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Business Ventures

Business Consultant Services

  • Business Consultations
  • Business Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Marketing Broker
  • Open Source Business Consultant
  • Web Site Building Regular & Mobile /Hosting Services

IT Consultant Services

  • Assist Small Business in Developing a Low Cost IT Infrastructure business plan
  • Provide one on one IT consultation or group presentation
  • Assist in helping Small Business find low cost IT solutions to increase productivity and increase revenue
  • Assist in developing a business plan for small business

Information Technology Consultants Services

  • IT Business Consultant Management.
  • Enterprise Hardware/Software Consultation.
  • System Analyst/Technical Analyst.
  • Open Source Consultant
  • Database Development,Management & Support Oracle/MySQL.
  • System Administration Support for Windows, LINUX, UNIX, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, LinuxMint & Ubuntu.
  • Open Source Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Application Updates & patching, Network Support for Windows, LINUX, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, LinuxMint & Ubuntu.
  • LINUX & UNIX Shell Script Programming.
  • Enterprise Security Consultation.
  • Windows OS & Office Products Training.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Supported Platform.
  • Windows servers 2000/2003/2008
  • UNIX/HP-UX/RED HAT LINUX/Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSUSE/CentOS & Other Linux Supported Platform.
  • Apache/II 6/Tomcat 6/OHS/JRockit 2.0 Web Server

Please click on this link to learn about our PC Tech services
PC Mobile Support

Please click on this link to learn about our PC Security services PC Security Support

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