raping, Exploiting Children - DC Clothesline

Red Arrow  The riots demonize blacks and help Trump's reelection - WND

Red Arrow  Director Ava DuVernay Warns White Men Seeking Hollywood Jobs: 'Bias Can Go Both Ways' | This is coming from a Bronze Woman a film director in Jewish Hollywood...

Red Arrow  Hell on the Streets via BLM, This Could Easily Turn Into a Racial War, Satan Soldiers Are Prepared to Wreak Havoc - www.HNewsWire.com

Red Arrow  Black Lives Matter doesn’t believe all black lives matter | Opinion | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Or did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?, by John-Paul Leonard - The Unz Review

Red Arrow  I CAN’T BREATHE… because the putrid stench of Black Lives Matter authoritarianism is suffocating our entire nation – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Far-left group targets Big League Politics for Google demonetization for reporting on Black Lives Matter terror spree – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Antifa fail: “Autonomous zone” in Portland abandoned after a few hours – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Escape from New York or is it “Escape from Seattle?” New Democrat “Autonomous Zone” resembles scenes from fiction movies – NaturalNews.com (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News)

Red Arrow  CNN calls for violence against white children, says they “don’t deserve innocence” – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  EXCLUSIVE: The Mysterious Case of RAZ from CHAZ - BLM Warlord Owns Multiple Guns (including an Uzi), a Tesla, BMW and Jaguar XJ, Millions in Properties, and Is Supported by Dubai Government (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News)

Red Arrow  Looking to move into CHAZ? Prepare to give up your rights to Antifa and Black Lives Matter – NaturalNews.com (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News)

Red Arrow  CHAZ occupier suggests ’rounding up all the white people’ into work brigades – NaturalNews.com (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News)

Red Arrow  CHAOS ALERT: New CHAZ Antifa / BLM mini-cities to pop up in every single Democrat run state in every metropolitan city and all mayors will be sworn to stand down – NaturalNews.com (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) Seattle News)

Red Arrow  Hey, news media, the police are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ too

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Red Arrow  ENTIRE emergency response team of Buffalo Police Department resigns over suspension of cops who pushed elderly protester — RT USA News

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Red Arrow  New Police Video Emerges of 'Jogger' Ahmaud Arbery Apprehended for Allegedly Stealing a Television - Big League Politics If this prove to be correct about Ahmaud criminal background and the latest information surfacing. Its not looking good at all...

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Red Arrow  Missouri Officers Accused of Assaulting Black Woman, Son | Pan-African News Wire | No doubt if you considered yourself to be african-america or black then you are under attack...

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Red Arrow  Maryland couple slain at Delaware veterans cemetery visited son’s grave almost daily, surviving son says | Fox News

Red Arrow  Four NFL Players Arrested over the Weekend | Betcha... All were so called Black or African-America

Red Arrow  No Spike in CCP Virus in Places Reopening, Says Health Secretary

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Red Arrow  California giving millions in stimulus to illegal immigrants - TheBlaze | It pays to live in Cali if your an immigrant, I don't think migrants in Europe are receiving any funds from those governments...

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Red Arrow  Felon Given Coronavirus Jailbreak Arrested, Charged With First Degree Murder - Big League Politics | One of the many unethnical policy of the politricks who are releasing criminals under the guise of a virus and jailing the people for breaking shutdown or lockdown policy...

Red Arrow  Armed Robberies On Rise As Suspects Take Advantage Of Mask Mandates | The Daily Wire | Regardless of epidemic, pandemic, pandemic, lock-down or shutdown crimes goes on...

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Red Arrow  Hillary Clinton Denounces Michigan Lockdown Protests as ‘Domestic Terrorism’ | Watch Out Michigan could become a electorial Trump state in Nov. 2020 thanks to Hilliary...

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Red Arrow  Federal Court Rules Every Drug Dog In Entire State is Unreliable—Will Alert to Nothing Just to Please Master

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Red Arrow  A California nursing home was evacuated after its staff didn't show up - CNN | Abandonment of eldery patients in nursing home is nothing new during a virus epidenic or pandemic...

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Red Arrow  NYC may temporarily bury coronavirus victims on Hart Island

Red Arrow  ‘We’re Flying Blind’: African Americans May be Bearing the Brunt of Covid-19, But Access to Data Are Limited | Pan-African News Wire | This what you get when Elizabeth Warren requested racial data on Covid19...

Red Arrow  Kid dies twice, in two different countries, with 2 different names, and from two different news sources Once again an ongoing issue with deaths of a child that was not related to the coronavirus but determined and counted as a coronavirus death. The media is lying to the public and doctor seem to be accounting all deaths to the coronavirus whether it is or not...

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Red Arrow  California Providing Millions Of Dollars For Illegal Alien Business Owners Not Covered By Coronavirus Stimulus | The Daily Caller

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Red Arrow  LA Mayor Garcetti encourages residents to report violators of stay-at-home order: 'Snitches get rewards' | Fox News | Well,,,, Welll... Well... State Corporate Snitching creating mis-trust amonst the people...

Red Arrow  GOP: Democrats ‘Want the Federal Government to Take Over Elections'

Red Arrow  Allstate to return $600 million in auto premiums as pandemic cuts driving

Red Arrow  Dairy farmers forced to dump thousands of gallons of milk

Red Arrow  Candace Owens accuses Connecticut governor of lying about coronavirus death, calls for resignation | This has been an ongoing issue with deaths that are not related to the coronavirus being determined and counted as a coronavirus death. Politricks are lying to the public and doctor seem to be accounting all deaths to the coronavirus whether it is or not...

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Red Arrow  Nearly HALF of 70 University of Texas students who went to Mexico on spring break now test positive for the coronavirus – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Top NFL official says league is planning for ‘a full season with full stadiums’ in anticipation virus will be controlled | A full season with full stadiums the NFL must be dreaming. If their stadiums have 5g, I don't see a full stadiums..

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Red Arrow  Power plant workers may be sequestered and live ON SITE to deal with coronavirus emergencies – NaturalNews.com

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Red Arrow  Whistleblower found dead. We're told she did it but it's being investigated. | Never fret when a person stands on righteous & truth dies. This Latina should have been protected and the lesson here is so called "Whistleblower" must be protected against the evil ones at all times...

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Red Arrow  Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driving Privilege Cards

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Red Arrow  BREAKING: New analysis reveals President Trump must lock down the USA just like Italy in order to break the chain of exponential spread of the coronavirus… all air traffic and road traffic must be halted – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  BREAKING: State of Washington about to go under medical martial law to stop the virus from infecting 64,000 by May, warns Gov. Inslee – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  IT BEGINS: NY Gov. activates National Guard to create “containment zone” while Colorado Gov. declares State of Emergency, USA approaches 1,000 confirmed infections – NaturalNews.com

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Red Arrow  Cleveland pastor indicted for sleeping with prostituted underage girls | Albions minister are bad enough, now so called black minister are just a bunch of degenerated...

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Red Arrow 

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Red Arrow  Longest-ever border smuggling tunnel found stretching between Tijuana and San Diego, officials say | Fox News

Red Arrow  Fox refuses to OK Super Bowl ad for abortion survivors, but had no problem approving an ad featuring drag queens - TheBlaze

Red Arrow  Arizona HOA threatens residents with fines for posting critical comments about its board / Boing Boing

Red Arrow  Guess who's footing super bill for millionaire Super Bowl stars' swanky hotels - WND

Red Arrow  United Airlines Canceling Some Flights to China as Coronavirus Outbreak Continues

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Red Arrow  Illinois ex-lawmaker charged with bribery in red-light camera program | Fox News

Red Arrow  Tempe Police Arrest Man Suspected of 'Penis Man' Graffiti Taggings | Phoenix New Times

Red Arrow  Suing California to Produce a State Checkbook | RealClearPolitics

Red Arrow  Utah bans “conversion therapy” for minor children who may have no idea what ‘LGBTQ’ even is

Red Arrow  Pharma exec gets a mere 66 months in prison for bribing doctors to overprescribe deadly, habit-forming opioids

Red Arrow  2 states may criminalize forcing kids to 'transition' from one sex to another - WND

Red Arrow  The Oregon Standoff: Understanding Lavoy Finicum’s Death and Washington’s Management of BLM Land

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Red Arrow  State Forces Citizens to Pay for 'Stargazing Permit' to View Night Sky in Public Parks—Yes, Really

Red Arrow  Cop Gets 4 Years in Prison for Urinating on Little Girl, Filming It, Trying to Kidnap Her | Those who are sworn to protect & serve are showing us what our so called civil society has become...

Red Arrow  Murders, Gangs, Horrific Conditions in Mississippi Prisons | This is just one of many problems in Mississippi...

Red Arrow  Parchman prison in Mississippi: Photos from the inside | Seeing the conditions of this prison is shameful of the state of affairs in Mississipp...

Red Arrow  The CW's 'All American' Airs Racially Divisive Episode on MLK Day: Racism 'New Normal' | We are now experiencing the so called "New Normal" in days of gentrification...

Red Arrow  Top DEA Investigator Arrested for Spending 'Months' on the Job Trying to Have Sex With Children | Who will save the childrens...

Red Arrow  Cop Arrested for Faking War on Cops Story of Sniper Shooting Him Setting Off Massive Manhunt | Even lying cops get massive support from the blue line, even though this one is being prosecuted for it. Cops can no longer be trusted at all...

Red Arrow  More Than 4 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019 | Police Officers are becoming a mental case in today's society and need help themselves...

Red Arrow  "We're Ready To Fight": 1000s Expected To Attend Massive Gun-Rights Rally At Virginia Capitol | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Military Surveillance Aircraft Circling Richmond Ahead of Gun Rights Protest on Monday(1/20/2020), According to Report - Big League Politics

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Red Arrow  U.S. Virgin Islands Sue Epstein Estate, Claims Trafficked Children as Young As 11

Red Arrow  Report: Feds to bill fire victims if utility doesn't pay $4B

Red Arrow  Gay Man Who Protested Drag Queen Story Hour Commits Suicide After Social Media Mob Attack, Left Blames 'Internalized Homophobia'

Red Arrow  Cops Acquire 'Nasal Ranger' Smell Amplifier to Crack Down on Marijuana Users | Despite Marijuana is becoming legal in most states, yet in still Law Enforcement is still enforcing color of law on users of Marijuana...

Red Arrow  Drug War-Addicted Cops Raid Hemp Farm, Bulldoze Struggling Farmer's Million Dollar Crop | Although Marijuana is becoming legal in most states, yet in still Law Enforcement is still enforcing color of law on the Farmers of Hemp...

Red Arrow  REPORT: California 8th Graders Taught Anal, Bondage, Sex Involving Blood in Sex-Ed Class - National File

Red Arrow  The Rutherford Institute :: Trouble Understanding Police Orders Constitutes Resistance, Justifies Use of Excessive Force (Taser, Chokehold) Rules Oklahoma Federal Court |

Red Arrow  WATCH: Cops Nearly Kill Each Other While Shooting at Innocent Unarmed Man Through His Front Door

Red Arrow  Teen Football Player Gets 65 Years for Killing Pregnant Girlfriend for Not Getting Abortion - National File

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Red Arrow  'Simply Heartbroken': Mother of Atatiana Jefferson Dies Months After Daughter Was Gunned Down by Fort Worth Officer

Red Arrow  Boy Scout Organization is a Magnet for Tens of Thousands of Pedophiles, Lawsuit Claims

Red Arrow  Body Cam Released of Cop Killing 14yo Boy for Running Away with Orange-Tipped Toy Gun

Red Arrow  Vermont bill would ban cellphone use for anyone under 21

Red Arrow  2019 had the most CEO departures on record with more than 1,600

Red Arrow  Carnival Cruise Line bans 'offensive' clothing and accessories | Fox News | So now there is a dress code on cruise this cruise line...

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Red Arrow  "If I'm A Criminal, It’s Open Season": Atlanta Police To Stop Chasing Criminals | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges - The Prepper Journal

Red Arrow  California’s Increasing Weed Taxes are Fueling Crime, Destroying the Environment, and Killing Jobs

Red Arrow  Cuba Gooding Jr's former fling shares never-before-seen photos of his wild partying | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  UC-Berkeley Threatened With Lawsuit For Mandatory Diversity Statements In Hiring | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Illinois comptroller calls red-light camera program ‘broken and morally corrupt,’ plans to halt ticket collections - Chicago Sun-Times

Red Arrow  New Colorado law allows transgender people to obtain new birth certificate without proof of surgery | FOX31 Denver

Red Arrow  Breaking: Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state | Another draconian measure by VA to subdue the 2nd Amend. rights and to enforce gun control on its state citizenry...

Red Arrow  Islamic religious leader in Texas arrested on charges of sex crimes against children | Fox News | Seems as if the leaders of Islam religion are no different than Christianity or Catholicism when it comes to sexual abuse of children's or youths...

Red Arrow  Illinois Nets $3.2 Million on First Day of Legal Cannabis Sales | Time

Red Arrow  CA Passes Insane New Law Limiting Personal Water Usage [Video]

Red Arrow  NFL Attendance Crashes to 15-Year Low

Red Arrow  Democratic governor pardons more than 11,000 drug offenders

Red Arrow  Iran war protest: 70 US cities rally against Trump airstrikes in Iraq

Red Arrow  Iran war would need 'millions of men like invading Germany in World War 2' - Daily Star

Red Arrow  New York Times Published Story About Hypothetical Military Attack on Suleimani in Baghdad Hours Before Strike – Summit News

Red Arrow  NYT Begins 2020 With Feature Story On How White People Are Bad For Existing

Red Arrow  Don’t buy into the Left-wing propaganda: Stats show there is no “murder epidemic” of transgenders – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Climate report from 2004 predicted “millions” of deaths, sunken cities, and nuclear war by 2020 – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  California orders pastors to push LGBT activism… or else – transgender tyranny to become the rule of law – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Vet offers to train gang to be better shooters after grandma, grandkid killed

Red Arrow  Seven teens launch attack on NY Jew - 14th incident in four weeks

Red Arrow  POLICE STATE: Cops Used A Loophole To STEAL Millions From People Who Committed NO Crime - Activist Post

Red Arrow  Baltimore City Breaks Murder Record Of The Century | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  2019 Was a Bad Year for the "Only Cops Should Have Guns" Narrative | Mises Wire

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Afrika News Information Site's

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe to Pay $3.5Bn Reparations to Dispossessed White Farmers - National File

Red Arrow  Black lives in Africa to become human guinea pigs once again with new mark of the beast “trust stamp” – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  New Ebola outbreak in Congo: 48 infected and 20 dead - Strange Sounds

Red Arrow  Protesters in South Africa burn masks in opposition to coronavirus vaccine experimentation – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  African-Americans told by Ghana: 'Africa is your home,' come resettle on our continent | Tired of America your ancient homeland and are your ready to resettle in the Mother Land...

Red Arrow  Hundreds of Elephants Found Dead in Botswana in Mysterious Mass Die-Off

Red Arrow  Great news from the most prosperous nation on earth | Sovereign Man

Red Arrow  Belt and Road: China-Kenya Rail Contract Ruled Illegal

Red Arrow  Congo Announces End to World’s 2nd-Deadliest Ebola Outbreak

Red Arrow  Virus Outbreak Could Spin ‘Out of Control’ in South Sudan | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  COVID-19 Recovery is a Chance to Improve the African Food System | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  A natural treatment for superbugs, thanks to traditional remedies from Cameroon – NaturalNews.com




Red Arrow  Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza dies of 'cardiac arrest' at 55

Red Arrow  Congo declares new Ebola outbreak, 8 people now infected – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Ghana invites African-Americans to ‘come home’ to Africa | MyStateline.com

Red Arrow  China Building, Bugging Government Offices in African Nations, Report Says


Red Arrow  Africa's COVID-19 Cases Soar Past 88,000 As 'Coronavirus Apocalypse' Fears Loom | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  ‘We Want to Go Home’: Moroccans Stranded by Virus Seek Help | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  African Nations Seek Their Own Solutions in Virus Crisis | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  A worker infected 533 others with coronavirus at a factory in Ghana, president says - CNN

Red Arrow  "We Sent Them Samples Of A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant": Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie | Zero Hedge | Tanzanian President John Magufuli trick the hell out of WHO and caught them in lie...

Red Arrow  Virus Could ‘Smolder’ in Africa, Cause Many Deaths, Says WHO | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  At Least 65 Killed in Flooding, Landslides in Rwanda | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  UP TO 190,000 COULD DIE IN AFRICA IF VIRUS CONTAINMENT FAILS: WHO | Pan-African News Wire | The UN health agency cited a new study by its regional office in Brazzaville which found that between 83,000 and 190,000 could die and 29 to 44 million be infected during the period.

Red Arrow  COVID-19: Pawpaw and goat test positive for virus - President Magufuli

Red Arrow  Africa completely unprepared for COVID-19; death numbers could be staggering – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: Which African Countries Are Ahead on Testing? | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Somalian Medics Report Rapid Rise in Deaths as Covid-19 Fears Grow

Red Arrow  Ethiopia Coronavirus Update: 2016 People Tested Over Last 24 Hours, No Positive Case | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe President Extends Lockdown, But Firms to Reopen | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  China-Ethiopia Relations to Strengthen After Pandemic: Ambassador | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  China Has Been a Great Friend to Global Community Amid Pandemic: Namibian Ambassador | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  African coronavirus cases SPIKE by 43 percent – WHO warns that continent could be the “next epicenter” of the pandemic – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Al-Burhan, Pompeo Discuss Sudan’s Removal from U.S. Terror List | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa Dangerously Behind in Global Race for Virus Gear | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  WHO Warns Malaria Deaths in Africa Could Double Amid Pandemic | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa Plans Curfew From May 1 as It Slowly Lifts Lockdown | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Somalia: Only One Hospital to Treat Country’s COVID-19 Patients | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Civilian Shot Dead in Somalia During Coronavirus Enforcement | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  UN Chief Calls on World Bank to Support Sudan to Face COVID-19 Pandemic | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Egypt, Algeria Relax Coronavirus Restrictions for Ramadan | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Tunisia Hopes Novel Methods Will Aid Virus Fight | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  U.S. Airstrikes Hit All-Time High as Coronavirus Spreads in Somalia

Red Arrow  Cape Town Cops Fire Rubber Bullets, Teargas As South African Food Shortages Spark Riots, Looting | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Every Move to Stigmatize China Evokes Our Historical Memory | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  44 Boko Haram Members Found Dead in Chad Prison: Prosecutor | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus - Africa: Data for a Resilient Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa: President’s Coordinating Council Reinforces Intensified Response To Coronavirus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Namibia Extends Partial Coronavirus Lockdown Until May 4 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Liberation Struggle Brought Unity, Mutsvangwa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Nigerian Genocide Continues to Mount Despite Coronavirus Pandemic | Harbingers Daily

Red Arrow  DR Congo sees Resurgence of Ebola as Country Fights to Stamp out Covid-19 | Harbingers Daily

Red Arrow  Virus-free Lesotho Rolls Out Socio-economic Interventions | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Three Doctors Died from Coronavirus, 43 Infected: Egyptian Medical Syndicate | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Egypt Police Disperse Crowd Attempting to Prevent Burial of Coronavirus Victim, 23 Arrested | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  145 New Coronavirus Cases in Egypt, 11 New Deaths Reported | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Covid-19 Exposes Gulf Between the Rich and Poor | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: State Bans Direct Food Distribution After Kibra Chaos | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa

Red Arrow  Ethiopia’s Confirmed COVID 19 Patients Number Climbs to 65 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Egypt to Carry Out Coronavirus Clinical Trials on Samples of Japanese Anti-flu Drug Avigan | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africans are Being Targeted, Evicted & Left Homeless in China Over False Coronavirus Claims | Now is the time for all Afrikans to re-evaluate their foreign relationship with China...

Red Arrow  Africa Must Not be ‘Neglected’ in Virus Fight, Officials Say | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency over Coronavirus Pandemic | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus or Hunger: Workers in Egypt’s Vast Informal Economy Struggle to Survive as Pandemic Bites | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Boko Haram Using Coronavirus Lockdowns for Deadly Rampages

Red Arrow  "All The Jobs Are Gone" - Africa Facing 'Complete Economic Collapse' As Virus Spreads | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Kenya Bans Travel In and Out of Nairobi to Fight Coronavirus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa’s TB, HIV History Prepares it for Virus Testing | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  African Union To Consider Senegal's President's Request To Cancel Countries' Debts After COVID-19 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa Has a COVID-19 Time Bomb to Defuse | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  COVID-19 Continues to Spread in Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa: Army Lends Support for COVID-19 Battle | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa's Ruthlessly Efficient Fight Against Coronavirus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Could Ethiopia Provide the Cure to the Rampaging Pandemic? | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  It Is Time to Rethink Africa — Strategic Culture

Red Arrow  President of Mozambique Declares State of Emergency | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Ramps Up Fight Against Covid-19 | Pan-African News Wire



Red Arrow  South African Police Enforce Lock Down | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa Struggles to Enforce Quarantine, Social Distancing As Coronavirus Spreads

Red Arrow  South Africa’s Rand Hits Record Low After Debt Downgrade | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Eritrea's Coronavirus Cases Double | Pan-African News Wire


Red Arrow  RAMAPHOSA: 3 COVID-19 DEATHS RECORDED IN SA, WITH 1,326 CASES | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  What Happens to People's Lungs When They Get Coronavirus? | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa Is Two to Three Weeks Away From Height of Virus Storm | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  New Front: Worry Over COVID-19 Spreading in African Refugee Camps | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Enforcement of Coronavirus Lockdown Turns Violent in Parts of Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa’s Biggest City on Lockdown to Curb Virus in Nigeria | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: Nigeria's Lagos State Locked Down by Federal Government | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa goes into lockdown as the country struggles against coronavirus – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Market Mayhem in Uganda as COVID-19 Measures Upend Women’s Lives - Activist Post

Red Arrow  Ethiopian Government Supported Traditional Medicine Hopes to Be the Answer to COVID 19 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South African Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Shoppers Amid Lockdown | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa: The First Two Coronavirus Deaths - This Is What We Know | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: The South African Township Where People Just Won't Follow the Lockdown Rules | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa Police Enforcement of Alcohol Ban Ignites Debate | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  China to Build Four Schools in Namibia | Pan-African News Wire | China continues its control via loan & investment of Namibia...

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Covid-19 Testing to Decentralize | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Covid-19: Zimbabwe in Total Lockdown… President Issues Stay-at-home Order | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  South Africa begins 'unprecedented' military-patrolled lockdown

Red Arrow  Vigilance Needed to Stave Off Global Food Security Crisis | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Unprecedented': South Africa Goes Into Coronavirus Lockdown | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  'Who will feed us?': viral shutdown hits N. Africa's precarious workers - Breitbart

Red Arrow  Uganda Arrests Six Chinese Citizens Violating Coronavirus Quarantine

Red Arrow  Trump Government's Three Big Lies Hurt Americans | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  US Virus Cases to Surpass China in April: Experts | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa Looks Eastward for COVID-19 Solution | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  70% of Lagos Workforce to Stay at Home, IGP Issues Coronavirus Rules | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Covid-19: Uganda Closes Border with Kenya | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  COVID-19 Sees Lockdowns Across Africa as Cases of Virus Increase in the Continent | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus Prevention: Nigeria's Lagos State Battling Chloroquine Poisoning | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Confirms First Covid-19 Case | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  More Than 600 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa Talks Tough Against Coronavirus But Many Wonder Why | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Africa: Getting Ahead of the Virus Key to Change Course of COVID-19 - WHO Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  COVID-19 Global Roundup: Scientists Worry About Coronavirus Spread in Africa | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ethiopia Taking More Measures to Contain the Spread of COVID 19 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ethiopia’s Economy Already Hurting Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Schools to Close Tuesday | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Strict Measures to Fight Covid-19 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  New Africa Coronavirus Crisis Looms with Internal Spread | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  After Head-start on Virus, Africa Begins Clampdown | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus pandemic now on Africa’s doorstep … is a whole new crisis looming? – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  'A Ticking Time Bomb': Coronavirus Crisis Looms In Africa | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Chinese Restaurant in Nigeria Closes After No Black People Policy - National File

Red Arrow  15-Year-Old African Prodigy Wows M.I.T.! - Activist Post

Red Arrow  Africa's Low Coronavirus Rate Due to Robust Preps - Senegal Expert | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ivory Coast Confirms First Coronavirus Case | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Amid Growing Coronavirus Cases, Hospitals Have Shared Goal: Prevent the Spread within Their Walls | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Senate Approves African American Cemeteries Task Force | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Florida Senate Seeks 'Lost' African American Cemeteries | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Don’t Believe the Myth That Black People Can’t Get Coronavirus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Grinnell's History of African Americans Researched in New Book | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  North Carolina Group Aims to Record African American Graves | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: South Africa Confirms First Positive Case | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Household chemical use linked to child language delays | EurekAlert! Science News

Red Arrow  Syria, China Sign Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Sudanese Islamist Party Dismisses Member for Visiting Israel | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Sudan Stripes Citizenship and Passports of 13,000 Naturalized Foreigners | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Sudanese Pound Hits New Record Low vs Dollar | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  African Presidents Lead Anti-coronavirus Efforts | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Another African Tragedy | NewsBusters

Red Arrow  Africa's locust plague is man-made - WND

Red Arrow  Do these blacks evidence a satanic spirit 'Out of Africa'? - WND

Red Arrow  Mother Asks Scotland, UK, Angelina Jolie, and Pope to Stop the “Hell” of Conflict Mineral Mining in the Congo - Activist Post

Red Arrow  Coronavirus Fears Spread in the US | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Sixth COVID-19 Death in U.S. Confirmed in Washington State | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  More Testing Will Show How Coronavirus Has Spread in U.S. | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  'Disease X' hits Ethiopia as villagers die from bleeding eye fever - Strange Sounds

Red Arrow  Lectures by Walter Rodney Presents an African Perspective on the Russian Revolution | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Remembering the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention of 1970 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Renewed Examination of the Assassination of Malcolm X 55 Years Later | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Mass Student Movement in the United States Began Six Decades Ago | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Detroit Annual Commemoration of MLK Focused on Antiwar and Social Justice Legacy of Martyred Leader | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Gigantic ancient lake revealed in Sahara in pictures - Strange Sounds

Red Arrow  Epidemic Won’t Drive China, South Korea Apart | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Elections, Partisan Politics Stymie Epidemic Control in US | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Protecting Beijing Critical in China’s COVID-19 Battle | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  COVID-19 'May Not Originate in China’ | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Loopholes Revealed in Virus Response System | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Eight Negative Arguments Smearing China’s Virus Fight Must be Refuted | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Economic Activity Picks Up Significantly Across China | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Dozens of HIV-Positive South African Women Forcibly Sterilized | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  RBZ Confident of Ending Cash Shortages

Red Arrow  Harare Drowns in $80m Water Chemicals Debt | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Zimbabwe Government to Step Up Women Empowerment | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: South Korea Declares Highest Alert as Infections Surge | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  How Coronavirus is Infecting Business Globally | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  HERoes Deserve Recognition in Fight against COVID-19 | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Some Countries Slow to Respond to Virus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Chinese Top Leader Holds Unprecedented Meeting on Epidemic Control Work | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  A Long Homecoming for Pioneers of the Struggle | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Mozambique: Mine Invasion, War, Aid, Media Attacks, Climate Crisis | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  10 Killed, 50 Arrested in Zambia Gassing Cases | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Namibia to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Independence | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Lesotho’s Prime Minister to Be Charged with Murdering Wife – Police | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  83 Pharaonic Tombs Unearthed in Egypt | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Tests for Egypt's Only Coronavirus Case Come Negative | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Pest Control | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  As Islamists Rampage, Dozens of Christians Killed During Church Service in Burkina Faso

Red Arrow  Horrific Mass Graves Containing 6,000 Bodies Discovered in Burundi - Sputnik International

Red Arrow  Locusts Threaten to Rob Millions in Already-vulnerable East Africa of Food | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Foreign Experts Join Locust Invasion Fight | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Egypt Reports Africa’s First Coronavirus Case | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ethiopia’s Official National Election Date Announced | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Ethiopia Passes Hate Speech, Disinformation Legislation | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  “Like Something Out Of The Book Of Exodus”: Locust Armies Are Devouring Entire Farms In Kenya “In As Little As 30 Seconds” – End Of The American Dream

Red Arrow  African president publicly rebukes Justin Trudeau for pushing ‘gay pride’ parades in Senegal | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Coronavirus: Ethiopian Airlines refuses to bow to pressure to halt flights to China | South China Morning Post

Red Arrow  Botswana To Allow Hunters To Kill Elephants For $43,000 Per Head | What a shame what Botswana is doing to these elephants...

Red Arrow  China Doomers Are Ill, Not the Chinese Economy | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  1,000 Kenyan Children Chant "Stay Strong China" to Cheer Up Coronavirus Fight | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Heavy Rains Boost Kenya's Hydropower Production | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Corona Virus - The African connection. - Golem XIV - Thoughts

Red Arrow  Physiochemical and antimicrobial properties of medicinal plants from Cameroon

Red Arrow  WHO to Help Kenya Fight Coronavirus as Trio Under Watch | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  3 in Nairobi, Mombasa Test Negative for Coronavirus | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Sierra Leone's Steps to End Female Genital Mutilation - allAfrica.com | It been a long time going for this torture to come to a end...

Red Arrow  China to Inject Fresh Funds Into Zimbabwe Economy | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  TODAY IN HISTORY(1/17/2020): Congolese Pan-Africanist Leader Patrice Lumumba Assassinated by Imperialists | Pan-African News Wire

Red Arrow  Rap Superstar Akon Creates World’s First ‘Crypto City’ in Africa to Fight Controlled Economy I hope the so called Hip-Hop billionaire & millionaire are paying close attention to what Akon is doing in his home country...

Red Arrow  78-Member Team of Nigerian Doctors Successfully Separate Conjoined Twin Girls In 13-Hour Surgery: 'We're Just Happy and Proud'

Red Arrow  Christians Beheaded for Christmas, The West Goes Back to Sleep | Religious war between Christianity & Islam...

Red Arrow  The Takeover: China Is Building Enormous Self-Sustaining Chinese Cities All Over The African Continent (Archive Post: 12/30/2019)

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Asia/Far East/Oceania News Information Site's

Red Arrow  China Will Soon Be Able To Close Off The Straits Of Hormuz And The Red Sea | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Connection revealed between Communist China and Stanford: Researcher exposed as Chinese military officer – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  China now dominating global drug trafficking with money laundering and chemical production – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Chinese City Residents Run Out of Food as Authorities Enforce Lockdown Due to Virus Outbreak

Red Arrow  Chinese scientist who fled to U.S. says coronavirus was “created in military lab” – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Singapore To Introduce Mandatory COVID-19 Electronic Tags Tracking Behavioural Activity To Enforce Quarantine | GreatGameIndia

Red Arrow  The spreading of China Virus Derangement Syndrome

Red Arrow  Melbourne Lockdown: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant to Carry Out ‘Spot Checks’ – Summit News | Authorities get draconian powers after “state of disaster” announced.

Red Arrow  China Has Quietly Cut Dollar Usage In Cross-Border Trade By 20% | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Kim Jong-un: Nuclear Weapons Ensure 'There Will No Longer Be War'

Red Arrow  Kim Jong Un Claims North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Will Guarantee Security

Red Arrow  Chinese Networks Dominate Chemical, Cash Sectors of Drug Cartel Business

Red Arrow  How Chinese Diplomatic Missions Covertly Work to Subvert the United States

Red Arrow  Dalian Virus Outbreak Spreads to Beijing, as Locals Complain of Authorities’ Testing Mismanagement

Red Arrow  India Bans 47 Additional Chinese Mobile Apps

Red Arrow  “Orwellian” Beijing now persecuting Christians – report – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  India recently put Beijing in range of its nuclear weapons, report says – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  China collecting DNA from millions of men and boys for large-scale genetic surveillance project – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  New CCP Virus Outbreak in Northeastern China Spreads to Nearby Provinces

Red Arrow  Entire fashion industry complicit in forced labor of Uyghurs in China, rights groups say – NaturalNews.com | So this means clothes from China are manufactured by Slave Labor...

Red Arrow  Kim Jong-un declares emergency & puts Kaesong city on total lockdown after 1st suspected Covid-19 case in North Korea — RT World News

Red Arrow  Opinion | China Is Harvesting the DNA of Its People. Is This the Future of Policing? - The New York Times | Analytically, China is not the only country harvesting DNA other countries are doing the same, China is just being draconian...

Red Arrow  Chinese researcher arrested after she hid at consulate in San Francisco

Red Arrow  Kim Jong-un fury: North Korea rebellion as 70% of citizens breaking major rule | World | News | Express.co.uk

Red Arrow  China Stole At Least $1 Billion In Trade Secrets & Research From US: State Dept | Zero Hedge | The cost has to be more than at least 1 Billion...

Red Arrow  China Says U.S. Ordered Abrupt Closure of Houston Consulate - Bloomberg

Red Arrow  The Latest: New jump in India and warning cases could double - Breitbart

Red Arrow  Report: Uyghur Slave Labor Produces Cheap ‘Made in China’ Masks

Red Arrow  China Orders Christians to Take Down Images of Jesus from Their Homes

Red Arrow  Chinese Government Orders Low-Income Families to Abandon Their Christian Faith or Lose Financial Aid | CBN News

Red Arrow  Chinese Ambassador Struggles To Explain Shocking Footage Of Handcuffed & Blindfolded Uighurs Loaded Onto Train | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Railway Politics: India Gets Lost Along the New Silk Roads

Red Arrow  Organ harvesting in China and why the American media and businesses have turned a blind eye | Just The News

Red Arrow  The Future for China — Strategic Culture

Red Arrow  China Has Long Been Home And Incubator To Many Of The Worlds Most Deadly Pestilences & Diseases | China boasts of four great inventions: the compass, gunpowder, paper, and printing technology. We applaud them for their contributions; however, they must also take responsibility for many genocides, wars, and the birth and cultivation of Chinese Communism in Asia that is responsible for up to 62 million deaths—of their own people! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as great a scourge as any deadly virus, yet they think it is the world’s greatest blessing!

Red Arrow  State-Linked Chinese Firm Uses Own Workers As Guinea Pigs In Unregulated Vaccine "Pre-Test" | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  President Putin Says Homosexual Propaganda Needs to be Publicly Monitored - Russian Faith

Red Arrow  China Rocked By "Unprecedented" Surge In Bank Runs | Zero Hedge | This could be the beginning of a global run on banks...

Red Arrow  Japanese Companies Team Up to Challenge Chinese 5G Supplier Huawei | The Japanese are entering the 5g market...

Red Arrow  Bus Driver in China Deliberately Crashes and Kills 21 People After His House Was Demolished

Red Arrow  China shows ‘indication of accelerating economic recovery’ as exports & imports grow for first time since Covid-19 pandemic — RT Business News

Red Arrow  "It's Unlike Anything We've Seen" - Hong Kong Discovers COVID-19 Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Global brands employ Uyghur Muslims as ‘forced labour’ - The Sunday Guardian Live | Will slavery ever go away in this life time...

Red Arrow  Over 600,000 Hongkongers Cast ‘Protest’ Vote Against Beijing’s New Security Law

Red Arrow  Flooding and Earthquakes Devastate Chinese Provinces, as Jiangxi Announces ‘Wartime’ Preparations

Red Arrow  “Return to China or commit suicide:” FBI Director says China’s “Fox Hunt” program a way to silence and imprison Chinese dissidents abroad – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  As coronavirus surges in Hong Kong, mysterious pneumonia hits Kazakhstan – is this a new pandemic? – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  China Botches 5th Rocket Launch of the Year, Despite Bid to Dominate Space

Red Arrow  Hong Kong virologist claiming coronavirus cover-up tells 'Bill Hemmer Reports': 'We don't have much time' | Fox News

Red Arrow  Chinese virologist flees Hong Kong, accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-Up

Red Arrow  Chinese Virologist Says Beijing Covered Up Virus Outbreak, Seeks Asylum in US: Report

Red Arrow  Is China’s Three Gorges Dam, with many nuclear plants below it, about to crumble? – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Communist China’s cultural revolution has come to America; Black Lives Matter supporters called on to turn against family members – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Communist China’s Silent War Against America

Red Arrow  Is China the New Indispensable Nation? — Strategic Culture

Red Arrow  Criticizing communist China even outside of China is now a punishable offense – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Hong Kong Authorities Ban Popular Protest Song in Schools as City’s Freedoms Are Further Eroded

Red Arrow  China Converts Hong Kong Hotel Into New National Security Office

Red Arrow  Scientists Speak Out Against China’s GATTACA-esque DNA Collection

Red Arrow  Hong Kong Activists Are Off The Streets - They're Too Busy Scrubbing Digital Footprints | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Taiwan Officials Condemn Hong Kong Government’s Plans for National Security Law

Red Arrow  China running a chemically-induced depopulation agenda against Muslims, whites – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  The Cook Islands has no coronavirus cases – and no source of income – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  Australian politician says no access to restaurants, businesses or childcare if you refuse coronavirus vaccine – NaturalNews.com | It's very interesting to see all the global politricks in lock step with the global agenda. What about the global people why are we not in unification countering them...

Red Arrow  A Communist takeover? Chinese military researcher admits stealing data, layouts from US university – NaturalNews.com

Red Arrow  New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Report: China Forcibly Extracted Citizen DNA for Police Database

Red Arrow  New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento – Block 174 – NaturalNews.com | China seems to be providing bio-ware and arms for a regime change in America...

Red Arrow  Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs Force Locals To Flee Homes | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Russians ‘vote’ overwhelmingly to keep Putin in power, ban gay ‘marriage’ | News | LifeSite

Red Arrow  Over 300 arrested as Hong Kong protestors decry new security law (VIDEO) — RT World News

Red Arrow  Chinese study sounds alarm over new swine flu with pandemic potential, WHO warns ‘we cannot let our guard down’ — RT World News

Red Arrow  Chinese Criminal Groups Continue Controlling Marijuana Farms on U.S. Soil

Red Arrow  Tit For Tat: China Imposes Visa Restrictions On US Officials Interfering In Hong Kong | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Beijing Reviews National Security Law as Hong Kong Protests Reignite

Red Arrow  US Customs Seize Millions Worth of Illicit Narcotics and Assault Weapon Parts From China

Red Arrow  Chinese Regime Forces Chinese Banks, Their Investors to Sacrifice $212 Billion | One of the many examples of the difference between a Communist State vs Fascist State...

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Red Arrow  Hong Kongers Scramble To Swap Their Currency For US Dollars As 'Special Status' Threatened | Zero Hedge

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Red Arrow  Report: China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official Coronavirus Narrative – Summit News | This is what China is all about and the U.S. will soon be the same and Africa needs to take notice of what kind of diplomatic relations it has with this regime...

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Red Arrow  Hong Kong police arrest more than 200 in renewed protests

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Red Arrow  Workers Risking Infection Deserve Payouts Too, Says Japan Minister | Pan-African News Wire

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Red Arrow  Coronavirus infections, deaths and “community outbreaks” EXPLODE outside China; CDC warns travelers about “community spread” in six nations as infections skyrocket in Korea – NaturalNews.com

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Red Arrow  Dozens arrested in Hong Kong protests targeting traders in China | TheHill

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