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Red Arrow » Stockton Gets Ready to Experiment With Universal Basic Income Can you live on a displace income of $500 called UBI per month?

Red Arrow  Universal Basic Income: The Answer to Automation? (INFOGRAPHIC) (More Info. on UBI) | Displacement pay called UBI will it be the future of the next globe generations?

Red Arrow  The Case Against a Basic Income (More Info. on UBI) | UBI the poor person utopia dream to be depended on the Governement than on yourself.

Red Arrow  Cryptocurrency Mining Malware That Uses an NSA Exploit Is On the Rise - Motherboard You just cannot trust the cyber world for anything now...

Red Arrow  Only 9 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Have Shared GOP Tax Cut Windfall With Workers: Analysis You thought Salvery in America was a joke, nothing for the Wage Slavers...

Red Arrow  Did You Know Black Ghettos Were Deliberately Created By Gov’t Sponsored Redlining? – Counter Current News Eurocentric Goverence Systems will never change, unless the Indigenous Ones change it...

Red Arrow  High-School Kids Paid Peanuts For Forced 11-Hour Shifts At iPhone X Factory In China – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Nine White Cops Killed in 11 Days By White Men: Where Was The Media Coverage? – Counter Current News

Red Arrow Why California Has The Nation's Worst Poverty Rate

Red Arrow Small Businesses Begin 2018 on a High Note

Red Arrow Nearly 40% Of Student Loan Borrowers To Default By 2023

Red Arrow What Prostitutes Gave the World

Red Arrow Be Prepared for Disaster with These Tech Upgrades

Red Arrow Black Death TWO: Girl, 9, drops dead as strange 'eye-bleeding fever' spreads (New)

Red Arrow Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers

Red Arrow Madness Hub: Welcome to Skid Row 2017: Shocking scale of homelessness in downtown LA is exposed in footage showing sidewalks lined with dozens of tents in deprived area where 20,000 people live on the streets (7 Pics) (News 2017)




Red Arrow Walt Disney buys Murdoch's Fox for $52bn - BBC News (News 2017)

Red Arrow 82nd doctor & wife found dead, cops suspect murder suicide, family says no way – GOV'T SLAVES (News 2017)

Red Arrow California to bring back net neutrality... but only for California - Hot Air Hot Air (News 2017)

Red Arrow Housing crisis in B.C. pushing seniors to brink of homelessness: advocates | (News 2017)

Red Arrow Report: Rich to get still richer as world inequality grows (News 2017)

Red Arrow New City Ordinance Outlaws Giving Money to Panhandlers, Violators Will Be Fined & Jailed (News 2017)

Red Arrow Man dies after spontaneously combusting into flames in unexplained circumstances in London street (News 2017)

Red Arrow California Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts Forced to Close (News 2017)


Red Arrow The Carnegie Council Calls for Global Governance to Regulate Geoengineering (News 2017)

Red Arrow Since Feeding the Homeless is Now Illegal, A Group Carried AR15s to Give Out Food—It Worked (News 2017)

Red Arrow Experts say internet reliant on vulnerable undersea fiber-optic cables | McClatchy Washington Bureau (News 2017) | Hope you were not thinking that satellites are involved in internet communication

Red Arrow Robots are being used to drive away homeless people in San Francisco (News 2017)

Red Arrow Plasma For Pay: Broke Millennials Sell Blood Just To Survive | Zero Hedge (News 2017)

Red Arrow 81st doctor found dead in Park Avenue Home by 11 y/o daughter w/ knife in torso, cops instantly rule “suicide” – GOV'T SLAVES (News 2017)

Red Arrow  U.S. media silent as Putin declares Russia GMO-free as they prepare to become top producer of organic food (News 2017)

Red Arrow  US Police Shot More People as Previously Thought, Mostly Black People - Reports - Sputnik International (News 2017)

Red Arrow  Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers? | US news | The Guardian (News 2017)

Red Arrow  White nationalism on the rise in California (News 2017)

Red Arrow  White nationalism on the rise in California (News 2017)

Red Arrow  Ex-Military Members Who Were Serial Killers - Domi Good

Red Arrow  Creeping Fascism: “the world’s most sophisticated, high-tech systems to keep watch over citizens” – InvestmentWatch | Guess Who Big Brother is? Your Mobile Phone and the Apps are being used to Spy on you

Red Arrow  80th Doctor Dead: Holistic, Prominent and Outspoken

Red Arrow  Fifth of UK population now in poverty amid worst decline for children and pensioners in decades, major report reveals | The Independent

Red Arrow  The Tech Company Solving A Trillion Dollar Problem

Red Arrow  NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Secret Tunnels Beneath the Playboy Mansion: Another Sex Scandal About to Surface Soon? (Video) | Interesting Building Layout of the Playboy Mansion...

Red Arrow  Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Be Released In 20 States

Red Arrow  Magic Mushroom Legalization Gets Nod to Move Toward California Ballot

Red Arrow  Russia to launch ‘independent internet’ for BRICS nations – report

Red Arrow  World's first smart condom collects intimate data during sex | Metro News

Red Arrow  The US Coast Guard is operating floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean, outside US legal protections

Red Arrow  Is This Part Of The Reason For Millions Of Rapes & Gang Rapes In Europe By Black African & Arab Muslims? | Warning to Readers, this post blame for rapes in Europe is based on the soley IQ of Afrikan Muslims.

Red Arrow  Doctor Warns: New Strain Of Black Death Plague Can Kill In 3 Hours

Red Arrow  The Demise of Dissent: Why the Web Is Becoming Homogenized

Red Arrow  How China helped depose 'dozing despot' Robert Mugabe after flooding Zimbabwe with billions to build hospitals, schools and even the £35million Parliament

Red Arrow  VIDEO: African Migrants Being Sold At Libyan ‘Slave Markets’ For $400 – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Is THIS How They'll Eliminate Nearly 90% Of The US Population By 2025? Stunning Number Of Mysteriously Dead Scientists, Microbiologists And Holistic Health Practitioners Suggest Something Extremely Nefarious Is Going On!

Red Arrow  77 Holistic Practitioners Now Dead Since 2015: This Is Beyond Strange, They Are Dropping Like Flies And MSM Ignores Them

Red Arrow  Report Sheds Light On How Many People Die From Overdosing On Marijuana

Red Arrow  Homelessness on the West Coast laid bare: Bleak pictures give a snapshot into the 168,000 people forced to live on the streets due to high cost of living, rock-bottom vacancy rates and a roaring economy (23 Pics)

Red Arrow  One in five American households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth


Red Arrow  IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S.

Red Arrow  Incredible restored pictures of US presidents, Civil War soldiers and a Native American tribe offer a never-before-seen insight into the past (26 Pics)

Red Arrow  No Money? No Problem. $424,000 Home With $0 Money Down! Plus FREE MONEY! We’re Heading Back Into The Housing Bubble All Over Again!

Red Arrow  JFK Double Was Assassinated, Not JFK - The Kennedy Fairytale. | EU

Red Arrow  Social Security Benefits Rising 2% In 2018, But Most Retirees Won’t See Extra Cash – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  80% Unemployment by 2030? – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  Pay-TV Companies Tank As Subscriber Losses Surge To Record Highs In 2017 – GOV'T SLAVES

Red Arrow  Across All 50 States, Blacks Four Times as Likely as Whites to be Arrested on Charges of Marijuana Possession – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  70,000 Whites Murdered In South Africa Since 1994 | WHISNews21

Red Arrow  Dan Roodt: In South Africa, whites no longer lead anything – even in opposition politics

Red Arrow  New York Fed President Delivered a Jet Filled With Cash to Puerto Rico

Red Arrow  Over 64,000 Black Women Missing In USA And No One Is Talking About It!

Red Arrow  This New Technology Could Transform The Lithium Industry

Red Arrow  Harvard Study Proves Apple Slows Down Old iPhones in Order to Sell Millions of New Models

Red Arrow  $21 Trillion Missing – U.S. Government a Criminal Enterprise – Catherine Austin Fitts | Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog

Red Arrow  The NFL Crashes and Burns! The Boycott Begins!

Red Arrow  At Least 10 US Mayors Accused of Child Sex Crimes in Just the Last Year

Red Arrow  Reporter Barrett Brown Jailed 5 Years for Journalism Just Launched New System to Expose Corruption

Red Arrow  This Map Reveals How Much $100 Is Actually Worth in Your State (Video) | Alternative

Red Arrow  Bitcoin transactions NOT anonymous, Princeton researchers discover; individual names can be linked to most payments >

Red Arrow  The US Cities with the Biggest Housing Bubbles – InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  Latino, black and Asian populations grow while white families have less children | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  San Francisco Bay Area Pending Home Sales Plunge- Investment Watch

Red Arrow  Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For "Criminal Targeting Of Americans," To Be Filed By California Attorney

Red Arrow  Indian, Chinese Soldiers Clash Following Alleged Chinese "Incursion' | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  The New American Dream: Rent Your Home From A Hedge Fund

Red Arrow  Fukushima Scientist Exposes Cover-up: The Oceans Have Been Destroyed - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Let's Not Only #BanTheNFL, But Their Advertisers As Well - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Venezuela: Dictatorship, Collapse, And Consequence

Red Arrow  Venezuela’s Demise Is A Geopolitical Litmus Test For The U.S. |

Red Arrow  Suicide Rate For Teenage Girls Hits 40-Year High

Red Arrow  House Republicans Vote For Massive Cuts To Student Assistance Programs - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  High Schoolers Protest To Make Black History A Full-Year Course - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  We Stand With Kaepernick! Join The NFL Boycott - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  ANOTHER Holistic Doctor, Working Against Big Pharma, Shot Dead In Boulder - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  World Famous Holistic Author Who exposed Big Pharma, Found Dead - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Homeschooled students still face bias in college admissions, even when they meet requirements

Red Arrow  Flint Update: Over 3 Years Without Clean Water - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Black Unemployment Rate Nearly Lowest It's Been Since 2000

Red Arrow  Entire Fields in California and Other States Are Rotting: Trump's Immigrant Policy In Action- Counter Current News

Red Arrow  ‘Chip party’: US company celebrates implanting microchips in employees (VIDEO)

Red Arrow  Most Millennials Will Die When SHTF Because It Will Come Down To Natural Selection

Red Arrow  Melinda Gates Donates $375m to Speed Up Depopulation of Black People - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  OUTRAGEOUS!! NYPD Duct Tape Black Man & Put Him Inside A Body Bag WHILE ALIVE!

Red Arrow  Total Government And Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars ($329,961.34 Per Household)

Red Arrow  ‘F#%K That Guy’: NFL Executives Admit They Hate Colin Kaepernick, But Why Don’t They Hate What Is Happening to American Citizens? (The Kaepernick Saga Contnues...)

Red Arrow  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s IT specialist, accused of hacking congressional computers, busted trying to flee US

Red Arrow  World’s Poorest President Warns Public: ‘Remove Wealthy Elites From Politics’ | I totally agree, however the Elite need politics to maintain power and control...

Red Arrow  Why We Should BOYCOTT The NFL If Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Signed? Are You Down?

Red Arrow  TRUTH: A UN Panel Has Said The US Owes Black People Reparations

Red Arrow  Christians Slaughter Muslims In Africa, MASS Ethnic Cleansing Media Silence

Red Arrow  87,000 Child Sex Traffickers Busted in Germany – US Media Silent

Red Arrow  Nevada’s Marijuana Legalization Gives Control To Newly Created ‘Cannabis Cartel

Red Arrow  Sex robots are FUTURE of intimate relationships report says but there are red flags too | Life | Life & Style |

Red Arrow  FBI Closes In On KKK Members Suspected Of 70 Yr Old Lynchings Of Black People

Red Arrow  YET MORE PROOF: New FBI Report Lays Out Long History Of White Supremacy Infiltrating Nation’s Police Departments!

Red Arrow  Who Really Makes Money Off of Bail Bonds? | the MSM does not want you to know about Venezuela.

Red Arrow  Study Confirms White People Much More Likely To Abuse “Hard Drugs” Than Black People

Red Arrow  Human Trafficker Admits To Killing Over 400 Children In Video Confession

Red Arrow  Ancestral Land Is Returned To Oregon Native American Tribe

Red Arrow  “The Devil’s Breath” – World’s Scariest Drug Can Block Free Will, Wipe Your Memory, & Even Kill- Counter Current News

Red Arrow  LaVena Johnson: Raped And Murdered By Her Colleagues On A Military Base In Iraq- Counter Current News | Ebony sister victim of military rape & murder by her so called colleagues...

Red Arrow  Dear America: Better Read the Fine Print on Your Credit Card Statement

Red Arrow  How Hemp Can Help Clean Up Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster- Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Interactive Time-Lapse Map Shows How the U.S. Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans- Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Largest March For Native Rights In DC Ignored By The White House And Mainstream Media

Red Arrow  These 11 US Presidents Smoked Marijuana

Red Arrow  The 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks Who Haven’t Been Paying Attention – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  The United Nations Admit Chemtrails Are REAL In Stunning Video Report! – Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Visualizing The Worrying Decline Of Freedom Around The World

Red Arrow  Prison Labor Is American Slavery: Here’s How You Unknowingly Support It Malcolm X said this about himself being in prison from the Message to the Grassroots. "Thats what America means, Prison"....

Red Arrow  6 Huge Stories The Mainstream Media Don’t Want You To Know About The MSM has never and will not ever be for the people. So why just ban them outright....

Red Arrow  Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency This has already been indicated why Gaddafi’s attempt to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly cause his overthrow....

Red Arrow  150 Terabytes! Norway Busts Largest Dark Web, Child Porn Networks in History — US, UK Media Ignore Story In case you did not notice most of these pedophilies are European Men....

Red Arrow  American Dream collapsing for young adults, study says, as odds plunge that children will earn more than their parents Not much hope for the future generation from a econmic prospective....

Red Arrow  Rise Of The Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years Hope you are ready for “universal basic income,” or UBI....

Red Arrow  Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 95.1 Million: Jump By 446,000 In One Month Can you picture 102.5 million Americans who are either unemployment or no longer looking for work....

Red Arrow  Latino, black and Asian populations grow while white families have less children | Daily Mail Online This has been known for quite sometime now...

Red Arrow  The Changing American Family

Red Arrow Who Is the Young Girl Sitting on Obama’s Lap? We are living in a time of pure degenerates where Pedophiles, Perverted & Sex Slaves are becoming the norm...

Red Arrow PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century | The Millennium Report The disgusting behavior by European & Jewish men against children. So called Africans in America and Africa face the same dilemma during slavery and colonization...

Red Arrow The sheeple have been fooled once again, thinking surely this time around real change will occur. "By the way, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results."

Red Arrow  SHOCK CLAIM: Chemtrails 'will wipe out humans' causing biblical-style floods, says expert

Red Arrow  List Of The 17 Banks Directly Funding The North Dakota Pipeline & How To Stop Them

Red Arrow  7 Insidious Ways the Elite Are Making Americans Dumber (Video)

Red Arrow  Screwing With and Screwing the Elderly and Disabled | This Can't Be Happening!


Red Arrow SQUEEZING THE ELDERLY: Government Has Set the 2017 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment The Government just threw the Eldery under the bus | FDR Social Security is a Ponzi scheme...

Red Arrow  Prosecutors Request More Black Teens To Be Tried As Adults Than Any Other Group The unjust war against Black men, particularly teenagers in the Justice System rages on...

Red Arrow  World's 1st Anti-Propaganda Search Engine Favors Independent Media While Banning Government & Corporate Disinfo- To The Death Media (Archive Post) | Its been known for quite some time about Google & Facebook are CIA operatives...

Red Arrow  Infographic: The Real Cost of the War on Drugs (Infographic Post)

Red Arrow  The 10 Most Depressed Countries | Best Countries | US News

Red Arrow  Cops Test New Weed Breathalyzer On California Drivers | Motherboard

Red Arrow  What The President Of The United States Can't Do (25 pics)

Red Arrow  HERE’S WHAT THE GOVERNMENT DID WITH YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY | This not great news about social security...

Red Arrow  Blackballed by machine learning: how algorithms can destroy your chances of getting a job


Red Arrow  BLS: 3.2M Workers Lost Long-Term Jobs in 2013-15--Most Because Company Moved, Closed or Position Abolished

Red Arrow  Why Is White America Ignoring the Epidemic of “White-On-White Crime”?

Red Arrow  Paul McCartney’s Death in 1966 Goes Much Deeper Than an MI5 Replacement Operation

Red Arrow  U.S. Backed Opposition in Venezuela Attempts to Usher in Monsanto

Red Arrow  A Saltwater Powered Sports Car? It’s True — and Europe Just Made it Street Legal | Wake Up World

Red Arrow  Gun Rights Victory: Texas Law Now Allows Concealed Guns On Campus - InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  Why millennials are forgoing college for blue-collar jobs | New York Post

Red Arrow  Bye Bye Middle Class: The Rate Of Homeownership In The United States Has Hit The Lowest Level Ever « InvestmentWatch.

Red Arrow  Somalia's First Female Presidential Candidate Vows to Negotiate With Al Shabaab Okayafrica.

Red Arrow  Kiss It Goodbye: Social Security Benefits Will Be Cut In 2017 | GOVERNMENT SLAVES

Red Arrow  15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Red Arrow  I was with Muhammad Ali on his hostage-release trip to Iraq — and the media has it all wrong - ANSWER Coalition What does the future hold for Humankind with Robot..

Red Arrow  This Will Determine if Your Children Have a Calling or a Culling in Life | Police State What does the future hold for Humankind with Robot..

Red Arrow  The U.S. Is the Only Country That Routinely Sentences Children to Life in Prison Without Parole

Red Arrow  Why Are Fewer People Getting Married?

Red Arrow  A Monthly Income Just for Being Human, and Other Sensible Ideas - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 94.7 Million, Surge By 664,000 In One Month | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Cyborgs 2030: The Military’s Vision of Remote Controlled Soldiers

Red Arrow  Cardiologist on Dietary Guidelines Promoting Low-Fat Foods: ‘Perhaps the Biggest Mistake in Modern Medical History, Resulting in Devastating Consequences for Public Health

Red Arrow  This Is The Maximum Amount Of Cash You Can Take Out At A Venezuela ATM

Red Arrow  From The Green Revolution To GMOs: Living In The Shadow Of Global Agribusiness

Red Arrow  The "System" Won't Survive The Robots

Red Arrow  Report: Pot Arrests in Colorado Drop for Whites But Skyrocket Among Blacks Since Legalization - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Tiny Homes for the Homeless Now Under Attack in California : Waking Times One day a generation will look back and wonder what happen to humanity...

Red Arrow  Climate Engineering Chemical Cool-Down For The US » Climate Engineering Chemical Cool-Down For The US | Geoengineering Watch

Red Arrow  Study: White Death Rates Steadily Rising, Falling Sharply for Blacks Is white privilege to blame?

Red Arrow  Audit the Fed’ Bill Failure Exposes List of Senators In Bed With the Federal Reserve - Counter Current News Those Senator whom voted against the bill to Audit the Fed. should be considered an enemy to the people and are not qualified to represent or serve the people any more...

Red Arrow  No One Works in 1 in 5 U.S. Families

Red Arrow  U.S. Suicide Rate Soars in 21st Century – Up 80% For Middle Aged White Women | Liberty Blitzkrieg

Red Arrow  Food waste increases as more people starve

Red Arrow  America On The Edge Of Eruption And Chaos - InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  The Revolt of the Debt Slaves Has Started | Wolf Street

Red Arrow  The United Nations Admits Chemtrails Are Real | Your News Wire

Red Arrow  2016: The Year Americans Found Out Our Elections Are Rigged - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Can You Name the Only Country Left That the Elite Don't Control? How Can You Get There? | Police State

Red Arrow  Closing of the USPS!!! | Conspiracy Theories

Red Arrow  Deep History and the Global Drug Connection, Part 1 - WhoWhatWhy

Red Arrow  VAXXED Documentary ‘Heavy Handed Censorship’ by Government Officials Using Financial Extortion to Shut Down Public Screening | Health

Red Arrow  This 3D Map Shows How Much You Must Earn to Buy a Home in 27 Major U.S. Metros - InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  19 Stunning Photos of Nuns Who Illegally Grow Marijuana To Heal The World - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become


Red Arrow  Hawaii May Become First State in US To Decriminalize ALL Drugs - Counter Current News


Red Arrow  Government Garnishes $176 Million In Unpaid Student Loans Over 90 Days… Yes, we need you to sign up for massive amounts of debt to keep the system afloat. - InvestmentWatch

Red Arrow  Americans just had $176 million in wages garnished by the government due to unpaid student loans - MarketWatch

Red Arrow  Obama Is Finished: A Color Revolution Finally Coming To America ... Planned For This Fall Of 2016 | Alternative

Red Arrow  Order up: Robots may take over Carl’s Jr. Looks like the next generation of teens will need to develop other skills to find employment with more usages of robots coming soon...

Red Arrow  This Is the Only Reason That Clinton Is Not in Prison | Police State

Red Arrow  Retirement is good for your health - The University of Sydney

Red Arrow  DARPA Will Pay You (Yes, You!) to Build a Homemade Bomb

Red Arrow  Older people slower but smarter than young'uns | Cosmos Magazine

Red Arrow  Store closings are the hottest trend in retail | GOVERNMENT SLAVES

Red Arrow  Record number of millionaires living in the US

Red Arrow  27 giant profitable companies paid no taxes

Red Arrow  Sen. Durbin calls Abbott Labs' IT layoffs 'harsh and insensitive’ | Computerworld

Red Arrow  World’s Poorest President Urges Public To Kick The Wealthy Out Of Politics | Your News Wire

Red Arrow  Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars and a 40 Year War Couldn’t - Counter Current News

Red Arrow  NAT GEO WEB - FEMINIST CELEB: We need ‘Euthanasia Vans’ to drive around and get rid of all the old people

Red Arrow  Albino hunters on the prowl in Malawi

Red Arrow  The Battery That Can Power Your Home Completely Off The Grid

Red Arrow  Death Is a High-Tech Trip in Japan's Futuristic Cemeteries | Motherboard

Red Arrow  From Mexico To Africa, Israel’s Dark History Of Training War Criminals, Gangs & Oppression

Red Arrow  Police SWAT Teams and Military Set To Use LASER Weapons by 2023 - Counter Current News The Chinese have concluded that smog renders this type of weapon ineffective like a mirror...

Red Arrow  Day after being indicted, former CEO of Chesapeake Energy dies in car crash | Max Keiser This story has nothing to do with money as Europeans would have you to know...

Red Arrow  More on Why Weaponized Cell Phone Towers Are Popping Up Everywhere (Video) | Politics

Red Arrow  More Mexicans Are Leaving The United States Than Entering AnonHQ

Red Arrow  South Carolina courts exhibit massive racial bias against blacks – study — RT USA

Red Arrow  The Second Tech Bubble Has Burst: Here Come The Mass Layoffs

Red Arrow  Wage Slave America: NYC Offering 360 Sq Ft Apartments For $3,150 Per Month

Red Arrow  L.A. seizes tiny houses from homeless people - LA Times

Red Arrow  EXCLUSIVE - Bobby Kennedy ordered Marilyn Monroe's murder by lethal injection to prevent her from revealing her torrid affairs with RFK and JFK: New book sensationally claims to have finally solved the mystery surrounding her death.

Red Arrow  John Williams of Shadowstats says unemployment rate is 23%.

Red Arrow  Company Claims Flying Cars Just TWO Years Away

Red Arrow  Man Wounded With RFK Says 2nd Gunman Killed Kennedy

Red Arrow  US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans - Story | KRIV

Red Arrow  Conspiracy: Are 125 Dead Scientists, 72 Dead Bankers, and 3 Dead Journalists Related? | Politics

Red Arrow  Genewashing Zika - the cover-up of biotech's dirty war I recommend that everyone stop buying and eating chocolate until child slavery is total eliminated...

Red Arrow  7 Famous Brands That Use Child Slaves To Make Your Chocolate AnonHQ I recommend that everyone stop buying and eating chocolate until child slavery is total eliminated...

Red Arrow  Financial despair, addiction and the rise of suicide in white America | US news | The Guardian Apparently, the capitalistic system is causing serious problems for European Males whom are commiting suicide...

Red Arrow  US tech companies have stashed over $420 billion overseas Tech companies need to come to grips with the environmental catastrophe they're causing and now their not paying taxes...

Red Arrow  International Red Cross Report Confirms the Holocaust of Six Million Jews is a Hoax | Renegade Tribune Another Jewish lie bites the dust...

Red Arrow  Gentrification in America Report (News Archive 2015)

Red Arrow  Pearson, Barclays and Virgin Media announce job cuts | GOVERNMENT SLAVES

Red Arrow EINSTEIN- FRAUD PLAGIARIST (DOCUMENTED): The Einstein Fraud- Thief, Liar, Borderline Retardation, (Judaic) Media Created Celebrity Hero! (Must Read) | Another falsehood that been expose upon us all now in the coming age of Aquarius. The Jews tell untruth worse than the Europeans. After reading this article research Issac Newton and findout about his theory Gravity...

Red Arrow The Powers That Be Have Lost Control: “Everything Is Falling Apart Everywhere” - Patriot Rising If you search deep & wide, you'll find out that it has never work and never will...

Red Arrow Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others accused of using battery parts mined with child labor | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building Those of us whom have electronic equipment that uses a lithium ion batteries. Need to inform the Tech. company of this unethnical practice of using child labor working in the mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So called Afrikan-Americans also need to step up to plate as well in protesting this heinous exploitation act This also goes for the chinese where these batteries are manufactured...

Red Arrow  7 Jobs That Are Going to Survive the Next Economic Crash | Ready Nutrition Something to consider from a job prospective in this economy....

Red Arrow  What's Eroding the Middle Class? This is not a feel good article for what the future hold for the people in the U.S....

Red Arrow  Rise of the Robots Will Eliminate More Than 5 Million Jobs - Bloomberg Business As with most article which talk about Robots eliminating jobs in this case 5 million. It make you wonder what is the future for humankind at this time. The 2020 is only a few years away and the present economy is in complete shambles...

Red Arrow  U.S. top court rejects Nestle bid to throw out child slavery suit Articles like this still make me despise capitialism & corrupt corporations...

Red Arrow  WHY YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS - True News This article should change your mind about allopathic medicine and doctors in general. Do you self a favor become proactive about your health...

Red Arrow  The Numbers Behind America’s Heroin Epidemic - The New York Times 90% Of First-Time Heroin Users Are White...

Red Arrow  The Heroin Epidemic, in 9 Graphs - US News Heroin use has skyrocketed in the U.S., and it's hitting young adults the hardest. ...

Red Arrow  THE LOST HOME OWNER - True News The Real Estate market will never rebound under these unjust economic conditions. I bet the chinese are loving this and have a strong currency to make a financial move. Capitalism is not working anymore in America, time for a change and that means a social agenda whether you like it out, Economics comes down to ownership, either all will own or a few will own...

Red Arrow  Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street - MarketWatch Although current for 2016, this is not new news at all. Its been know since the 80's, this current economic time is much troubling then it was 36 years ago...

Red Arrow  Heroin dealer in chief Interesting article regarding the nature of the Drug War using Heroin & the United States is the biggest drug user in the world. Just like cocaine or rock cocaine the CIA is behind this madness.

Red Arrow  Heads Way the Hell Up! California Begins Gun Confiscation January 1st Without Notice! (Video) | Agriculture If you have not thought of leaving Cali now, maybe its time for you to make that consideration ...

Red Arrow  California Government Forcibly Sterilized Latina Women Without Their Consent The eugenics programs is a designated population control measure againist people of color initiated by Europeans whom are concern with being genetically annihilate from the planet. This article clearly indicates that people of color a common enemy and must unite...

Red Arrow  Everything you need to know about the new street drug 'flakka' — its insane side effects aren't even the worst part - Yahoo Finance

Red Arrow  Bill Clinton And The Pedophile: The Sex Scandal That Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions I definitely despise the Politicians, the Wealthy and the Clergy due to their participation in Pedophilia.

Red Arrow  Gay couples could soon have children with traits of BOTH fathers:'Multiplex parenting' could allow up to 32 people to contribute to child's DNA One day we will have to determine the madd science contribution to humanity from a ethical or non-ethical prospective for now.

Red Arrow  US Mass Incarceration: A Society Behind Bars A very good infograph to assist you in the knowledge of U.S. MassIncarceration. | The private prison industrial complex (PIC) are reaping massive profits from this as well...

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Red Arrow  Latest Silicon Valley trend: Crowdfunding nuclear startups in earthquake-prone state as Fukushima radiation bombards California The more wealthy you beome the dumber you seem to get using your wealth for the sake of humanity...

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Red Arrow  The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex: 7 Infographics You Need to See Pictures are worth more than words can say, as long as the data has not been compromise in any way or fashion...

Red Arrow  Oil Jobs Lost: 250.000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon | Although 250,000 have been laid off globally, Texas has laid off about 56,000 so far and due to the low price of oil more laid offs are imminent...

Red Arrow  Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines I hope now you'll take vaccination a lot more serious now...

Red Arrow  Anonymous 2 Open Letter to All State Governors | Alternative Athough this should have been done a long time ago putting the State Governors on Notice, I guess better late than never...

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Red Arrow  Babies: More and More College Students Are Literally Becoming Whores to Cover Rising Tuition Costs | The Daily Sheeple College whores must really like capitalism now...

Red Arrow  Hemp Finally Legalized in North Carolina I'm happy for North Carolina becoming a Hemp State...

Red Arrow  Libya warns it could flood Europe with migrants if EU does not recognise new self-declared government - Telegraph Africans being used as white supremacy pawns in Libya...

Red Arrow  A Scientific Study Shows that in U.S., Uneducated Whites Are Now Dying Younger I truly wonder what impact will this have on white supremacy?

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Red Arrow  10 Insane Ancient Achievements that Science Can't Explain | RiseEarth Its not that science cannot explain it, rather European Scientist cannot explain it. Most of the ancient structures were built long before the existence of the European. One site they fail to mention was Poverty Point builded in Louisana, please check it out.

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The United States of America is Totally a Federal Corporation, Non Democratic, Demoncratic, Technocracy, Corrupt, Insolvent & Bankrupt Corporation and It's has become a Fascist Dictatorship, Are you willing to fight for your Republic form of Governance Now?

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Red Arrow VIDEO: Police Now Conducting Rights-Violating Black-Ops Missions to Write More Tickets | Whatever you do in Dallas, TX while driving don't used your phone & hid anything that you don't want the police to

Red Arrow Cops Now Using Prepaid Card Readers To Rob Motorists Of Digital Funds On Roadside | GOVERNMENT SLAVES.INFO | Thanks to the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) the local police have become part of the criminal element using extortion methods against the people now.

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Red Arrow  Dying US Political Prisoner at 87 (Peter Schiff’s Father) Chained With Armed Guards | PoliticsDying US Political Prisoner at 87 (Peter Schiff’s Father) Chained With Armed Guards | Politics | Irwin Schiff was a crusader & pioneer in the Tax Truth Movement, who was railroaded by the Gov't (IRS) due to his books & tax information showing the illegal Income Tax as sure fraud against the people. Please search his name and see for yourself...

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Symbolism/Pineal Gland/Third Eye/Mind Eye/All Seeing Eye/Hidden Knowledge/Astral Projection/Mind Control/Mentacide/Check Out Your Mind/Free Your Mind Information Site

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Wake Up & Live

Red Arrow  WATCH: Activist Shows Power of 5th Amendment, Owns Cops—By Choosing to Remain Silent | (New) | Know your rights to stand against the Police State

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Red Arrow  Spontaneous human combustion: Woman bursts into flames on park bench in Germany | Europe | News | The Independent (Archive Post) | A youtube channel by bretcarr2001 provided this link. Based on the information I've heard from Dr. Deilbert Blair, Bobby Hemmit and Dr. Phil Valentine. We are in the age of transformation as the earth and universe magnetic waves are increasing. As we begin to get closer and closer to the star SIRIUS the Earth magnetic vibrations are increasing. If you have not begain to prepare your body as a melaninated person for the ongoing vibration and become one or harmonic with the Earth, therefore you body will begin to experience things such as a spontaneous human combustion. Why? We as melaninated people have allowed the Albions to debased our gift. We MUST begin harmonize our souls as our ankestors did with the vibratory Earth and stop shutting down our Pineal gland, strenghten our Charakas & raise our Kundulini powers...

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Red Arrow  FEMA Slave Labor Camps Have Become Operational-The First Political Prisoners Have Arrived | Police State | A great article on understanding the Prison Industrial Complex along with the FEMA Camps | The case of Schaeffer Cox a Second Amendment proponent and now a Political prisoner. Please view the video with the article...

Red Arrow  When the UN Takes Over the US, This Man Will be in Charge | Police State | Although this article focus is on Peter Sutherland and the UN, the saddest part is how Europeans make profit on planned contrive accidents that hurt the people and environment just for the filthy Lucre...

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Red Arrow  Magnesium Found to Reduce 'All Cause Mortality' Dramatically | Natural Society Excellent article on Magnesium and a must have for your body...

Red Arrow  Painkillers Kill More Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined | Natural Society | Yea!! You thought over the counter (OTC) drugs were safe...

Red Arrow  TRUE NEWS - THE AMAZING HEALING POWER OF CAYENNE PEPPER I just love me some Cayenne Pepper, I put it on all my foods, want to make your popcorn spicy use it along with chilli powder, onion powder & basil leaves..........

Red Arrow  TRUE NEWS - PURPLE POTATOES PACK SERIOUS ANTIOXIDANTS | If you ever had purple potatoes chip before, this was the vegetable it came from..........

Red Arrow  TRUE NEWS - THE HEALING POWER OF RED ONIONS A must for your garden..........

Red Arrow  5 Eastern Herbs that Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) | Natural Society Men's Health Information & Women whom Love them information as well...

Red Arrow  Chicken factory farmer speaks out | The Galactic Free Press For those whom LOVE chicken, please check out this video...

Red Arrow  The 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits Backed by Science (Page 1) Great information on Coconut Oil.......

Red Arrow  Activist Post: How WiFi and Other EMFs Cause Biological Harm Apparently, the EMF & WiFi exposure threat is very real and harmful to everyone. Time will only tell what the overall effects will be especially to the babies & children.

Red Arrow  Infertility, Thyroid Issues, and Cancer: What You Need To Know About The Chemicals In Your Furniture | Collective-Evolution Must Read!! | The article provides great information on exposing toxic chemical used on the funiture in your home and car...

Red Arrow 7 Urine Colors That Can Tell You Important Things Excellent article and graph to show how important the gift of life Water is vital for your body.

Red Arrow What The Color of Your Urine Says About You (Infographic) - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic Another article and graph to show how important the gift of life Water is vital for your body.

Red Arrow Fats Found In Coconut Oil Boost Brain Function In Only One Dose | The Mind Unleashed I'm just coco for coconuts and its many usages.......

Red Arrow  Pure Forskolin Extract - Common Uses and Benefits of Forskolin General Information about Forskolin

Red Arrow  Forskolin: Here We Go Again « Science-Based Medicine Scientific information regarding Forskolin or Forskolin Extract as promote by Dr. OZ Summer 2014 | I encourage you to do more indepth research into this plant.

Red Arrow  Fermented Soy Products Cure Leaky Gut — Provides Probiotics, Natural Enzymes, Amino Acids & Vitamins — Learn Which Foods To Eat :: The JB Bardot Archives

Red Arrow  Stop Hair Loss By Mixing Fish Oil With Olive Oil As A Topical Scalp Treatment :: The JB Bardot Archives

Red Arrow  13 Best Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Prevent Hair Loss

Red Arrow  EIGHT SIGNS YOU'VE EATEN TOXIC FOOD - TRUE NEWS FDA (Food and Drug Administration) & the AMA (American Medical Association) are the enemy to the people, I would encourage you to do deep research into these two organizations...

Red Arrow  6 Ways to Naturally Cleanse Fluoride Out of Your Body Dallas Texas no longer has fluoride in its drinking water. However, used this remedy to remove from your body and remember the children too...

Red Arrow  77-Year-Old Grandma Willie Murphy Deadlifts 215 Pounds Like It's Nothing Great inspiration from a Elder Moorish Woman....

Red Arrow  4 Huge Reasons Why Soy Should be Avoided | Natural Society This article is on point and all GMO Soy based products should be avoided at all cost your bodily health, however you should choose organic fermented soy and consume it sparingly...

Red Arrow  Soaking Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Legumes - Juanita Watson - Colon Hydrotherapy, Cleanse Programs, Nutrition Coaching. Excellent article on Soy or Soybeans based products and beans...

Red Arrow  eCFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 --FOOD AND DRUGS | CHAPTER I--FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES | SUBCHAPTER B--FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION THE FDA Regulations - Sec. 101.82 Health claims: Soy protein and risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). | This was a false claim by Federal Destruction Agency......

Red Arrow  The Shocking Truth About the Meat Industry - Waking Times Don't Worry!! This Article Focus's on The Farming Method of Using Grass versus Confined Animal Feeding Operations.........

Red Arrow  Cannabis Oil Unveiled : Waking Times More additional information regarding ghe healing power of Cannabis Oil...

Red Arrow  Mindblowing Microscopic Footage of Cancer Cells Being Eliminated by Cannabis Oil This proves that you must take control of your own body, do your own research on alternative medicine or homeopathy remedies and not listen to the AMA (American Medical Assoc.).

Red Arrow  This Is What One Drink Of Soda Does To Your Body Now pay close attention now!! | Here is your body on a can Coke.........

Red Arrow  GMO Sodas | GMO Awareness After reading this list, my soda days are over now....

Red Arrow  6 GMO loaded brands you should avoid buying Here are the 6 GMO companies to avoid at all Cost: (1) Pepsi-Co (Including Frito-Lay and Doritos), (2) Kellogg’s, (3) General Mills, (4) Nestle/Gerber, (5) Hershey’s Co. & (6) Coca-Cola

Red Arrow  Is your technology killing you? - Telegraph The Question is how long can live without your tech toys? A hour, A day, A week or a Month?

Red Arrow  Could Wi-Fi be harming YOUR health? | Daily Mail Online Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Intolerance Syndrome (EHS) this has been going for awhile and more people are becoming effected by EMF (Eelectro Magnetic Fields), it even affecting childrens too...

Red Arrow  THE TRUTH BEHIND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS Remember this, any artificial foods, preservatives or sweetners is NOT good for your body at all...

Red Arrow  CAULIFLOWER PREVENTS VARIOUS CANCERS May sure to add this cruciferous vegie to your Holiday dish...

Red Arrow  >Mango, the new diabetes and cancer buster - I don't know about you, but I LOVE me some Mangoes.......

Red Arrow  Herbs And Natural Alternatives Relieve Liver And Gallbladder Pain Prevent Gallstone Attacks

Red Arrow  Regrow Hair And Reverse Gray Back To Original Color With Chinese Herb Fo-Ti | Health

Red Arrow  Aquaponics Gardening Guide: Design & Setup | Planet Natural Hey! I can dig the concept of Aquaponic as a sustainable way of life....

Red Arrow  The Power Of Eating Pumpkin -- A Potent Treat For Your Entire Body The Best Part of a Pumpkin is the yummy seeds...

Red Arrow  These Pictures Comparing School Lunches in America With Those in France Are Beyond Pathetic - Orrazz what a complete absolute disgrace of lunch choices from America. Aren't you not already ashame of the leadership that governs you. Ready for the Revolution

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Red Arrow  10 Dishwashing Products to Avoid Altogether- Organic Authority Time to switch over to Dr. Bonner Pure Castile Soap.

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Red Arrow  The FDA Finally Admitted That Factory-Farmed Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic | TIS You Just Cannot Trust Those Whom Govern You or Control Your Food Source.

Red Arrow  CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship - EbolaGate The CDC and CIA are one of the same Federal Agency used against the Republic.

Red Arrow  Detox with a Veggie Green Drink and Organic Vegetable Juices :: The JB Bardot Archives This is Great Health Detox Information.

Red Arrow  Doctors Warn Sitting Disease Could Become The New Smoking « CBS Sacramento Most people have a sit down job, worth checking it out. Hey its for You!

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Red Arrow  How to Opt-Out Of Forced Vaccinations | Economy (Check Out Video for More Information...)

Red Arrow - Black News | African-American News | Black Business (We can no longer trust the government and its agencies like the CDC as Indigenous People of this land. When will we ever learn..)

Red Arrow  Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal | Peace . Gold . LOVE

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Red Arrow  Bill Gates And Neo-Eugenics: Vaccines To Reduce Population | Rockefeller Foundation | Truth11 After much study of the Oligarchy, I now despise all wealthy individuals and how they use their wealth for Satanic purposes......

Red Arrow  Pentagon-CIA-CDC: Depleted Uranium Conspiracy by SUE ARRIGO, MD There is no Conspiracy about the CIA & CDC being one of the same enemy to Humanity...

Red Arrow  A SHORT HISTORY OF US GOVERNMENT RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE A Must Read to understand from a historical standpoint on how the U.S. Government conducts biowarfare on its own citizens mainly the Indigenous People. | I was appalled at first, but no more of this long-term and current chemical warfare.

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International Women Empowerment/Global Cultural HerStory/Inner Knowledge/Spirituality/Art, Beauty, Essay, Feminism, Lifestyle, Love, Relationship & Research Information Sites

Red Arrow  Study Shows Females Who Smoke Marijuana Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t | I would really lke to see the source data...

Red Arrow  The Raw Truth About Maya Angelou | What has happen to the back bone of the so called Black Community...

Red Arrow  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Memorial Page | We must honor her legacy by solving once and for all Racism White Supremacy problem...

Red Arrow  American Autochthons Come Here to Get Clarity - Dr. Yaffa Bey The Dr Yaffa Bey Official Website for Autochthonous Americans, erroneously called African American Black People, should get you clear on who is who in America...

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Red Arrow  From The Mind of Truthangel « I Don't Just Tell The Truth. I Live it!

Red Arrow  Healthy Lives, Healthy Relationships

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Red Arrow  10 Smart Survival Strategies for the Woman Living Alone I'm all out for the empowerment of women & all women should read this article...

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Red Arrow  7 Formidable Ways Women Can Empower Themselves | The Daily Sheeple

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Red Arrow  Contributions of Black Women to the Development of Civilization | Quiet Mountain Essays

Red Arrow  Quiet Mountain Essays

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Red Arrow  Relationship Games » Top 3 Favorite Colors for Women and Men

Red Arrow  Relationships Men And Women

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Red Arrow  Jailed woman rejects U.S. authority, cites Moorish Science Temple | Tampa Bay Times

Red Arrow  The Corporate Sister - Work, Fashion, Life and Everything In Between...

Red Arrow  The Women of Color Network (WOCN)


Red Arrow  Sister Friends

Red Arrow

Red Arrow  Intersectionality and Violence Against Women of Color « Center For Relationship Abuse Awareness

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Indigenous North Amexem/Central Amexem/South Amexem/Caribbeans & Pacific Islands Web Sites

Red Arrow  WAKE UP, EVERYBODY!!! - DrAlimElBey What do Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Malcolm Ferguson, Nicholas Heyward, Patrick Moses Dorismond, Ousmane Zongo, Tim Stansbury, Tamon Robinson, Kimani Gray, Kendrick McDade, Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams, Ervin Jefferson, Orlando Barlow, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Alonzo Ashley, Wendell Allen, James Brissette, Ronald Madison, Travares McGill and etc… all have in common? They all were ‘unarmed’ brutally murdered by the police. They all were classified as ‘Black’ and they all believed they were U.S. citizens! In all cases, it is ‘WRONG’!

Red Arrow  The At-sik:hata :Nation Of :Yamasee :Moors:®©TM Are Indigenous Autochthons_(360p).flv - YouTube | A powerful must watch video! | Nanya Shaabu El is sharing knowledge on how Afrikans (Moors or Indigenous People) can take there proper place as a sovereign person rid yourself of the corporate ward straw man. | This is how the Indigenous People can free themselves from corporate ward bondage without firing one shot...


Red Arrow  Sacred Symbols of Mu Index

Red Arrow  Sacred Symbols of Mu: Chapter VIII. The Mound Builders Of North America

Red Arrow  America's Black Holocaust Museum | Bringing Our History To Light

Red Arrow  The Seven Black Presidents Before Barack Obama | Fookem and Bug

Red Arrow  How Argentina ‘Eliminated’ Africans From Its History And Conscience | Rasta Livewire

Red Arrow  Hisham Aidi - Planete Afrique: Articles written for various African and Afro-diasporan affairs magazines

Red Arrow  True or False: There Are No Black People in Argentina



Red Arrow  Black Latin America

Red Arrow  Hisham Aidi - Planete Afrique: Articles written for various African and Afro-diasporan affairs magazines

Red Arrow  The Sphinx, Egypt, Egypt

Red Arrow  The Black Mexico Homepage


Red Arrow  American Moors


Red Arrow Zulunation

Red Arrow Rebellion: John Horse and the Black Seminoles, First Black Rebels to Beat American Slavery

Red Arrow The Yamasee Indians

Red Arrow Yemasee War of 1715

Red Arrow African Ancestry :: trace your DNA. find your roots.

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Asiatic's Cultural Story of Asia Information Sites

Red Arrow The Coconut Revolution (2001, 50min) (480x360) - YouTube | Indigenous Resistance - A MUST SEE VIDEO!!


Red Arrow The Amazing Story of Yasuke: The Forgotten African Samurai | Ancient Origins

Red Arrow Asiatic


Red Arrow - Africoid Involvement in Asian Spirituality

Red Arrow Moors of The Orient - Clock of Destiny

Red Arrow Black Chinese

Red Arrow The World of Sakanouye No Tamuramaro: Black Shogun of Early Japan - Atlanta Blackstar

Red Arrow A Real Afro-Samurai- Onyx Truth

Red Arrow The first Chinese, Japanese, & Martial Artist were black! African Presence in Early Asia - YouTube

Red Arrow YouTube - ‪Resurrection of the Dead (Africans in Asia) Pt 1 of 9‬‏

Red Arrow - Ancient Chinese

Red Arrow  The Black Presence in Early China - Atlanta Blackstar

Red Arrow  African Presence in Asia

Red Arrow - Ancient Chinese

Red Arrow african presence china japan

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Free Online Library, Reference, Research, Statistical Data, Study of Etymology & Language Sites

Red Arrow  Impact of our Consumption – Real-time Info – Farm Machinery Locator

Red Arrow Digital Library On American Slavery

Red Arrow Online Etymology Dictionary

Red Arrow Examples of Connotative Words

Red Arrow Black's Law Dictionary - Free Online Legal Dictionary

Red Arrow Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature | Just English

Red Arrow Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Red Arrow The Library of Congress

Red Arrow Data and Statistics

Red Arrow The Black Vault - Largest Online Military and Govt. Research Web Site

Red Arrow Illuminati Conspiracy Archive:

Red Arrow SEPTEMBER CLUES - Full Documentary - 9/11 TV Fakery .mp4 Must See Video

Red Arrow Physics911 Public Site - Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-eleven

Red Arrow Welcome to the Southern CA Library for Social Studies & Research - Home Page

Red Arrow The Virtual Reference Desk: Christopher C. Brown

Red Arrow Dictionary of Internet Terms: Online Definitions & Text Messaging

Red Arrow NatureServe Homepage: A Network Connecting Science with Conservation

Red Arrow Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more.

Red Arrow - Because knowledge is cool.

Red Arrow Explore Your Interests | Smithsonian Institution

Red Arrow Botany Encyclopedia of Plants and Garden, Botanical Dictionary.

Red Arrow Webster Dictionary

Red Arrow

Red Arrow Infoplease: Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies, Dictionary, Thesaurus. Free online reference, research & homework help.

Red Arrow Welcome to


Red Arrow Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization

Red Arrow  911 Mysteries AND FACTS

Red Arrow Hemp for Victory- Global Hemp

Red Arrow Marxists Internet Archive

Red Arrow DPIC | Death Penalty Information Center

Red Arrow South of the Sahara | The Economist

Red Arrow JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive

Red Arrow Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy

Red Arrow Countries with the Highest / Lowest Average IQ | Statistic Brain

Red Arrow Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States | Report of the Joint Select Committee | U.S. of A, 42nd Congress, 2nd Session | Senate Report Number 41 on the Ku Klux Klan

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Consumer Product, Service Information & Know Yours Rights, Security Sites/Protecting Your Identity/Gun's & Weapon Knowledge/Cyber-Security/Survival Knowledge/Self-Defense Information Sites for Adults, Youth & Children

Red Arrow  Quantum Encryption even NSA Cannot Break! – InvestmentWatch (New)


Red Arrow  Hundreds of HP laptop models found to have hidden keylogging software (New)

Red Arrow  These Dangerous Devices Prove Why Elon Musk Is Right And Humanity Will Not Survive The Rise of Machines | AI smart devices are already creating more problem and are an intrusion into your life. Get rid them now...

Red Arrow  Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found In Popular Android Apps | Don't think IOS Apps are exempted from trackers...

Red Arrow  Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find


Red Arrow  Hacking is inevitable, so it’s time to assume our data will be stolen

Red Arrow  6 Dangerous Electronics & Apps Secretly Spying On You In Your Home

Red Arrow  Equifax Hit With $70 Billion Lawsuit After Leaking 143 Million Social Security Numbers | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Massive Data Breach At Equifax: As Many As 143 Million Social Security Numbers Hacked | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Could Filecoin And IPFS Become a New Uncensorable Internet? - Coinivore

Red Arrow  Mac malware is the highest it's ever been this year | Daily Mail Online

Red Arrow  Here's How Many Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck (Hint: It's A Lot) | Zero Hedge

Red Arrow  Google tracks everything you do. Here's how to delete it | WIRED UK

Red Arrow  Police Receive God's Eye Technology, Google Earth with Real Time Tivo Capabilities - Kristan T. Harris' American Intelligence Report: Feed Your Brain

Red Arrow  Advanced CIA firmware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers for years | Ars Technica | Latest Vault7 release exposes network-spying operation CIA kept secret since 2007.

Red Arrow  A Simple Way to Block Your Cellphone from Being Spied On - Ask a Prepper | If you have not taken the precaution to this maybe its time you did...

Red Arrow  Don’t WannaCry? 5 easy tips to protect yourself from ransomware

Red Arrow  Twitter CEO Pressured To Step Down As Studies Show Nearly 15% Of Users Are Bots- Counter Current News | If you are a twitter user this should be required reading for you...

Red Arrow  Anti virus software could be HACKING your computer, and this is why | Tech | Life & Style | | If you have a PC Running Windows 10, you may need to read this posting...

Red Arrow  Is it Legal to Ask for a Job Applicant's Date of Birth? | Can an Employer Ask for Your Date of Birth? | Must read regarding age discrimination...

Red Arrow  STINGRAY SURVEILLANCE: HOW DOES IT WORK? | Must read in order to protect your privacy...

Red Arrow  New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages | Ars Technica

Red Arrow  Will the Constitution Protect Your Next Smartphone? - The Atlantic

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: DHS/Police are turning public CCTV cameras into surveillance cameras, Part 1

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: School kids from K-12 are being indoctrinated into accepting DHS's 'VACCINE' spying program, Part 2

Red Arrow  MassPrivateI: Police are secretly using 'VACCINE' to spy on community events, public transportation etc., Part 3

Red Arrow  Tips On How To Find Out All The Data Google Has On You (17 pics)

Red Arrow  25 Forgotten Survival Lessons From The Pioneers Worth Finding And Learning | The Pioneers are not the first to live off the land someone taught them. However, this article has valuable information to assist you with living off the land...

Red Arrow  Who Is a Threat To You? “Dangerous People to Avoid After the Collapse”

Red Arrow  5 Awesome Backpacks That You’ll Want to Bug Out With | Survival

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Red Arrow Out This Site!! | Its purpose is to inspire, motivate & teach.)

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